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Sample Letters Asking for Donations, Free Sample Letters, donation letter template.#Donation #letter #template

Free Sample Letters

Sample Letters Asking for Donations

It is more difficult to ask from someone for donation than asking a father to give up his daughter’s hand in marriage. If you are searching the answer of question “How to write a letter asking for donation” this document will really help you.

Some sample letters asking for Donations are also given below that will help you in writing your own letter asking for donation. Important tips to write letters asking for donations are also given below;

  • Get the reader’s attention in first paragraph. This part is most important and plays an important role in the effectiveness of such type of letters.
  • State the cause of your charitable organization.
  • For which purpose you want to have letter.
  • List the benefits of supporting the cause and then ask for a specific donation amount.

Include some statements to let your donor know about the relief work you have done for the needy persons.

  • Explain to the potential donor how much charitable contributions in this amount have helped your cause in the past, but that the need is still great.
  • You need to follow an indirect approach.
  • Be courteous and friendly. Wish the reader well and leave a positive feeling in his/her mind regarding your needy cause.
  • You can include some religious aspects as well.
  • Write your name, address, postal code, phone number in the start.
  • Mention the date on which letter will be submitted to concerned person.
  • Address the letter to the recipient by writing “Dear Sir / Madam”
  • Purpose of the letter should be mentioned clearly.
  • Requirements of all Seven C’s of business communication should be considered when writing a letter asking for donations specially courteousness.
  • At the end mention your name.
  • It is always suggested type it and make a print out of letter.
  • Proofread your letter at least once for the errors. Make sure you do not include any wrong information. It will have a negative impact on your goodwill.

Here are some letters asking for donations:

Sample Letter Asking for Donations

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Fundraising Donation Letter Template – 12 Items to Include in Donation Letters, donation letter

Donation letter template

Donation letter template

Donation letter template

Donation letter template

Donation letter template

Fundraising Donation Letter Template 12 Items to Include in Donation Letters

Donation letter templateDonation letter template10. Name Beneath the signature spell out the full name of the person the letter is from.

11. Title Don t assume that your readers know who this sender is. Even if you are sending to previous donors, include their full title.

12. P.S. Statement – Reinforce the message with a PS statement. You may wish to state the date the donation needs to be in by or reference the story or project mentioned earlier in the letter.

An example of a letter that utilizes all of these 12 elements is a special appeal letter for Christo Rey High School in Sacramento. You can also view a larger version here.

While there are likely many needs at such a school, the letter focuses on one theme, the need for textbooks. The reader is drawn in to the story through the colorful description of the classroom environment and through the use of quotations from actual students. The reader may imagine in his or her mind what it would be like to try to learn without books.

The suggested donations are tied to something tangible, the number of books that can be purchased.

The letter closes appropriately by thanking the reader in advance for making a contribution. It ends with a postscript (PS) statement. If I were writing this letter I would have made the PS reference something talked about earlier in the letter. This way, if someone is just skimming and reads the PS they may go back tot he top to see what you are talking about. For example, Your financial gift will help Rosa and students like her excell in the classroom by having their own textbooks.

So what kind of impact does a letter like this have? Kimberley J. Satterwhite, the school s Annual Fund Coordinator, reported that the letter raised $45,572.42! By sending out 3200 letters to a highly targeted list (this is a concept we cover in the book) they got a resulting 2.8% response rate and average gift size of $551.53.

By the way, this is just one of the letters that is included in the all new 7 Essential Steps to Raising Money by Mail.

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Fundraising Letters Sample Template, donation letter template.#Donation #letter #template

Fundraising Letters Sample Template

Many people have difficulty writing fundraising letters asking for donations, so here s a sample template to use. This sample fundraising letter template offers examples of a specific method of asking for money, including providing a quick psychological justification for a positive response.

Donation letter template

Fundraising letters sample template

The most important thing in any fundraising letter is the ask the sentence where you ask for a donation. The second most important thing is what you say right after the ask in order to make them subconsciously receptive to helping meet your need.

So, your fundraising letter template needs to lay things out in this order:

  1. Statement of need
  2. Ask for help
  3. Provide justification
  4. Offer thanks
  5. Include a simple donation method

Your first sentence should describe the problem or need that you are addressing, i.e. the what . Use powerful emotional descriptions of that problem or need and describe how past and future donations have or will make a difference. Also include the name of your organization (the who >.

The ask is where many fundraising letters fail to get their message across in a meaningful way. Your asking for a donation and you must literally ask for their help in a forthright manner. Use direct language such as We need your help or Your help is needed or You can help change this situation.

The key component of any fundraising letter is the psychological justification for the ask or donation request. The best way to do that is to use the word because since it is a powerful psychological trigger word. So, your ask sentence should be structured this way:

  1. We need your help because
  2. Your help is needed because
  3. You can help change this situation because

After using the word because in your ask sentence, you need to use phrasing that specifically describes one of two things. Either what will happen because they made a donation or what will happen because they didn t make a donation.

Your fundraising letter template should always include a thank you as you wrap up your donation request. You should thank people for their support (previously or with this particular donation) because everyone always likes to be thanked. Include a quick description of the difference that donations will make to remedy the need stated in the first sentence.

Include simple donation method

Many groups fail when it comes to providing a simple donation method with their letter. Most things are never one size fits all and making a donation is one of those. You must provide multiple ways for people to make donations by phone, online, by mail, and in person (if applicable).

Make sure your letter clearly covers all the possible ways for people to donate, including volunteering their time.

Fundraising Letter Sample Template

Paragraph describing the need that you are addressing

Paragraph making the ask and providing the because justification

Paragraph thanking donors and describing how the need will be met with the donations

Donation methodology Cover all the ways to donate and make it easy to do so

P..S Always include a postscript with one more ask or reminder

If you need more information, check out our other fundraising letter examples and sample donation request letters.

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Tax Deductible Donation Receipt, donation receipt template.#Donation #receipt #template

Tax Deductible Donation Receipt

Donation receipt template

Brief Overview of a Tax Deductible Donation Receipt

A tax deductible donation receipt is a legal document provided by a charity organization to a donor as proof of an actual donation made to the charity organization. This receipt is then used by relevant tax authorities i.e. the Internal Revenue Service to determine the donor s total taxable income. The tax deductible donation receipt has the net effect of reducing the donor s total taxable income thereby reducing his or her overall tax bill.

This means that donations to charity organizations are actually tax deductible. However, to qualify for these tax deductions you must present a tax deductible donation receipt which itemizes your donations and subsequently legitimizes your claims to a tax deduction.

It is also important to note that you cannot claim tax deductions on donations made out to just any charity organization. The organization donated to must be an institution recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) (3) organization.

In other words for a donation receipt to be valid as a tax deductible document then the donation for which it is written must have been made out to an organization that falls under this special category as established by the Internal Revenue Service.

However, it is still important that you receive donation receipts from all nonprofit organizations you donate to.

The Importance of a Nonprofit Donation Receipt

The importance of this receipt to both donors and charity organizations is immense. The reasons that give rise to this importance are stated below;

  • The document allows the donor to seek tax deductions from the Internal Revenue Service. This will lower the donor s tax bill and thus enable the donor to have more disposable income to meet his/her personal expenses.
  • It helps the donor to effectively maintain his/her personal records. This will enable the donor to keep track of the level of donations he/she has made out and to which charities he has made them out to. The donor will thus be able to gauge whether he/she has met his/her own expectations in terms of their intended desire to contribute towards society through their donations.
  • The records of donation receipts also provide proof of actual payments made out to charities. This is especially important when frauds are uncovered in charities and a paper trail is required to estimate the actual extent of embezzlement by employees within the charities in question.

Importance to the Charity

  • It builds a relationship of trust between the charity and its donors. The donation receipt increases the level of faith by donors in the charity which subsequently translates into increased donation levels.
  • It helps charities to meet their legal obligations as prescribed by the Internal Revenue Service. This is especially true for charities that may receive a donation worth more than $250. In such cases, the charities must automatically provide a receipt to the donor for the donation received.

Information Included in a Tax Deductible Donation Receipt

The tax deductible donation receipt must contain the following bits and pieces of information;

  • The charity s name, address and telephone number
  • The donor s name and address
  • The date the donation was received
  • The date the receipt was issued
  • The amount received by the charity in cases of cash contributions
  • A description of goods donated including the fair market value in cases of non-cash contributions
  • A statement of whether the donation made was reciprocated by a gift to the donor from the charity

In conclusion, a tax deductible donation receipt is extremely important for anyone keen on receiving tax deductions for donations made out to charities. A tax donation receipt template is readily available for download and can be easily filled to meet regulatory requirements. Download one today.

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How to Create a Donation Receipt (with Sample Receipt), donation receipt template.#Donation #receipt #template

How to Create a Donation Receipt

Because charitable donations are tax-deductible for the donor and reportable by the nonprofit organization, a donation receipt must include specific information about the value of the donation and what the donor received in return. The IRS provides guidelines for what should be included on these receipts, though not specific forms; if you have questions about the tax law, you should consult the IRS website or a tax attorney. Nonetheless, charities can create a simple donation receipt on the computer or by hand to issue to donors.

Steps Edit

Part One of Two:

Creating a Receipt Edit

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

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Donation Receipt Template – 12 Free Samples in Word and Excel, donation receipt template.#Donation

12 Samples of Donation Receipt Template to Create Instant Receipts

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During the year, numerous individuals like to make generous donations to their favorite charity. Often, they might make several donations to a charity through the year. In some circumstances, the charitable donation is made in cash to the charity. Of course, most are made by check. Therefore, the person donating does have proof that they indeed made a donation to the charity. However, a donation receipt would come in handy around tax time.

The donation receipt acts as proof that the individual gave a donation to the charity. Every organization should make sure that they have a donation receipt to give to those that make donations for their records and the recipient s records. The donation receipt template here is professional quality and contains all the information that is required to fill it out accurately and precisely.

Using A Donation Receipt Template

The donation receipt template is very easy to use. Simply select the template desired. The templates were designed with Word and Excel, which makes the templates easy to customize with your own organizational details, logo, and more. The best part is that there is no need for expensive graphic programs or expensive software. Word and Excel are programs that are included on most computers already. Simply download the template to your computer. Take a look at the template. Decide on the areas that you would like to change. For example, add a logo, change the fonts, change the color of the fonts, add a picture, add signature lines.

Print out one donation receipt as needed or print out several hundred at a time. The template should be stored on the computer for future use. At a later time, it is easy to update the template with new information as required. Download the donation receipt template now and start printing out professional quality donation receipts.

Printable and Editable Donation Receipt Templates

Donation receipt template

Contribution Receipt Template

Donation receipt template

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Charitable Donation Receipt, donation receipt template.#Donation #receipt #template

Charitable Donation Receipt

Donation receipt template

A charitable donation receipt provides documentation to those who donate to your organization and serves as a record for tax purposes. If you are responsible for creating one for your organization, you can refer to a sample receipt to assist you when designing your own, or you can use the printable donation receipt template contained in this article to acknowledge gifts from your donors.

Essential Information to Include on a Receipt

No matter what type of charity you are responsible for managing, a donation receipt form is something you’ll need on a regular basis. Receipts serve an important purpose from a donor relations perspective and provide you and those who show generosity to your cause with a record of charitable donation transactions that take place. When creating a receipt, be sure to include the following information on the form:

  • Name of the organization
  • A statement stating that the organization is a registered 501(c)(3) organization along with its federal tax identification number
  • Date that the donation occurred
  • Donor’s name
  • Type of contribution made (cash, goods, service)
  • Value of the contribution
  • If anything was received in exchange for the donation
  • Name and signature of authorized representative of the organization

Legal Language

Legal language is not required on a charitable donation receipt but can be included if you like. Including legal language can add legitimacy to a receipt. Since many donors use a receipt for tax purposes, adding some legal language can prove that the donation is legitimate and qualifies for a tax deduction.

While not required, it can be good to provide some kind of legal language so that the donor understands the importance of the receipt. An example of what you can include on a receipt is: The Internal Revenue Service states that the deductible amount of a charitable contribution is limited to the value of cash or property donate minus what the donor receives in return in exchange for the contribution. Please keep this receipt and file it with your tax records as proof of your gift.

You can also add a statement such as: No goods or services were exchanged for this donation. This lets the donor know that the entire amount of the donation is tax-deductible by law.

If you need help downloading the printable receipt sample, check out these helpful tips.

Keep Accurate Records

Donation receipts are important both for the donor and the organization. For the donor, they can be used to prove a deduction when filing taxes and for the organization, they can be kept as a record of a donor’s contribution.

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

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Donation Receipt Template, Free Microsoft Word Templates, donation receipt template.#Donation #receipt #template

Donation Receipt Template

A donation receipt template is a slip which is signed by the charity, Non Government Organization or organization as an acknowledgment or record of the payments made by the individual for the goodwill of mankind. Basically when the organization will receive something, maybe a certain amount of cash, cheque, goods, items, utility things or anything else as a mean of donation will generate an official slip which afterward remind as record of premise contribution. No doubt a donation receipt may serve both parties the donor charity to keep it with them as per the requirement of official matters. Benefits of donation receipt; receipt may issue as a simple way to acknowledge the effort of donor, possibly generate by charity to professionally meet with the necessary requirements of donor, serve as an official statement of charity, provide support for tax-exemptions, contain the precise information, provide info according to the Income Tax Act, note as a tax-deductible component to record the amount of donation.

Here is a professional Donation Receipt Template that can be used by any Organization to track donations to a project or cause. This Receipt Template is created using MS Word 2007 and hence one will require it to edit and customize it as per requirements. However it is very easy to edit. This Donation Receipt already includes a Thank you note for the donors. How you can utilize this template? It is the question that you probably looking for. Since your require template is in front of you therefore, you only think about your actual requirements. It is equally important to understand your requirements than finding a right template. If you get a right template but still your requirements are not meeting then it is obvious that you are far away from your original requirements. So, if you are not yet clear about your requirements, then leave this page and make a clear understanding of your requirements. You can further categorize your priorities according to need. This will help you in identifying the exact template that can meet your expectations. Here, I would like to add one more sentence, you cannot find perfect template for your requirements. A very few changes in its title or image or text or in all can make your section ideal.

Before you download this template, please review our Term of Use.

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Non Profit Donation Receipt, donation receipt template.#Donation #receipt #template

Non-Profit Donation Receipt

Donation receipt template

If you are looking for a non-profit donation receipt to acknowledge donations from donors, it is important that you familiarize yourself with it. A donation receipt is a written document, is prepared by a non-profit or charity, issued to a donor stating the amount of donation has been received. As the donation receipt has no standard formatting, each charity creates its own different formats. However, they all contain similar details. The donation receipt is important to you in so many ways and therefore, it is better that you should have an overview of how it looks.

Nonprofit donation receipt details

The following information is essential that you can find in a nonprofit donation receipt:

  • First, the receipt should have the name of the donor written in full.
  • Second, the receipt should include the amount donated. The amount is written in both figures and words.
  • Third, it should also include a statement indicating whether the donor received something in return for the contribution. For example, donation receipts from religious organizations always contain a statement to indicate that the donor received intangible religious benefits in return, however, those benefits value no money for tax purpose. In case goods or services are contributed, the donation receipt must include a good-faith estimate of each item.

Importance of non-profit donation receipt

A nonprofit donation receipt is very important to both the donor and the charitable organization in several ways:

  • To begin with, the receipt can qualify the donor for tax deductions. When you are filing your tax deductions, you should provide the receipt to the IRS.
  • In addition, non-profit donation receipt serves as a proof of donation. The receipt is a legal document that indicates that on a certain date; you donated a specified amount of money to a named organization.
  • Lastly, the receipts are important to the charitable organization as they make the correct bookkeeping. When making financial statements, the organization will use copies of receipts as supporting documents.

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27 Free Receipt Templates for Microsoft Word, donation receipt template.#Donation #receipt #template

Free Receipt Templates for Microsoft Word

Donation receipt template

Donation receipt template

These free receipt templates for Word will help you create a receipt for your small business or personal financial dealings. Like other free Microsoft Word templates, you ll be able to open the receipt template and then customize it with your own information. After that, you re ready to print and hand it over.

There are many types of receipt templates below including delivery receipt templates, cash receipt templates, rent receipt templates, sales receipt templates, donation receipt templates, and purchase receipt templates.

If you don t have Microsoft Word, you can still use many of these free receipt templates in a free word processor. Another option, though it s temporary, is to get a month long trial of Microsoft Office for free (which includes MS Word).

Note: Some of these receipt templates are downloaded as an archive file where the template must first be extracted before you can use it in your word processing program. Though they should open fine on their own, you may need to use a free file extractor to open some of them.

Delivery Receipt Templates

These receipt templates provide confirmation that a delivery actually took place.

  • Professional Receipt: Professional looking template with an area for the company logo and contact information as well as the customer details and purchase information. Downloads in the DOC format.
  • Goods Delivery Receipt: Simple blue design with quantity, amount, and item lines available. This is a DOTX file stored in a ZIP archive.
  • Tan Delivery Receipt: Tan colored receipt template in the DOCX file format with the company information near the top and the receiver information at the bottom.
  • Blank Delivery Receipt: This receipt is very simple with a design much like one would address an envelope, with the company name on the top left and the receiver s information in the center. You can get this MS Word receipt template in Microsoft s DOCX format.

Cash Receipt Templates

Cash receipts record the exchange or withdrawal of cash made for a product or service. Here are the free Microsoft Word receipt templates that will help you keep track of cash receipts.

  • Receipt Template for Petty Cash: This ZIP archive includes three identical blue receipt templates for describing a petty cash withdrawal with an amount, date, receipt number, description, charged to, received by, and approved by section.
  • Cash Withdrawal Receipt: Has an image placeholder and a large table in the center to record the total amount of the cash withdrawal. Downloads in the DOCX format.
  • Cash Receipt Template: Download this cash payment receipt form for Word, Excel, or OpenOffice.

Rent Receipt Templates

These free receipt templates for Microsoft Word are used for a tenant of a rental property.

  • Blue Rent Receipt: A concise template that fits on a small cut out but is also very detailed.
  • Simple Rent Receipt: This rent receipt contains no color and has several lines for the rent invoice number, date, amount, property address, and other details, including whether it was paid by cash, check, or money order.
  • Custom Rent Receipt Template: This rent receipt template steps you through creating a custom rent receipt that includes date, receipt number, amount received, type of payment, tenant s name and address, and the person receiving the funds.
  • Rent Receipt Template: This rent receipt template can be downloaded for Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or Excel.

Sales Receipt Templates

Sales receipts provide proof that a purchase took place. Here are the free sales receipt templates for Word.

  • Simple Sales Receipt: Very simple design without color or images. This MS Word receipt template can be downloaded as either a PDF or a DOCX file.
  • Three Sales Receipt Templates: There are three sales receipt templates here that you can open in Microsoft Word and customize with your company s information along with items sold and the price of those items.

Donation Receipt Templates

Use a donation receipt to explain details of a transaction made as a donation.

  • Blue Donation Receipt: Provides full detail of the one who donated along with the description and value of the donation.
  • Full Donation Receipt: Three different versions of this donation receipt are available for download, and each of them has three identical receipt templates on one page. Two are for goods donations received by a foundation, and the third is more suitable for cash donations.
  • Donation Thank You Letter: A letter that you can customize that acts like a receipt but seems less structured and maybe even more formal. Can be downloaded for MS Word as a DOC or as an ODT file for use in OpenOffice, as well as opened using Google Docs.

Purchase Receipt Templates

These templates are used as a general receipt for proof of a purchase.

  • Orange Purchase Receipt: This is an orange template that allows for an image in the upper right corner. This receipt template is available in Microsoft s DOCX format.
  • Professional Purchase Receipt: A professional looking purchase order receipt that you can use with Microsoft Word. Includes a section for the company name, purchaser information, and recipient information, plus a table for the purchase details.
  • Simple Receipt Template: Use this straightforward receipt template to descript what items have been paid for along with names and addresses and payment details.

Packing Slip Receipt Templates

These receipt template can be used to show what s the context of a shipment.

  • Packing Slip Template: Use this template to show what s in the current shipment. It can be used in Google Sheets, OpenOffice, or Excel.
  • Three Packing Slip Templates: There are three packing slip receipt templates here, each varying in amount of detail.
  • Professional Packing Slip Template: This template has a very professional look to it and has a place where your business name can prominently be displayed.
  • Blank Packing Slip Receipt Template: Open this blank packing slip receipt in Word, Excel, or as a PDF.

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