Aug 31 2017

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The Smith Family

The Smith Family is an independent, non-profit, social enterprise which provides personal and financial support to disadvantaged children and their families in over 84 communities across Australia. Through the Learning for Life suite of programs The Smith Family focuses on education as a means of combating disadvantage and social exclusion. Over 26,000 Australian students currently receive Learning for Life financial scholarships.

By providing direct financial assistance for the essentials such as textbooks, school equipment and uniforms a financial scholarship enables a child to get the most out of their education. Learning for Life also gives students and their families access to a critical network of support that includes tutoring, mentoring, coaching and literacy programs.

ABN: 28 000 030 179 DGR: Endorsed / Approved

Donations to this organisation over $2.00 are tax deductible. *

* Checking your organisations tax deductibility status
Although every effort is made to ensure that organisations provide correct information, to be absolutely sure of the tax deductibility status of an organisation you should check with the Australian Business Register .
To update the information for this organisation you must be an employee of the organisation and hold the login details. If you have lost those details they may recovered here.

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