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Residential and Commercial Garage Door Service Las Vegas #garage #door #repair #las #vegas #henderson,


Garage Door Repair in Las Vegas

from Yer New Partner – Western Door and Gate

Howdy, ya’ll, and welcome to Western Door and Gate! We specialize in the installation and repair of commercial and residential garage doors in Las Vegas. We strive to provide you with the area’s best point of access services. In the process, we’ve become known for providing quick, reliable gate installation in Las Vegas. At Western Door and Gate, we’re proud to offer our customers honest, affordable and professional services.

Gate Repair and Installation

Are you unable to find a reliable company to perform your gate repair in Las Vegas? Responsive Las Vegas gate repair companies are hard to come by these days, but not when you work with Western Door and Gate! Based in Las Vegas, gate installation and repair services are available at any time from our experienced professionals. When partnering with us to perform a gate repair in Las Vegas, we’ll always provide detailed estimates of what needs to be done – and we stick to it!

Commercial Garage Door Repair

Do you have a broken garage door in Las Vegas? Can’t find a speedy commercial garage door service in Las Vegas? You’ve come to the right place, partner. Here at Western Door and Gate, we provide Las Vegas garage doors with service and repair whenever you need us. No garage door is too large or too small for the team at Western Door and Gate. We can handle anything, and at a price you’ll love – none of those pesky add-ons you might get elsewhere.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Whether you’re replacing an older model or adding the first set, trust the experts at Western Door and Gate to complete a professional garage door installation in Las Vegas with the industry’s leading products. Do you also need commercial overhead doors in Las Vegas? We’ve got you covered! And don’t worry, we have a great selection of garage door openers in Las Vegas that will be perfect for your needs.

Emergency Garage Door Repair 24/7/365

  • Residential Locating a company that provides 24/7/365 service and reliable emergency garage door repair in Las Vegas can be difficult. Without interruption, Western Door and Gate has a team of repair experts standing by to quickly respond to your emergency. When working with us, you know you’ll be taken care of, day or night.
  • Commercial When looking for commercial garage door repair in Las Vegas, it’s important to find a company that understands one simple fact time is money. Every second spent unable to get your fleet in and out of commercial property means your business has come to a virtual halt. That’s why our dedicated team of experts is available around the clock to complete an emergency garage door repair in no time – so you can get back to business.

If you’re looking for the best Las Vegas commercial door repair or gate services. look no further than the folks at Western Door and Gate. We are available 24/7/365 and always delighted to provide quality service at the best price. For a no-obligation phone estimate, click here or call us at (702) 839-3600!

Contact Western Door
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Plumbing Las Vegas – Done Right Plumbing #plumbing #las #vegas


Las Vegas Most Trusted Plumbers

Done Right Plumbing provides plumbing installation and services for the construction of new residential housing and commercial buildings. Residential customers include single family homes, townhouses, condominiums and multi-family residences, while commercial clients include restaurants, office complexes, multi-use facilities, high rises, multi-level commercial complexes, military, municipalities, medical facilities and industrial buildings. From installing underground piping, to bathroom and kitchen fixtures (toilets, faucets, bathtubs), Done Right Plumbing handles all aspects of plumbing services.

Contact us

Done Right Plumbing gives you the peace of mind you need when hiring qualified technicians. Our capable technicians will address your plumbing concerns and fix your problems so you won t have to lift a finger.

What Can Done Right Plumbing Do For You?

No job is too big or too small for Done Right Plumbing.
We can assist with any of your plumbing problems. This includes:

Plumbing Repairs if it s broken, we can fix it! From water heaters to commercial plumbing disasters. We ve seen it all.

New Plumbing Installations we specialize in commercial installations and new construction, but no matter your need we can help.

Water Heaters Las Vegas water does a number on water heaters and we can help you get the maximum life possible out of yours, or replace it when it s time to make the change.

Drain Cleaning we ve never met a drain we couldn t open! From toilets to grease traps, we do it all.

Water Line re-routes got some old pipes, or a leaky line in the slab? Want to move a plumbing fixture? No problem. We can re-route it for you.

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Las Vegas, NV Cheap Apartments for Rent – 334 Apartments #cheap #car #insurance #las


Cheap Apartments in Las Vegas, NV

Overview of Las Vegas

You’ll have an easier time looking for cheap apartments in Las Vegas when you employ online listings to conduct your search. Online listings give you access to extensive information regarding apartments available for rent. This information includes things like floor plans, descriptions of amenities and what the monthly rent is.

Finding Cheap Apartments in Las Vegas, NV

With its casinos, hotels, shows and entertainment, Las Vegas has long been known as an entertainment center. The city in fact officially bills itself as the Entertainment Capital of the World. However in spite of all the glitz and glamour that can be found on the famous Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas is actually a fairly affordable city.

On the whole, the cost of living in Las Vegas is below the national average. This means rents are generally pretty affordable to begin with. So if you’re looking for apartment rentals on the cheap side in Las Vegas, you may find yourself pleased with the number of good options available to you.

While the Las Vegas economy has traditionally been built around gaming, casinos and conventions, the city has recently seen a boom in construction and widespread development across the board. With such economic growth and opportunity available in addition to parks, golf courses and its picturesque desert setting, Las Vegas is a city with a lot to offer.

What to Look for in Cheap Apartments

Even if you’re looking for an apartment on the cheaper side, you still should find some good options to choose from. While cheaper apartments may not be luxurious, many of them are in good locations and come equipped with good basic amenities.

Since Las Vegas has fairly affordable rents overall, you still may find that it’s possible to locate an affordable apartment that has what you want by way of amenities, floor space and location. Obviously, if you’re looking to pay less in rent, you may have to make some sacrifices. But there’s no need to settle for an apartment that you won’t be comfortable in.

Find Apartments in Nearby Neighborhoods

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RENT.COM and the RENT.COM Logo are registered trademarks of RentPath, LLC. All rights reserved.
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Las Vegas Family Law Attorney #attorneys #las #vegas


Las Vegas Divorce
and Family Law Attorneys

Personalized Representation and Compassionate Service for Better Results

Clark County families know that life in Las Vegas is not always glitz and glamour. You face the same struggles, joys, and conflicts as families anywhere else. If you need a Las Vegas family lawyer to help you resolve conflicts, we at The Hill Law Group are here to provide the guidance you need. We will be honest with you, giving you a sincere assessment of your case, your options, and what you can expect. Our attorneys will work with you to provide the one-on-one support you need for each step forward.

Whether you need trusted counsel for a matter of divorce, child custody, domestic violence, paternity, or any other family law issue, our two attorneys bring the insight, compassion, and service you can depend on. We bring more than 35 years of combined experience to your case. Our Las Vegas divorce attorneys are prepared to help you keep the peace whenever possible, but we are also ready to skillfully handle a trial if need be, ensuring that your rights and your interests are fully protected. We encourage you to find out how our seasoned, devoted legal advocates can help you and your loved ones.

Call (702) 781-7222 or request your confidential consultation online today to learn how our family lawyers can help you move on with your lives.

Our Clark County Family Law Services

See How Our Las Vegas Divorce Lawyers Can Help You

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Best Phone Jack & Wiring Installers – Las Vegas NV #las #vegas #telephone #service


Phone Jack & Wiring Installation Services in Las Vegas, NV

Desired Completion Date: 1 – 2 weeks

Request is for Commercial Location: Yes

Consumer Owns Home: No

Comment: need to extend a POTS line from Main telephone closet in the building DMARC to MDF in suite E-321. Cable will need to pass through sleeves from 2nd floor to 3rd floor. From 3rd floor closet we will need to drill a hole through a block wall to get into the corridor. We will mount metal raceway matching the existing raceway that exists in many spots in the building. The raceway will extend from the closet into the east corridor. Once cable is in the corridor we can transition to a conduit running down the east hallway above ceiling to the area where the POTS line will terminate. We will than run a flex down the wall and mount a box with jack and plate for a permanent installation of POTS line.

Project Location: Las Vegas. NV 89183

Telephone Wiring Needs: Need additional telephone outlets added to existing wiring

Telephone outlets needed. 2

How many outside lines do you need. 2

Wall Access: Neither – walls must be left intact

Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Request is for Commercial Location: No

Consumer Owns Home: Yes

Comment: Presently there is 1 working phone jack in third bedroom. Cox modem is for phone and internet connected there. There is another jack in the kitchen. When Cox came to install they tested it and it was not working. It is an inconvenience because we want to connect land-line phone and fax in kitchen jack. Finally, want to know if jack in master bedroom is working.

Project Location: Las Vegas. NV 89183

Telephone Wiring Needs: Need additional telephone outlets added to existing wiring

Telephone outlets needed. 2

Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Request is for Commercial Location: No

Comment: There is a jack located in the kitchen. When cable guy came in to install phone he said that jack was not “live.” There is only one jack operating. It’s in a bedroom. Makes it inconvenient because all-in-one printer is in kitchen area. Thus can’t fax cause no live phone jack.

Project Location: Las Vegas. NV 89120

Telephone Wiring Needs: Need new telephone and outlets run throughout the house

Telephone outlets needed. 4 or more

How many outside lines do you need. 4 or more

Wall Access: Neither – walls must be left intact

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Request is for Commercial Location: No

Consumer Owns Home: Yes

Comment: 4 independent phone jacks.

Project Location: Las Vegas. NV 89149

Telephone Wiring Needs: Need additional telephone outlets added to existing wiring

Telephone outlets needed. 3

How many outside lines do you need. 1

Wall Access: Neither – walls must be left intact

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Request is for Commercial Location: No

Consumer Owns Home: Yes

Comment: Need assistance with existing phone line

Project Location: Las Vegas. NV 89134

Telephone Wiring Needs: Need additional telephone outlets added to existing wiring

Telephone outlets needed. 1

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

Request is for Commercial Location: No

Request Stage: Ready to Hire

Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

Request is for Commercial Location: No

Consumer Owns Home: Yes

Comment: My wife recently received a caption phone. When the tech installed the caption phone we attempted to relocate the existing base unit to my office. The base unit displayed NO LINE with no ring tone. We have had several phone providers thru the years. I need a tech to tone the phone lines and relabel them so I know which jacks are active. I have two lines thru OOMa as my provider.

Project Location: Las Vegas. NV 89121

Telephone Wiring Needs: Need additional telephone outlets added to existing wiring

Telephone outlets needed. 1

Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

Request is for Commercial Location: Yes

Comment: Request for one jack to be installed from existing business line.

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Experienced Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney #las #vegas #personal #injury #attorney


recent blog post

off of and onto equipment is the leading cause of injuries among equipment operators, truck drivers, forklift drivers, and anyone else who is using the equipment. It’s a good idea to first check your boots and gloves before you get on the equipme ..

According to OSHA (https://www.osha.gov/oshstats/commonstats.html), workplace accidents accounted for nearly 4,500 injuries and deaths last year. A startling fact because, the truth of the matter is, a majority of these accidents could have been ..


Al kept fighting for me, even when the other side tried to offer a fraction of the value of my case. We went to trial and the jury awarded me much more than what the defendants originally tried to settle for.

read more Chris T.
Las Vegas Nevada

He is an awesome attorney who helped me and my family receive a quick fantastic result.

Can’t thank you enough, you never know when disaster might happen and it’s great to know that you have good people like Lasso Injury Law in your corner.

Lasso Injury Law got us results well beyond our expectations.

read more Brian & Kerry
Las Vegas, NV

Integrity, accountability, personal service, attention to detail, and the willingness to go the extra mile for me without fail.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

A Law Firm that offers Aggressive Advocacy and Compassionate Counsel

Throughout his legal career, Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas Al Lasso has been on the side of people just like you. From Las Vegas locals who have been injured in car accidents to Las Vegas visitors who have suffered a slip-and-fall casino injury, our law firm stands on the side of the people. He has won numerous federal, state and local injury trial cases and he is prepared to win yours.

Lasso Injury Law fights large corporations and massive insurance companies who often resist doing what is right for our injured clients. When such organizations refuse to accept responsibility for their negligence, we challenge them. We offer aggressive advocacy and are unafraid to stand up to the most aggressive corporate lawyers or well-funded insurance company legal teams. At Lasso Injury Law, we

  • Have the resources of a large law firm but offer personalized service to each client
  • When you are represented by our firm, your attorney will have the support of a dedicated staff, but your attorney will always be lead attorney Al Lasso. Your case is our priority. Always.
  • We will meet with you in your home or any other location that is convenient for you

Call (702) 625-8777 (702) 625-8777 at any time of day or night to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer. We offer free one hour consultations that imply absolutely no obligation on your part. Call to see how we can help you get compensation.

If we do Not Win your Case, You Pay no Legal Fees

Our law firm will devote extensive resources to pursue justice on your behalf but, unless we win, we absorb the costs of our efforts. To find the truth and uncover the evidence that is most beneficial to your case, we may call upon

  • Accident scene investigators
  • Doctors and other medical experts to analyze the cause and consequences of your injuries
  • Life-care planners to determine the cost of the best ongoing treatment for your injuries
  • Mechanical engineers, metallurgists, city planners, bio-mechanics specialists and other experts to determine all parties responsible for your misfortune

We will use whatever resources necessary to fight for you, but we will never collect fees unless we win. Many people believe that another driver, a single employee, or another individual may have caused their injuries. While responsibility may lie, in part, with an irresponsible individual, a skilled attorney knows how to uncover the truth about all the parties responsible. Pursuing multiple sources of compensation may be the best way to achieve the support that you need. If a car company, a municipal government, safety equipment manufacturer or any other organization failed to make safety a priority, they must be held accountable. By calling on specialists, we can uncover the truth. Reach out to us for legal guidance and access to experts you need during this challenging time in your life.

You’ll need Skype Credit Free via Skype

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Everest College Henderson – Las Vegas Area Colleges, Schools #henderson #colleges, #las #vegas #colleges,


Everest College Henderson

Campus Overview

If you live or work in the Las Vegas metro area, Everest College’s Henderson campus stands ready to prepare you for a rewarding career in one of several popular fields.

At the Henderson campus, you will find a school that understands your desire to get the skills you need to succeed and then get into the workplace as soon as possible. Many of the career education diploma programs can be completed in less than a year. Two-year associate degree programs are also available.

Other Everest benefits include:

  • A team dedicated to your success
  • Small classes
  • An emphasis on hands-on training
  • Career Services support to help you transition from school into your career field

With teamwork, our mission is to see you succeed.

The Facility

Everest College’s Henderson campus is located at 170 North Stephanie Street just one quarter-mile north of I-215. The campus includes:

  • Large classrooms, including laboratory space
  • A student resource center where you’ll find reading materials related to your academic programs as well as computers with full Internet access
  • Faculty and administrative offices

Campus Activities

Everest College’s Henderson campus offers a variety of activities and events to give you a positive student experience. These include the:

  • Igniter Ambassador Program Igniter ambassadors are student leaders who volunteer their time to help fellow students. Whether it’s as simple as finding a classroom or as challenging as helping you prepare for a big test, an Igniter ambassador can help you deal with the demands of school and life.
  • In-House Program Clinics Prepare yourself for the working world with hands-on workshops in the skills you need to get a job.
  • CARE Program The concern for students doesn’t stop at the classroom door. That’s why Everest offers support with a range of personal issues that can impact your performance and well being. Whether it’s getting quality child care or planning a household budget, the CARE program professionals can help.

Community Involvement

At Everest, a great education means more than just learning a marketable skill. By helping others, you’ll help yourself by learning responsibility, empathy and interpersonal skills that can last a lifetime. You will receive opportunities to grow through your involvement in and support of important community groups and events such as:

  • Three Square Food Pantry
  • Casa De Luz
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Shannon West Homeless Youth Center
  • Las Vegas Wash
  • Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • The Leukemia Lymphoma Society
  • Project Homeless Connect
  • Life Care Center of Paradise Valley

Please feel free to drop by Everest College’s Henderson campus at any time for a tour. We’d love to see you!

Campus Resources

At Everest College in Henderson, Nevada, we’re here to help. Resources available at Everest College in Henderson include:

  • Help with transportation if you are stranded*
    • Rideshare or carpool options
    • Bus passes available: Students pay a fee as part of enrollment process which covers a monthly bus pass, or the campus contracts with Omni Transportation to pick up students at various locations in Henderson/Las Vegas area to transport to and from campus
  • Campus Resource Center with adequate computer availability
  • The campus library open from:
    • 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday
    • 7 a.m. to 2. p.m. Friday
  • The bookstore, which has general supplies, open from:
    • Noon to 6 p.m. Monday and Tuesday
    • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday
  • Study groups available during open library hours or by appointment
  • Tutoring available upon request through instructors, program chairs or library staff
  • For a quick snack, there are several vending machines in the student lounges on campus

Off-Site Resources

  • Several fast food restaurants and cafes available within a 5 mile radius from the campus
  • Recommendations for nearby child care services and near students’ homes

*See your Student Services for assistance.

Safety & Security Are a Priority

At Everest, we re committed to creating a safe learning environment free from preventable harm from physical assault, threatening behavior, theft, or other security-related issues. Our campuses have multiple safety precautions in place including a professional security staff and physical security measures such as cameras, alarms, and secured access where appropriate. Additionally, we maintain and regularly test emergency response plans that will help us to effectively manage any type of on-campus emergency.

Transportation and Parking

At Everest Henderson, parking, public transportation and major street access include:

  • Accessibility to Interstate 215 within a half-mile to the campus
  • Available parking lot located within campus grounds
  • Adequate public transportation through Regional Transportation Commission (RTC)
  • RTC of Southern Nevada bus stops near Stephanie Street in front of the building
  • Carpool programs* available through Rideshare, a division of RTC, which come to the campus once a month to assist students

* See Student Services for assistance.

Programs Offered at the Henderson Campus

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Nevada Divorce and Nevada Annulment, done in days after filing #nevada #divorce, #annulment, #nevada,


Nevada Divorce

Joint Petition – papers signed by both parties:

If one party resides in Nevada, or 1 party establishes residency in Nevada, or is in the military with Nevada listed as the home state on the LES.

  • Attorney consultation available;
  • Full service, not just forms. We do all the work for you;
  • Papers are ready for you to sign usually within 1 day
  • No COPE class for Las Vegas residents – save $80;
  • No court appearance required;
  • Once papers are signed, notarized filed judge usually signs divorce in 1-3 days;
  • Free inclusion of children, assets and debts;

Cost – $300 for our typing services plus a court filing/handling fee of $325.

Nevada Divorce – Joint Petition

Complaint – papers signed by only 1 party or the other party cannot be located:

If one party resides in Nevada, or 1 party establishes residency in Nevada, or is in the military with Nevada listed as the home state on the LES.

  • Attorney consultation available;
  • Full service, not just forms. We do all the work for you;
  • Papers are ready for you to sign notarize usually within 1 day;
  • No COPE class for Las Vegas residents – save $80;
  • No court appearance required;
  • Free inclusion of children, assets and debts;
  • Full service, not just forms. We do all the work for you including obtaining personal service upon the other party;
  • This type of divorce case takes between 6-12 weeks depending on how we are able to serve papers to other party;

Cost – $500 plus a court filing fee of $325; and service of papers to your spouse of at least $100 for personal service, or if the party cannot be served, a due diligence search which costs $125 and publication of approximately $150.

To review Nevada Divorce Statutes in their entirety go to Nevada Revised Statutes 125. To review Nevada child support statutes go to Nevada Revised Statutes 125B.

Nevada Divorce – Complaint

Establish Nevada Residency

To establish Nevada residency and qualify for an annulment or divorce in days: one (1) party must currently reside in Nevada for at least 6 weeks. To prove your residency we type a Resident Witness Affidavit that another resident signs stating that he/she has seen you living in Nevada for 6 weeks. The witness must be at least 18 years of age who has lived in Nevada for at least the past six (6) weeks and may be a relative, friend, co-worker or an employee of a Lodging Establishment where you are residing.

If you are currently in the military and your military home state (state of record) is Nevada, you may file for an annulment or divorce even if you now reside in another state or country. You may wish to check with your commanding officer to verify the correct state is listed on your LES.

NOTICE: Registrant is not an attorney authorized to practice in this State and is prohibited from providing legal advice or legal representation to any person.
Registrant number with Secretary of State license is NVDP2014336.

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Tilman Law Office Las Vegas #tilman #law #office, #christopher #tilman, #las #vegas, #attorney, #lawyer


Welcome to the Law Office of Christopher R. Tilman

A difficult legal problem does not resolve itself. You need wise and capable representation to protect your rights and guide you toward the right decision and the best outcome for your future. My mission is to provide quality legal support and counsel to the residents, visitors, families and children of the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas.

I have earned a reputation throughout the Clark County legal community for providing fair, cost-effective Divorce. Family Law and Criminal Defense representation that gets results. I won t run up your legal fees with frivolous filings. I will listen carefully to your questions, concerns and needs, and tell you exactly what what your options are and what to expect under the law. We will work together to reach a fair settlement agreement that you can live with and begin a new future.

At the Law Office of Christopher R. Tilman we are committed and experienced. We take our responsibilities seriously, knowing that the results we achieve for our clients will have lasting impact on their lives.

We are Committed

Since 1993, the Law Office of Christopher R. Tilman. Attorney at Law, has been committed to providing effective, quality legal representation for residents living in communities throughout Nevada. These include Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, Nye County, Lincoln County, and White Pine County. Our commitment to excellent representation includes:

– Giving our clients the attention they deserve.
– Explaining all options to help you make an informed decision.
– Keeping you informed about the status of your case.
– Maintaining client confidence.
– Looking out for our clients immediate needs and long term interests.

We are Experienced

With over 22 years experience, I have a reputation for thoroughness and preparedness that is widely recognized and respected in the legal community. My experience includes the following legal areas:

Contact Us Today for a Consultation

I invite you to contact my office to discuss your legal needs today. Send us an email or call us at (702) 214-4214.

Law Office of Christopher R. Tilman
Attorney at Law
1211 South Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 214-4214

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Las Vegas McCarran LAS Airport #las #vegas #mccarran #airport, #las #airport, #las #vegas #airport,


Las Vegas McCarran ( LAS ) Airport

McCarran International AirportLAS serves the City of Las Vegas and the surrounding Clark County in southern Nevada. Gambling can start right at McCarran, which has 1,300 slot machines throughout its terminals, and the Airport welcomes you to fabulous Las Vegas with slot machines around every corner and big billboards touting the latest must-see shows.
McCarran Airport is located in the town of Paradise – only five miles south of the central business district of Las Vegas, and less than a mile from the famous Las Vegas Strip (and only minutes from all the big hotels). Situated between Interstate Highways 15 515, it is accessible from Tropicana Avenue (SR 593) to the north, or the Las Vegas Beltway (I-215) to the south, entering the airport via the McCarran Airport Connector, which includes Paradise Rd./ Swenson Street and the Airport tunnel.

With four runways and 47.4 million passengers in 2016, LAS Airport serves as focus city for Allegiant Southwest airlines and is served by a multitude of domestic and international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.
– In Nov. 2016 McCarran Airport received its first nonstop flights from Biing, China.

McCarren International has two passenger terminals: Domestic T1 and new International T3.

Airlines their telephone number, current terminal and gate assignments:
– AeroMexico, tel. 800-237-6639: T3, E gates;
– Air Canada, tel. 888-247-2262: ticketing and baggage claim at T3, flight at D gates
– Alaska, tel. 800-426-03333: T3, E gates
– Allegiant, tel. 702-505-8888: T1, A gates
– American, tel. 800-433-7300: D gates via T1
– British Airways, tel. 800-247-9297: T3, E gates
– Condor, www.condor.com: T3, E gates
– Copa, www.copaair.com: T3, E gates
– Delta, tel. 800-221-1212: D gates via T1
– Edelweiss /Swiss, tel. 8777-359-7947: T3, E gates
– Frontier, tel. 800-432-1359: ticketing baggage claim at T3, flight at D gates
– Hainan, tel. 888-688-8813: ticketing and baggage claim at T3, flight at D gates
– Hawiian, tel. 800-367-5320: tickting and baagage claim at T3, flight at D gates
– Interjet, www.interjet.com: atT3, E gates
– JeBlue, tel. 800-538-2583: T3, E gates
– Korean, tel. 800-438-5000: T3, E gates
– MagniCharters, tel. 877-672-2424: T3, E gates
– Norwegian, www.norwegian.com: T3, E gates
– OAI /Omni, tel. 877-718-8901: T1, A gates
– Southwest, tel. 800-435-9792: T1, B C gates
– Spirit, tel. 801-401-2222: T1: B gates
– Sun Country, tel. 866-359-6786: T3 for ticketing baggage claim; flight at D gates
– Thomas Cook www.thomascook.com: T3, E gates
– United, tel. 800-864-8331: T3 for ticketing baggage claim; flight at D gates
– Virgin America, tel. 877-359-8474: T3, E gates
– Virgin Atlantic, tel. 800-862-8621: T3, E gates
– Volaris, tel. 866-988-3527: T3, E gates
– WestJet, tel. 888-937-8538: T3 E gates.

Bags To Go locations tel.numbers (Nevada area code is 702): Las Vegas Convention Center 943-8120; McCarran Rental Car Center, Main Lobby 261-7740; Luxor Hotel 262-4186; MGM Grand, Main Lobby 281-7490; Palazzo Hotel 607-7777; and Venetian Hotel 414-4689. You can check your bags prior to your arrival at McCarran Airport by using Airport SpeedCheck Advance (at a fee). Passengers of participating airlines can visit one of seven locations to check baggage hours prior to scheduled flight departure. With this technology, Bags To Go agents tag store bags and issue your boarding pass, whereupon Bags To Go transports bags to McCarran for TSA screening and subsequent loading onto your plane. Instead of going to the ticketing counter you can then proceed straight to the security checkpoint gate.
– Reaching your Rental Car: While buses take rental car customers to the rental car facility, be aware that there is a long distance from your gate to the outside rental car buses. The bus transfer takes at least 15 minutes, and by the time you get into your rental car (provided you made prior reservations) you wait at least another 15 minutes. From May thru September (National Parks high season), set aside a 1-hour transfer – particularly on your way back to catch your flight.

Important Telephone numbers:

Airport Administration – 702.261.5100
General Information – 702.261.5211
Lost Found – 702.261.5134
Paging – 702.261.5211
Parking Information – 702.261.5121
Rental Car Center – 702.261.6001
TDD – 702.261.3111.

Present and Future Airport Developments: The extension of the Las Vegas Monorail to McCarran Airport is in the planning stage; its Airport station would be between the MGM Grand and the Harmon Ave. Koval Lane. The proposed extension would add underground stations at Terminals 1 and 3.

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