Top 5 PTCB Study Guides – How to Become a Pharmacy Technician, what to do


Top 5 PTCB Study Guides

Studying for the PTCB examination is a big deal. The PTCB exam provides the all-important CPhT designation, which will allow you to practice as a certified pharmacy technician.

A good study guide can mean the difference between passing and failing your examination. You may be using a study source right now, but feel like you need a little something extra to ensure that you pass your examination.

Getting that extra edge from one or more of study guides will help give you the confidence you need to be successful in taking the PTCB examination.

See below what the top 5 PTCB study guides are to help you pass the big exam.

Th is guidebook contains all the important information you need to pass the PTCB. You’ll find notes, outlines, test-taking tips and even strategies for guessing if you come across a question you are not sure about.

There are even digital flash cards included. Mizner is a pharmacy tech educator.

What better guide to help prepare you for the pharmacy technician examination than someone that has been there already?

The book even provides a simulation of the actual PTCB, so you get a feel for the exam, as if you are actually taking it. The latest edition is updated with the new PTCE blueprint that went into place.

Each chapter is aligned with a knowledge domain for the PTCB. You can practice in sections, so that you are learning in knowledge blocks. Learn rapidly, one knowledge unit at a time.

This review book has a solid reputation for delivering solid test preparation. This book is even good for those without any background in pharmacy training or healthcare experience.

The exam guide is easy-to-understand and provides everything you need to know about the pharmacy technician examination. Mathematics is simple to learn using this guidebook.

The Pharmacy Technician Exam book contains information about pharmacy law, math, hospital equipment and the all-important drug list. A very handy reference.

If you are worried about your math skills, then get this guidebook. This unique guidebook will prepare you for the PTCB in a unique way, or for practice in the clinical setting.

This book thoroughly covers every possible math scenario you can think of, including important pharmacy calculations that are vital to the success of a pharmacy technician in the career setting.

There are more than 750 practice problems to work through, with real-world scenarios to delve into.

This unique, one-of-a-kind guide offers flashcards, which are a proven way to study for any examination.

This study “system” provides 400 flashcards that cover all of the essential components of the PTCB exam, including terms, definitions, questions, and medications.

You’ll also gain access to the REA study center on the web, where you can participate in quizzes and diagnostic tools.

Take advantage of this unique tools and assessment. You can even create your own flashcards, adopting the unique system to meet your own needs while studying to pass the PTCB.

Everyone wants in on a few secrets when trying to pass a certification examination. This is no different when trying to pass a career examination like the PTCB.

This guide will provide you with test-taking secrets particularly if you are in a jam and do not have months to study for your examination.

Consider this guide a bonus guide, the perfect addition to one of the many other guides on this list.

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