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621505 Wyco Concrete Screed King Power Unit


Wyco Screed King Power Unit, Honda 4-Stroke GX35, WS621505

  • Screed sold separately
  • Durable “Set and Forget” throttle allows the operator-to find the optimum-RPM and lock it in place for consistent vibration.
  • Improved board integrity.
  • 75% less vibration to operators hands.
  • No tools required to remove screeds bars
  • 5.5 base allow the screed to float in any slump of concrete.
  • Unique curl edge helps to roll the excess concrete back to the rackers and allows the screed to float or ride on forms.
  • No brackets or adjustable torsion rods mean no crevices for concrete to gather-in, making clean-up a breeze.
  • Adjustable handlebars can accommodate any user height in any depth of concrete.
  • Honda 4-strokes engine is isolated from vibration with rubber mounts.
  • No flex shaft to lubricate, oversize bearing system is factory sealed.
  • Clamp-on mounting system allows the power head to be offset to work under protrusions
  • Screed King delivers high frequency vibration that eliminates the honeycomb effect and speeds finish time.
  • Power head is at a 10° angle so more vibration is transferred in to the concrete, giving more consolidation.

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Question Answers

10/8/2015 9:13:51 pm

how much does the power unit weigh and how much does a 12 board weigh

The Wyco Screed King power unit weighs 42 lbs. The 12 board weighs 44 lbs. The length of the board (over 8 ft) requires a shipment by freight to a commercial address.

12/17/2016 6:58:12 pm

I have older screed king with Robbins engine will Honda engine from new model fit old screed

Thank you for contacting Contractors Direct. It would best to verify the replacement engine part number with the manufacturer directly (Wyco 1-800-233-9926 ).

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