Mar 5 2019

How to sync your Windows desktop to the cloud

#cloud #storage #and #sync # How to sync your Windows desktop to the cloud If you talk to five PC users you’ll probably find six different ways to use the Windows desktop. On the one end are people like me, who prefer to have nothing cluttering up their primary workspace. On the other are people who turn their desktop into a dumping ground for webpage links, files in progress, to-do lists, and program shortcuts. Today’s tip is for the dumpers. The biggest downside of relying on the desktop to store files is everything you need is locked down to one …

Mar 5 2019

Back up your data from Thinkfree Online

#online #data #storage #mac # Thank you for using Thinkfree Online Dear Thinkfree users, We deeply appreciate and thank all of you for using Thinkfree Online.We will close Thinkfree Online service on April 27, 2017. Thinkfree was introduced as web-based office service back in 2000. We’ve roled out full-featured desktop office suite, mobile office suite and server-based solutions for our customers and partners around the world. We have more than 500 million users of our mobile office suite and 5 million users have been used our web-based office service as well as desktop office suite for multiple platforms. Over the …