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Meet Our Doctors

Friendly staff, very helpful.

We are so please to work with Surrogacy Asia. Their staff are super friendly and they ve helped complete a family with a baby we call our own. They were so helpful from the initial stage to visa application at the end. Their staff speaks fluent English and were there to answer any questions we may have. In addition, they would follow up with us and ask how the baby is doing. Overall, I highly recommend their services to anyone who are interested in creating your own family.

John Christian

Professional Friendly!

Surrogacy Asia provides the best service in a third world country. Their staff truly understand how to take care of us. The whole experience was more than excellent and I would highly recommend all of my friends to connect with this team when it comes to family planning!

Zack Daniel

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Inflammation: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment – Medical News Today #best #place #to #donate #a

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Inflammation: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection; the aim being to remove harmful stimuli, including damaged cells, irritants, or pathogens – and begin the healing process .

When something harmful or irritating affects a part of our body, there is a biological response to try to remove it, the signs and symptoms of inflammation, specifically acute inflammation, show that the body is trying to heal itself.

Inflammation does not mean infection, even when an infection causes inflammation. Infection is caused by a bacterium, virus or fungus, while inflammation is the body’s response to it.

Contents of this article:

You will see introductions at the end of some sections to any recent developments that have been covered by MNT’s news stories. Also look out for links to information about related conditions.

Fast facts on inflammation

Here are some key points about inflammation. More detail and supporting information is in the main article.

  • Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection to remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process.
  • Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response.
  • The first stage of inflammation is often called irritation, which then becomes inflammation – the immediate healing process.
  • Inflammation is followed by suppuration (discharging of pus ). Then there is the granulation stage, the formation in wounds of tiny, rounded masses of tissue during healing.
  • Acute inflammation – starts rapidly (rapid onset) and quickly becomes severe.
  • Chronic inflammation – this means long-term inflammation, which can last for several months and even years.
  • Our infections, wounds and any damage to tissue would never heal without inflammation – tissue would become more and more damaged and the body, or any organism, would eventually perish.
  • Chronic inflammation can eventually cause several diseases and conditions, including some cancers. rheumatoid arthritis. atherosclerosis. periodontitis. and hay fever .
  • Although scientists know that inflammation plays a key role in heart disease and several other illnesses, what drives inflammation in the first place is still a mystery.
  • It should be remembered that inflammation is part of the healing process. Sometimes reducing inflammation is necessary, but not always.

What is inflammation?

The word inflammation comes from the Latin “inflammo”. meaning “I set alight, I ignite” .

Inflammation is part of the body’s immune response. Initially, it is beneficial when, for example, your knee sustains a blow and tissues need care and protection. However, sometimes inflammation can cause further inflammation; it can become self-perpetuating. More inflammation is created in response to the existing inflammation.

Plaque in coronary artery disease linked to inflammation – scientists from Stanford University, California, linked 25 new genetic regions to coronary artery disease. They found that people with coronary artery disease, the leading cause of death globally, are most likely predisposed to the disease because they have gene variants linked to inflammation.

Inflammation helps wounds heal

Our immediate reaction to a swelling is to try to bring it down. Bearing in mind that inflammation is an essential part of the body’s attempt to heal itself, patients and doctors need to be sure that the treatments to reduce swelling are absolutely necessary and to not undermine or slow down the healing process.

The first stage of inflammation is often called irritation, which then becomes inflammation – the immediate healing process. Inflammation is followed by suppuration (discharging of pus). Then there is the granulation stage, the formation in wounds of tiny, rounded masses of tissue during healing. Inflammation is part of a complex biological response to harmful stimuli. Without inflammation, infections and wounds would never heal.

Neuroscientists at the Lerner Research Institute at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio found that inflammation actually helps to heal damaged muscle tissue. Their findings clash with how sportspeople with inflammation are treated – health professionals always try to control the inflammation to encourage healing. The researchers say their findings may lead to new therapies for acute muscle injuries caused by freeze damage, medications, chemicals and trauma.

Lan Zhou, M.D. Ph.D. said that patients should be very closely monitored when therapies to combat inflammation are used to make sure that the benefits of inflammation are not completely eliminated.

Inflammation is part of our innate immunity

Our innate immunity is what is naturally present in our bodies when we are born, and not the adaptive immunity we get after an infection or vaccination. Innate immunity is generally non-specific, while adaptive immunity is specific to one pathogen:

Whooping cough vaccine – example of immunity being specific to one pathogen

After being vaccinated for whooping cough (pertussis), we develop immunity to Bordetella pertussis or Bordetella parapertussis. types of bacteria that cause pertussis. This is an example of adaptive immunity – the immunity was not there before receiving the vaccine.

Inflammation is seen as a mechanism of innate immunity.

What is the difference between chronic inflammation and acute inflammation?

Acute inflammation – starts rapidly (rapid onset) and quickly becomes severe. Signs and symptoms are only present for a few days, but in some cases may persist for a few weeks.

Examples of diseases, conditions, and situations which can result in acute inflammation include:

Chronic inflammation – this means long-term inflammation, which can last for several months and even years. It can result from:

  • Failure to eliminate whatever was causing an acute inflammation
  • An autoimmune response to a self antigen – the immune system attacks healthy tissue, mistaking it (them) for harmful pathogens
  • A chronic irritant of low intensity that persists.

Examples of diseases and conditions with chronic inflammation include:

Our infections, wounds and any damage to tissue would never heal without inflammation – tissue would become more and more damaged and the body, or any organism, would eventually perish.

However, chronic inflammation can eventually cause several diseases and conditions, including some cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, periodontitis, and hay fever. Inflammation needs to be well regulated.

On the next page we look at what happens during acute inflammation, the comparison of acute and chronic inflammation and why it causes pain. On the final page we discuss treatments for inflammation.

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Fertility Center: Dallas, Texas – (Care) Center for Assisted Reproduction: IVF Infertility Treatment #free

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Welcome to the Center for Assisted Reproduction

Texas Fertility Center

We do this by providing the most customized and personalized care for fertility. Our State-of-the-Art Facility in Texas is fully equipped to provide you with any fertility treatment that is necessary. Our friendly staff and determined doctors are here to help you. Call us today and set up your consultation.

The state-of-the-art Texas fertility center is equipped to handle all of your fertility needs. We have two convenient locations: Bedford and Fort Worth, with the Bedford location open 7 days a week.

Our History

The Center for Assisted Reproduction Embryo.net (CARE) is an independent facility providing comprehensive medical care for the treatment of infertile patients. Established in 1989, CARE has been a leader in the North Texas region for years, providing state-of-the-art fertility treatment to residents of Dallas, Fort Worth, and cities throughout the state.

Our goal is to make it easy for patients to receive cutting-edge treatment. We maintain longstanding relationships with all major managed care organizations; this allows patients at CARE to obtain referrals with relative ease. Our services include everything from IVF to egg donation. and we have been a pioneer in bringing assisted reproductive technologies to the region.

Treatment at CARE is convenient for nearby patients and those traveling from outside the area. Our two fertility centers are located in Bedford and Fort Worth, Texas. Both locations are within easy driving distance of the Dallas Fort Worth airport.

If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with one of our fertility specialists, contact the Center for Assisted Reproduction today.

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Infertility treatment, egg donation, embryo adoption – AVA-Peter Clinic, St #charity #t #shirts

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Would you like to start treatment?

AVA-Peter Clinic: Experts in egg donation, embryo adoption and PGS.

In Russia AVA-Peter is famous for its high-tech lab, skilled embryologists and clever physicians so that couples from all over Russia seek help at AVA-Peter after several unsuccessful IVFs at their local clinics.

AVA-Peter Clinic was opened in St. Petersburg in 1996. It belongs to the international network of AVA-Clinics which all provide IVF services in Europe and Russia at the same high medical standards.

AVA-Peter is the largest private IVF clinic in Russia, and performs over over 6,000 egg collections a year in 5 labs in Russia.

Our pregnancy rates are the highest in Russia, and our multiple pregnancy rates are the lowest. We prefer to increase pregnancy rates and live birth rates through quality and care rather than through the number of embryos transferred in the uterus. We look that our procedures are both: efficient and safe.

Our success is based on individually tuned medical treatment, careful culture of embryos to day 5 and thorough selection of embryos for transfer and freezing on the basis of both: morphology and genetics.

The highest success rates are achieved when choosing the best embryos for transfer on day 5 on the basis of morphologic criteria and genetic screening (PGS). Clinical pregnancy rates after transfer of single blastocyst chosen on the basis of morphologic criteria and normal for 23 chromosome pairs are 60%.

We are the first Russian IVF clinic who developed and introduced quality management system (QMS) for IVF scopes in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified by LGA InterCert GmbH since 2008.

Our clinic has a united and inspired team of physicians, embryologists, geneticists, biologists and nurses whose joint efforts and professionalism is the key to the comfort and success of your treatment.

Pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos at the AVA-Peter Clinic, St. Petersburg

The first healthy baby after pre-implantation genetic testing diagnosis in AVA-Peter was born in 2000.

Since 1999 AVA-Peter was the only clinic in Russia which could help men and women carriers of chromosome aberrations (translocations, inversions and deletions) to use own egg and sperm and become mothers and fathers of healthy children having no chromosome aberrations.

Couples from all over Russia came to AVA-Peter to exclude genetic disease in an off-springs.

Since 2013 AVA-Peter has implemented PGS for 23 chromosome pairs

which significantly increases success rates in all the patient groups:

  • PGS increase implantation rates and live birth rates
  • PGS reduces time to pregnancy and live birth
  • PGS Reduces miscarriage rates
  • Helps avoid freezing and storage of abnormal embryos
  • Reduces risk of Down syndrome

A wrong chromosome number in an embryo is the major reason for a morphologically good embryo not being able to attach and/or progress to a live born baby.

Testing of all 23 chromosome pairs in good looking blastocysts helps to choose those for transfer which do not only have the highest chance to attach, but also to stay and result in live birth.

Clinical pregnancy rates after single elective blastocyst transfer chosen on the basis of morphology and genetic screening are 60% in our clinic.

PGS for 23 chromosome pairs eliminates the negative effect of maternal age on implantation and reduces time to pregnancy.

Egg Donation at the AVA-Peter Clinic, St. Petersburg

Egg donation is a treatment that can offer you the chance of motherhood when other treatments, such as IVF, have been tried and have failed. This may happen at any age, but repeated failures are more common in women in their late 30s and 40s. However, women in this age group usually have a uterus able to support a pregnancy. Therefore it is still possible to become a mother through egg donation even if your own eggs cannot be used. AVA-Peter accepts women aged up to 51 who wish to receive donor eggs. You may be married, in a relationship or single.

If you need egg donation, AVA-Peter is a sympathetic, experienced and highly professional clinic with high success rates and reasonable prices.

Our egg donors are aged under 30, with an average age of just 26. They are fertile, with at least one child of their own. They undergo a complete medical evaluation by a doctor, gynaecologist and psychiatrist, and are screened for HIV, Hepatitis B and C every 3 months.

Together with IDEAS we offer you THE ONLY ONE Egg Donor Data Base IN EUROPE!

  • More than 600 loyal, healthy, attractive, educated young egg donors egg donors
  • 200 egg donors available for you to choose from at any time who are ready to start treatment as soon as you are.
  • We provide you with more than 150 personal details about each egg donor, including photos of them under the age of 10 and copies of their own motivation letters .

Our excellent success rates, expertise and experience in egg donation has enabled us to introduce the Money back system into our daily practice. If after 3 fresh egg donation tries no baby is born, we return 70% of your money back.

Embryo adoption at the AVA-Peter Clinic, St. Petersburg

Our embryo adoption programme welcomes women in the age under 51, whether single, in relationship or married .

Why is AVA-Peter Embryo Adoption Programme so successful, safe and affordable?

  • We never use embryos from fertility patients so that success rates are high and no fertility issues are passed to the child.
  • We use only excellent fresh donor eggs from young healthy professional egg donors. who have won children (not IVF patients!), and who has donated before with positive result
  • We use only excellent donor sperm from young healthy professional sperm donors, who have own children and who has donated before with positive result
  • Fertilization by IVF, not ICSI!
  • Selection of embryo for transfer is done on day 5 based on both, morphologic and genetic criteria
  • Pregnancy rates are 60% with one embryo
  • The programme is very affordable because instead of covering all the expenses connected to individual egg donor, a patient may receive just one or two blastocysts of excellent morphology and normal for 23 chromosomes from our extended donor embryo bank.
  • The embryo adoption treatment at our clinic is available as one try, 2 package and money back guarantee programme.

In our clinical practice we increase success rates not through the number of embryos transferred, but through thorough selection of potential egg and sperm donors and high standards in the laboratory to ensure only excellent quality blastocysts are selected and used.

Why come to St. Petersburg?

The city of St. Petersburg is located on the west coast of Russia, and is easily reached by a short flight from many European cities. It is known as The Venice of the North , due to its beautiful, intricate architecture and many picturesque canals. There are dozens of important historical and cultural highlights, together with a wide choice of shops, restaurants and hotels, in and around the central area where AVA-Peter is located. All of this makes St. Petersburg a pleasant place to spend your time in between visits to our clinic.

Interested in egg donation at AVA-Peter?

Willeke and Mario from Netherlands come to AVA-Peter for egg donation treatment…
Enjoy this touching and sincere documentary by Jorien van Nes

Enjoy this touching and sincere documentary by Jorien van Nes”>

To watch the full version of the documentary free of charge, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to provide you with a link and a password

© AVA-Peter Clinic, 2005 — 2015. All rights reserved

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Infertility treatment, egg donation, embryo adoption #veterans #of #america #donations

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Miracle of new life

Egg Donation at the AVA-Peter Clinic, St. Petersburg

Egg donation is a treatment that can offer you the chance of motherhood when other treatments, such as IVF, have been tried and have failed. This may happen at any age, but repeated failures are more common in women in their late 30s and 40s. However, women in this age group usually have a uterus able to support a pregnancy. Therefore it is still possible to become a mother through egg donation even if your own eggs cannot be used. AVA-Peter accepts women aged up to 51 who wish to receive donor eggs. You may be married, in a relationship or single.

Pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos at the AVA-Peter Clinic

Since 1999 AVA-Peter was the only clinic in Russia which could help men and women carriers of chromosome aberrations (translocations, inversions and deletions) to use own egg and sperm and become mothers and fathers of healthy children having no chromosome aberrations. Couples from all over Russia came to AVA-Peter to exclude genetic disease in an off-springs.

In 2013 AVA-Peter has implemented PGS for 23 chromosome pairs which helps to increase IVF success rates

Interested in egg donation at AVA-Peter?

Our Team

  • Working in IDEAS I have realised all my desires: I work in the medical field, doing finances, and most importantly, I help people to become happy parents together with our friendly team.

Read more

  • Our friendly and professional team will be happy to assist you in achieving your goal. After all, being parents — is a great happiness!
    Read more
  • I enjoy being in a friendly team and our main goal — gifting a happiness of being parents — is an essential one. It is so wonderful!

    Egg Donor Coordinator

    Read more

  • I am glad to work in a close-knit and harmonious team where everybody is a real professional. I consider myself lucky to be a part of this team, and I do my best to contribute to the achievement of our common goal
    Read more
  • I’m very proud of our patients who are very goal-oriented and do everything to make their dreams — BECOME PARENTS — come true! I’m very happy that I can help people to realize their DREAMS, to become happy PARENTS and to hold in their hands their own BABIES!
    Read more
  • People always enjoy the fruit of their labours, and I am glad that the “fruit” of our labours can smile and bring happiness to its parents 🙂
    Read more
  • My work for me is a source of new knowledge, enriching experience and positive communication. I am proud to be a part of a highly professional and incredibly caring team where everyone is deeply committed to our patients’ well-being.
    Read more
  • I love working with people and being able to use my first language Swedish on a daily basis. Our clinic is a very friendly and happy place and we always do our utmost to help our patients achieve their goal of a healthy baby

    Swedish Patient Coordinator

    Read more

  • I enjoy when I am able to be helpful to a patient while matching and describing an egg donor. It is a great pleasure to talk about our egg donors, because I like young ladies, which we recruit.

    Egg Donor Coordinator

    Read more

  • A wise man said: Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I could not agree more and I am eternally grateful for my dear colleagues and for our amazing patients, who make this statement true for me.
    Read more
  • I will always be there when you need me, I talk a lot, laugh a lot and look for the good in even the small things!

    UK based patient coordinator

    Read more

  • I’ve always wanted to be part of something magical, and this is what AVA-Peter does – every pregnancy is a miracle, and being a very small part of it is amazing

    Chief Patient Coordinator

    Read more

  • For me IDEAS Team is a group of professionals with a versatile skill-set, a lot of integrity and a willingness to go the extra mile to satisfy patient’s needs
    Read more
  • My goal is to help you feel less lonely, normalize your feelings and thoughts, and make the treatment easier to go through. You will make it. I also want you to have a good quality of life during treatment
    Read more
  • I am proud that I have the privilege of working together with a wonderful team of professionals and trusted friends who are always ready to help everyone: a colleague, a patient or a donor.
    Read more
  • I am extremely thankful and proud of each member of the dedicated AVA-Peter team who shares my views and truly put their hearts into their work

    Dr. Olga Zaytseff

    Fertility specialist, Head of the International Egg Donation Programme at AVA-Peter

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  • Substance abuse treatment locator #substance #abuse #treatment #locator


    U.S. Treatment Locators

    Online Treatment Locators

    Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS) (massgeneral.org/psychiatry/arms/home.aspx)
    The Addiction Recovery Management Service, offered by the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, provides fast access to information and support combined with outreach and care management for youth aged 15 – 25 with substance-related problems and their families. ARMS supplements traditional inpatient and outpatient services and bridges the gaps in treatment with high quality care management to maximize the likelihood of recovery.

    Addiction Resource Guide (addictionresourceguide.com)
    This online listing of licensed in-patient treatment facilities is organized by facility name, state, type of program (psychiatric, long term residential, etc) and special populations (age, gender, etc). It provides a good level of information on each facility and is updated regularly.

    SAMHSA: Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator (findtreatment.samhsa.gov)
    The Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator is a database of drug and alcohol treatment programs in the U.S. The Locator includes more than 11,000 addiction treatment programs, including residential treatment centers, outpatient treatment programs, and hospital inpatient programs for drug addiction and alcoholism. All programs are state or nationally licensed or accredited. Start by entering your location (address, city or zip code) and a list of facilities in your area will be provided. If you click on Substance Abuse in the box at the top of the page you can limit the facilities to the type of service you need, the service setting (outpatient, residential, etc), payment/insurance information, languages and more.

    Treatment Coordination and Advocacy (treatmentcoordination.net)
    Founded by a licensed psychotherapist and nationally certified counselor, this specialized referral and placement service helps individuals find the most appropriate treatment providers for their individual needs. Services include assessments, program research, individualized referrals and more. There are two treatment coordination packages available: Basic which provides between 5-7 hours of services and Premium providing between 15-17 hours of service for more complex issues.

    Addiction Treatment Forum (atforum.com)
    This web site focuses on the use of methadone in treating opioid addiction. It features a Methadone Clinical Locator by state. Facility name, address, and phone are provided. It also includes reports on substance abuse and addiction research, regularly updated news reports, frequently asked questions, resources and links to related web sites.

    Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment (DART) (www.dart.on.ca)
    Funded by the Government of Ontario, DART specializes in the provision of information and referral to treatment services related to alcohol and drugs in Ontario, Canada. It operates a toll-free, province-wide free and confidential telephone service: the Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment Information Line (1-800-565-8603), available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also has an online treatment locator, a searchable database of drug and/or alcohol treatment programs offered by organizations in Ontario, Canada.

    Methadone Clinic Locator (methadonecliniclocator.org)
    This simple to use site answers basic questions about methadone and lists almost all methadone clinics in the U.S. by state. List provides treatment center name, city and telephone number.

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    Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Youth, youth treatment centers.#Youth #treatment #centers


    Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Youth

    Youth treatment centersRestore Troubled Teens (RTT) is an organization of family advocates and educational consultants dedicated to helping parents of troubled teens find the most suitable Residential Treatment Center; for their struggling adolescent. We recognize that finding a trustworthy Treatment Facility can be a significant trial. The object for RTT is to direct the parent, as efficiently as possible, to the appropriate place that will accommodate their child and assist with the task of getting the troubled teen’s life back on track.

    RTT acknowledges this reality, and this is why we urge parents to examine the benefits and risks. Working with our family advocates, who have extensive experience and specialized expertise, will save any parent time, money, and all too often, much heartache. Although the best Residential Treatment Program may be located outside your local area, most facilities accept teenagers from all over the U.S.

    For immediate help, contact our family advocates at (866) 452-6321.

    Mental Health Treatment Centers

    Like many other parents in crisis, you may be looking for a substance abuse treatment center for your adolescent child. If Youth treatment centersthis is the case, you can feel encouraged that Restore Troubled Teens is an established website maintaining personal affiliations with drug rehab programs and treatment centers all over the country. We are proud to say that RTT maintains continued success in the service of transforming and developing the lives of hundreds of teens in crisis.

    Bringing peace of mind to parents and the family, through the restorative process, is what our family advocates do. Let us do our job by recommending a “home away from home” that not only gives care around-the-clock, but also provides individual therapy and quality academics to stuggling teens. Let us help you find a program; thus ensuring that your child will benefit from a greater future as a result of their experience with the appropriate residential treatment center for them.

    Residential Drug Treatment Centers

    As you are contemplating Treatment Centers, it is essential to ensure, for your child’s sake, that the curriculum you Youth treatment centerschoose provides not only substance abuse therapy for adolescents, but also quality academics. Your son or daughter can overcome a momentary setback with the direction of qualified teachers, therapists, and trained counselors. We appreciate the disappointment and grief your family is experiencing, and the intense love and concern you have for your child. Allow us help your family get back on track. Call Restore Troubled Teens today at (866) 452-6321.

    Other Resources for Parents

    National Council for Behavioral Health: Children s Mental Health – This council consists of several different entities overseen by Children’s Mental Health, which works to address mental health issues affecting children, individuals, and families. The Child Mind Institute compiled a report on the state of children’s mental health in the US, and the Speak Up for Kids campaign is designed to address the needs of the 17 million children who have a diagnosable mental health issue. Less than 35 percent of these children are receiving treatment, so one of the goals is to improve that percentage considerably.

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    Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles CA (323) 275-9019 Drug Rehab #los #angeles #drug #treatment


    Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles (323) 275-9019

    Drugs and alcohol addiction are preventable and curable diseases, which mean there is hope for a successful recovery. Los Angeles Rehabilitation Centers help individuals understand what drove them to begin using. As they learn their trigger points, these individuals realize new interests to help them find enjoyment in life without drugs. Call to speak with a caring representative about beginning rehabilitation. (323) 275-9019

    About Addiction

    Alcohol abuse and drug dependence begins with the first drink, the first pill or injection. The cycle continues because the user’s brain craves more and more in order to reach the same level of satisfaction as the last time. Some people don’t experience this right away, it is dependent on the substance, if people drink three beers and like the buzz they often want that same effect the next time.

    A heavy drinker may have to begin drinking more to achieve the same effects they felt when they first started drinking and same goes for drugs. Unfortunately, bodies become accustomed to certain feelings and build a tolerance that requires more to reach the same desired effect. This is often the cycle of addiction and can lead to overdose. Call now if you feel that someone you know or if you are experiencing the cycle of addiction. (323) 275-9019

    Because alcohol consumption is socially acceptable and many events revolve around drinking, it is difficult for someone with an addiction to avoid activities where people are drinking:

    • Drinking while watching a sports event.
    • Drinking beer at a back-yard barbeque.
    • Business functions.
    • Celebrations

    Alcohol addiction is treatable and with substitutes for drinking filled with new behaviors, he or she will have a successful addiction recovery. Call for treatment now and learn the mechanisms that making living with addiction less painful. (323) 275-9019

    Warning Signs of Addiction

    If someone is using drugs, there are telltale warning signs, some are subtle and others are more obvious. Even though the addict’s loved ones recognize these warning signs, the individual with the drug problem is in denial and refuses to accept there is an alcohol addiction problem.

    These symptoms could easily be mistaken for the flu or the person’s sugar level dropping. If this happens just one time, those may be legitimate excuses. If these indicators are frequently experienced the individual may have a drug and alcohol abuse problem. Los Angeles CA Alcohol Detox Centers can help individuals recognize the symptoms of addiction and develop a plan for a successful recovery.

    The warning signs listed above are the physical symptoms; there are also behavioral warning signs because the individual is either drunk or using:

    • Missing work
    • Neglecting family responsibilities
    • Forgetfulness
    • Restlessness
    • Shaky hands
    • Lack of concentration
    • Forgetfulness
    • Reduced inhibitions

    When everyone ignores or denies an addiction problem, the warning signs become health problems. If someone drinks too much too often, serious health problems develop:

    Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles CA help individuals with an addiction to alcohol learn to recognize the warning signs and take responsibility. The medical staff starts with an assessment to determine if the individual has developed any health problems. Call (323) 275-9019 and begin Alcohol Rehab and Alcohol Detox today.

    Learn How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction at the Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab Center

    Los Angeles Alcohol Treatment Centers provide support for individuals with alcohol and drug addiction problems. The individual meets with one of the in-take counselors for an assessment. Because addiction varies from person to person, the counselor needs to learn more about the individual’s alcohol or drug consumption:

    • How often the person drinks and how much does he or she consume substances?
    • Are there specific situations where the individual cannot say no when offered a drink?
    • Does the person have emotional problems or an undue amount of stress in his or her life?
    • The individual’s medical history.
    • The individual’s family history.

    Once the counselor understands the individual’s substance of abuse problems, a personalized drug abuse treatment plan is developed:

    • Detoxification – the individual stops drinking and is treated for withdrawal symptoms.
    • Behavior modification – the person learns how to find new interests and fill the time previously spent drinking.
    • Group counseling – the individual is in a group setting with other individuals dealing with addiction.
    • One-on-one therapy – the individual meets with a licensed therapist with the Alcohol Treatment CenterLos Angeles to share his or her story. The counselor wants to understand how they came to this point in their life, what is their mental condition and physical health problems, and who have their hurt with their alcohol addiction problems.

    About Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, commonly referred to as L.A. is the most populous city in California. Located in Southern California, the population in L.A. is more than 3.7 million people. L.A. is a multi-cultural city with over 200 different languages spoken by its ethnic residents.

    Historical records date back to 1542 when it was purchased at the end of the Mexican war in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This coastal city brings more sunshine than cloudy days, with the temperatures in the winter months dropping to a mild 60 degrees and reaching the 90s in the summer months. L.A. is both flat and hilly, making there are extreme variations in the temperatures depending on the location.

    L.A is truly an inclusive city with strengths of trade in fashion, international trade, media, cultural arts, sports and education. The city is home to an abundance of landmarks such as the Griffith Observatory, TCL Chinese Theater, and the Capital Records building. L.A is well known for its leading production of music, movies, and television series making it a hot spot for many celebrities to live.

    Residents and visitors can enjoy both a city inhabitants as well as a beach atmosphere. From the long list of water sports, shopping and dining options and job opportunities L.A is an exciting place to live or vacation. For the more reserved L.A offers 72 public libraries and over 20 museums including the Museum of Tolerance, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Hollywood Wax Museum.

    In 2012, L.A had an intake of approximately 45,000 drug and alcohol addicts in the treatment facilities. Methamphetamines remain to be a rising issue within the city though the number prescription medication abusers have declined. Due to the culturally diverse area and melting pot of citizens there is also an assortment of drugs and substance abuse.

    If you or someone that you know is struggling with an addiction please don’t hesitate to contact Alcohol Treatment Centers Los Angeles. Call today for information on the road to recovery. (323) 275-9019

    Schedule An Appointment

    All initial assessments are Free. To Schedule an appointment please call (323) 275-9019

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    Drug Abuse Treatment – Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs, substance abuse treatment centers in


    substance abuse treatment centers in massachusetts

    23.1 Million people need treatment for illicit substance or alcohol abuse 9.1% of all Americans*.

    *aged 12 or older. Data accurate as of 2010.

  • 9% of Americans needing treatment for substance abuse are receiving it, leaving 20.5 million people still in need.

    17.9 Million people in the U.S. have alcohol dependence or abuse problems 7% of the population.*

    *aged 12 or older. Data accurate as of 2010.

  • Substance abuse treatment centers in massachusetts

  • Substance abuse treatment centers in massachusetts

  • Substance abuse treatment centers in massachusetts

  • Your information will be provided to a leading treatment center who is a paid sponsor of DrugAbuse.com and who can help answer your questions about addiction treatment options.

    About the DrugAbuse.com Toll-Free Helpline and Directory

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    Prostate cancer targeted with ultrasound could transform treatment #ultrasound #prostate #treatment


    Prostate cancer targeted with ultrasound ‘could transform treatment’

    Published Monday 21 March 2016 Published Mon 21 Mar 2016

    An ultrasound technique for killing cancer tumors without harming healthy tissue could transform the treatment of prostate cancer. Research presented at a meeting suggest the treatment is as effective as surgery or radiotherapy, but with fewer side effects.

    There is a need for more focused treatments for prostate cancer that reduce the risk of damaging nerves that supply the penis, urine control muscles and the rectum.

    The study – on the effectiveness of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to treat men with localized prostate cancer – featured at the European Association of Urology Congress (EAU16) in Munich, Germany, March 11-15, 2016.

    Led by University College Hospital (UCH) in London, UK, the study followed 625 men between 2004-2015, who were treated in the UK and who had localized, non-metastatic tumors; the tumors were in one part of the prostate and had not spread beyond the gland.

    Hashim Ahmed, a consultant urological surgeon at UCH, told the meeting that 93% of patients who underwent HIFU alone to remove their prostate tumor were still cancer-free and did not need any surgery or radiotherapy 5 years after treatment.

    The results follow those of an earlier study by Ahmed and colleagues published in The Lancet Oncology in 2012, where, of 41 men who underwent HIFU. 95% were free of cancer after 12 months. Not one of the patients developed incontinence. and only 1 in 10 suffered erectile dysfunction .

    In the new, larger study, which reports medium-term results, only 1-2% of the HIFU patients experienced long-term incontinence, and just 15% suffered erectile dysfunction. These figures compare favorably with men who have surgery, where around 30-60% experience these distressing side effects.

    More focused approach, fewer side effects

    Conventional treatments such as surgery and radiotherapy treat the whole prostate and risk damaging nerves that supply the penis, urine control muscles and the rectum. Damage to these nerves leads to incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

    More focused treatments are desperately needed to reduce the large proportion of men who experience these distressing side effects that affect everyday life, work and relationships.

    HIFU devices exist, and one was approved recently by the federal regulators in the US for use in prostate cancer, but there is a need for more independent studies with longer follow-up periods to verify their safety and accuracy.

    HIFU focuses ultrasound waves to millimeter accuracy, causing targeted tissue to heat up to 80-100°C, which kills cells instantaneously. The procedure does not affect healthy tissue. Another advantage of the treatment is that patients can leave hospital on the same day.

    The technique can thus be used to remove small lumps of affected tissue instead of the whole prostate in men with localized prostate cancer; in this respect, it has been likened to the “lumpectomy” alternative to a full mastectomy in breast cancer .

    Study coauthor Tim Dudderidge, a consultant urological surgeon at Southampton General Hospital, is one of a small group of doctors in the UK that is using HIFU to treat prostate cancer. He says the study results are “impressive and have the potential to transform prostate cancer treatment,” and concludes:

    ” It is extremely exciting technology and these results show that in men diagnosed early by prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood testing, this targeted therapy could be as effective as surgery to remove the whole prostate gland or radiotherapy and cause far fewer side effects.”

    Prostate cancer normally affects men over the age of 50. It is the second most common cancer in men worldwide. More than 1.1 million cases of prostate cancer were recorded in 2012, accounting for around 8% of all new cancer cases and 15% in men. Two thirds of cases are diagnosed in more developed regions of the world.

    In the US, estimates suggest that during 2016, there will be around 180,890 new cases of prostate cancer and about 26,120 deaths from the disease. In the UK, where the study was conducted, 37,000 new cases are diagnosed every year.

    Meanwhile, Medical News Today learned from a German study presented at the same conference that testing for non-coding RNA molecules in urine may be a more reliable and accurate way to detect prostate cancer than using the current PSA and PCA3 biomarker tests.

      These tabs require JavaScript to be enabled.

    Abstract 841: Medium term outcomes following focal HIFU for the treatment of non-metastatic prostate cancer: A UK registry analysis of 625 cases, S Guillaumier et al. presented at the European Association of Urology Congress (EAU16), Munich, Germany, 11-15 March 2016.

    University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust news release. accessed 20 March 2016.

    American Cancer Society, Key statistics for prostate cancer. accessed 20 March 2015.

    World Cancer Research Fund International, Prostate cancer statistics. accessed 20 March 2015.

    Visit our Prostate / Prostate Cancer category page for the latest news on this subject, or sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on Prostate / Prostate Cancer.

    Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report:

    Paddock, Catharine. “Prostate cancer targeted with ultrasound ‘could transform treatment’.” Medical News Today. MediLexicon, Intl. 21 Mar. 2016. Web.
    14 Aug. 2017. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/308153.php

    Paddock, C. (2016, March 21). “Prostate cancer targeted with ultrasound ‘could transform treatment’.” Medical News Today. Retrieved from
    http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/308153.php .

    Please note: If no author information is provided, the source is cited instead.

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