Feb 13 2018

The Sperm Bank of California, sperm donation payment.#Sperm #donation #payment

Help others have the family

they’ve always wanted.

Become a Sperm Donor.

Join our group of generous men who choose to become sperm donors for all the right reasons.

Why Donate?

Sperm donation payment

Help someone have the family they always wanted.

The Sperm Bank of California serves women–lesbian, heterosexual, single, partnered, and married–who want to build their families using donor sperm.

Sperm donation payment

Receive free, ongoing health screenings.

Sperm donors are required by the FDA to undergo regular blood, urine and physical exams. These exams are provided to our donors free of charge.

Sperm donation payment

Learn about your fertility and receive genetic tests.

Donors have laboratory testing performed on their sperm samples. Each donor also receives ethnicity-based genetic screening tests.

Sperm donation payment

Get paid for each ejaculate that meets the minimum sperm count.

Donors earn $125 for each acceptable sperm sample. Most donate once a week; some donate more often. Most donors earn $400-$600 per month.

Sperm donation payment

Earn $100 when you provide a childhood photo.

The ideal baby photo is taken around two to four years of age, shows the donor face forward, has no other people in the photo, and is crisp and clear.

Sperm donation payment

Earn $500 when you complete the exit blood test.

Six months after their final donation, donors return for an Exit Appointment for final blood and urine testing. They are paid $500 at this appointment.

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