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Effective Text Messaging Programs Utilized by Nonprofits, text to donate service.#Text #to #donate #service

Effective Text Messaging Programs Utilized by Nonprofits

Thanks to the booming progress of mobile charitable giving, donating to nonprofits has never been so easy. The convenient and time effective mode of donating has proved to be very successful for many 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

There are many reasons why your organization should engage in mobile fundraising for your nonprofit, but there are also many prerequisites to consider before consulting a text message donation program.

First and foremost, you need to have numbers available for which to solicit donations. That’s logical, right? It’s possible that a mobile campaign is not in the cards for you quite yet if you only interact with past and potential donors via email or social media.

But how do I get phone numbers? To build up your phone number pool, consider posting a widget on your website asking consumers if they would like to be considered for mobile updates. Or, simply throw on the bachelor charm and take to the streets with a handful of pick-up lines—“Hey, I lost my number. Can I have yours?” The former might work better for you.

Once you have a foundation of numbers, it’s time to get creative. Here’s where your mobile campaign gets tricky. It’s important to engage enough that they don’t forget about you, but also important not to oversaturate. You don’t want to run the risk of being unsubscribed because of an influx of unnecessary text messages. Also consider using your mobile campaign to do more than solicit donations—you can find volunteers and inform your nonprofit community about upcoming events via mobile communication.

What text messaging donation programs can your nonprofit utilize?

Mobile Giving Foundation

Mobile Giving Foundation enables charitable giving for your nonprofit through smartphones. Operating in the United States and Canada, the Mobile Giving Foundation remits 100% of all of the donations received back to the recipient charity.

Sumotext offers a mode for your nonprofit to engage in SMS giving and mobile donations. Sumotext stems from the Mobile Giving Foundation and is specifically devoted to soliciting donations with mobile short codes.

Also promoted by Mobile Giving Foundation, Give by Cell offers three options for mobile fundraising: Mobile Donate, Mobile GIve, and Mobile Pledge.

Hipcricket is another medium available to improve mobile marketing and advertising for your nonprofit. Hipcricket’s “unique technology creates one-to-one relationships between customers and brands” and focuses on the marketing side of your mobile strategy.

Also skilled in improving your nonprofit’s marketing platform is mGood. Not only does mGood work towards an effective marketing strategy, but they also provide services for mobile giving as well as a new feature, the goodygraph. A Goodygraph is a personal “thank you” note that nonprofits can digitally give mobile donors.

Give these programs a shot if trying out a mobile fundraising strategy involving text messaging. They can help you bring in extra funds this holiday season.

How is your nonprofit currently using mobile giving and marketing?

Good info, thanks! When was this piece written? I have used MobileCause in a past role and am looking to implement text marketing donations at my new organization. I don t see MobileCause listed here so I want to know i this content is current.

Hi Suzanne. This list isn t very current. We offer an affordable, effective alternative. Visit

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Text•Gives, Simple Text to Donate Campaigns, SMS Keywords for Fundraising and Giving, text to

/ tokids

Simple Text to Donate Campaigns.

/ cancer

Simple Text to Donate Campaigns.

Text to donate service

Text to donate service


Texting is universal and easy. Raise funds through social media, at events, galas, golf tournaments, runs, museums, and more. Text a keyword anywhere, anytime to give.

Try it now!


Text a campaign’s keyword to 855.735.2437 to donate to that fund, you will receive a welcome text from the organization and be prompted for a dollar amount.

How much would like to donate to this cause? It really is as simple as replying with a dollar amount. $5 or $5,000, Text.Gives has no limits!

You will receive a 4 digit code to reply with so we know you are you. The payment pin is tied to your payment information that you can enter the first time you donate.

Text to donate service


Capture the moment and turn relevant issues or events instantly into financial momentum for your organization. Use keywords on your ads, in social media, in your mail and at your events

Text to donate service


Start promoting your keyword immediately. Keep your campaign running all year or just use it to capitalize on an issue or to leverage your event. Add keywords to run multiple campaigns. Why not?

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service


No spam promise – only latest news and prices!


There are no hidden fees or extra charges. None.

  • Zero Upfront Costs


Even if you didn’t plan it, give the crowd an easy way to donate!

Text to donate service

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Mobile donations made easy, text to donate service.#Text #to #donate #service

Make giving easy and raise more money, with Txt2Give.

Traditional ways of giving can be a big hassle.

There’s a disconnect between churches and non-profits, and the people that want to give. The fact is, people just aren’t carrying cash and writing checks like they used to.

Our culture has changed, and people want an easier way to give. We have the solution.

If your donors can send a text message, they can make a donation. And with Txt2Give, they can give from anywhere, at anytime. Whenever generosity strikes.

Text to donate service

Just a few of our Happy Customers

Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service Text to donate service

Text to donate service

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Text to Donate – Campaigns, text to donate service.#Text #to #donate #service

Text to Donate Campaigns

On February 22nd when John Key launched the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, my 12 and 14 year old daughters both text CHCH to 933 from their mobile phones. They both made the decision unaided by me and within minutes of the text appeal being announced, the donation had been made. In a heartbeat, the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal had received $6 from two teenagers in Tauranga and no doubt a similar thing was happening in lounge rooms all around the country. That’s the power of mobile marketing.

Whether you like it or not, text messaging is here to stay and it’s a growing trend. 72% of people who own a mobile phone send at least one text message everyday, and the younger they are the more text messages they send. According to Neilson, teenagers send an average of 10 texts per hour per day – that’s an average of 3000 text messages every month.

With text messaging so embedded in our culture, it’s not surprising that ‘Text to Donate’ campaigns are also becoming more popular. Not only is it easy for people to respond, they can do it immediately before they’ve had a chance to get distracted or change their mind. What’s even more attractive is that they don’t have to scramble for some cash, their donation is simply charged to their phone account and they can deal with it later.

With all those positives, you’d think that every ‘Text to Donate’ campaign would be super-successful, however it’s not always the case. While the donation method is easy and immediate, organisations still need to build an effective marketing campaign around their request. Sending out a few emails or including your donation code in your monthly newsletter is not going to cut it.

Text to donate service

Top Tips for Building Your ‘Text to Donate’ Campaign

People give to causes not organisations, so as with any form of fundraising you need to tell your story. It’s not enough to simply promote your donation code and ask people to donate, you need to let people know what their donation will help you achieve – even if you’ve only got one line to do it in.

When asking people to make a text donation, follow it up with an example of how their donation will contribute to the work your organisation does in the community. It doesn’t have to be long-winded and complicated, in fact the most effective stories paint a simple picture that people can instantly relate to.

Text FOOD to 1234 and we can feed a child for a day

Text TALK to 1234 and we’ll make sure that kids have always got a safe place to call

Text FAMILY to 1234 and we’ll make sure every kiwi kid has one

Of course you need to include the name of your organisation as well, but it is the storyline that will attract new donors to your campaign.

A picture really does tell 1000 words, so make sure you use images to tell your story effectively. While the examples above tell somewhat of a story, coupling them with an image is even more effective. Images can be absorbed in an instant, where as words take time to digest and consider. Think about where people will be seeing your message and acknowledge that you may only have seconds to get that message across.

Statistics tell us that teenagers text more than any other demographic, but that does not necessarily translate to ‘Text to Donate’ campaigns. While teenagers are definitely a part of the mix, text donors are likely to be aged anywhere from 15 to 40 years old. That means you’re working with a diverse demographic with varied values and habits – they’re not all text-happy teens.

While text messaging is the method they are using to make the donation, it is not the reason that they have chosen to give. Concentrate on what connects potential donors to your cause and tell that story.

4. Use Several Promotional Avenues

‘Text to Donate’ campaigns can only be run for up to 3 months in a 12 month period, so you need to make sure that you spread the word far and wide. Build a marketing campaign that involves several promotional avenues such as radio, newspaper, television, social media, posters, billboards, static displays and public speaking engagements. Remember people can text to donate at anytime anywhere, so don’t limit yourself to traditional opportunities – look for places where people can see your message on the run.

The more people are exposed to your message, the more they will be encouraged to give, but you need to keep the message consistent so that it ‘builds up’ not ‘breaks down’ your story. Think of your story as a library book and each promotional avenue as the same book in a different format – e-books, chapter books, picture books, audio books and so on.

  • To run a ‘Text to Donate’ campaign in New Zealand, you need to go through a specialised service provider. They all work slightly differently with some charging a flat rate to set it up, and others charging a smaller set-up fee but taking a percentage of every text message received.
  • When running a ‘Text to Donate’ campaign you are given a 3 or 4 digit donation code. Each time someone texts a message to this number, they automatically donate $3 to your cause, regardless of the message they send or the service provider you are using.
  • People can make text donations from any mobile phone. At the time of writing this article, Vodafone and 2 Degrees transfer 100% of donations made on their accounts on to the charity, whereas Telecom deducts a 15% administration fee.
  • ‘Text to Donate’ campaigns can only run for a maximum of 3 consecutive months in any 12 month period and you may only run one charity campaign at a time. There is no minimum length for a ‘Text to Donate’ campaign.
  • Only registered charities are authorised to run ‘Text to Donate’ campaigns and proof of registration is required. On all your promotional material you must state the name of your charity, the cost of the message and where terms and conditions can be found.

If you think this article would be useful for your members, you are welcome to use it on your website or in your newsletter. We just ask that you let us know where it is being used, and that you acknowledge our website at the bottom of the article. If you are using the article online, please include a link to our homepage.

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How to Set up a Number to Text for Donations (with Pictures), text to

How to Set up a Number to Text for Donations

Receiving donations via SMS text messaging has become very popular over the last few years. It is extremely easy to use and is especially convenient for people who are always on-the-go, own a high-end smartphone or tablet, and do not always have cash on them. Using a text-to-donate service, you can generate a unique code, making it possible for people to donate easily and quickly toward your cause. This donation is then added to the donor’s monthly mobile phone bill, or is debited from his or her available funds on a non-contract phone. Mobile fundraising, which especially appeals to the younger generation of users, can be enhanced with active campaigning, social media marketing and event promotion.

Steps Edit

Part One of Three:

Planning Your Fundraising Campaign Edit

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Part Two of Three:

Partnering with an Intermediary Organization or MASP Edit

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Part Three of Three:

Promoting Your Text Campaign Edit

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

Text to donate service

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Give by Cell – Mobile Fundraising Solutions – Mobile Web and SMS, text donation

Mobile Fundraising Solutions to Change the World

Give by Cell is the nation s leading provider of mobile solutions to non-profit organizations with more than 2,500 clients.

We offer three main mobile fundraising tools: Mobile Give, Mobile Donate, and Mobile Pledge.

We also offer many other mobile services to help support your fundraising efforts including: Fundraising Thermometers, Text Message Alerts, Email Collection, Mobile Websites, and more.

Text donation service

What No One Has Told You About Mobile Fundraising

Get insider findings from David Asheim, Give by Cell

Founder & CEO and National Speaker.

Text donation service

What No One Has Told You About Mobile Fundraising

Get insider findings from David Asheim, Give by Cell

Founder & CEO and National Speaker.

Text donation service

Why Mobile Fundraising?

Text donation service Text donation service

Mobile technology is replacing the computer for many people. It s always on, always connected, and always accessible. It makes your call to action easier than ever. The prospective donors can contribute on the spot through the fastest and easiest way available: their mobile phones.

Our Solutions

Text donation service

Mobile Give

Mobile Give allows supporters to make a donation through their phone bill, exclusively for non-profit organizations. Read More

Text donation service

Mobile Pledge

Mobile Pledge allows your donors to make an instant pledge of any amount with a quick text message. Read More

Text donation service

Mobile Donate

Mobile Donate allows supporters to donate any amount by texting in a keyword to receive a link to a mobile credit card page. Read More

Text donation service

Fundraising Thermometer

Liven up your events through our fundraising thermometer, creating a call to action to meet your goal for the event. Read More

Text donation service

Text Messaging

Build your marketing list and send out text message alerts through our compelling SMS platform. Read More

Text donation service

Mobile Websites

Create a mobile friendly website for your event or organization, allowing your donors to easily obtain important information from any mobile device. Read More

MobileCause Fundraising and Donor Engagement, text donation service.#Text #donation #service

Fundraising software that advances

greater social impact

Inspire donors to do more than just give

Fundraising software that advances greater social impact

Accelerate fundraising and donor engagement

Our goal is to help nonprofit organizations raise more money for their cause with less time and effort. With MobileCause, fundraisers can better communicate with current donors, acquire new donors, and inspire recurring donations through our suite of solutions that accelerate fundraising and donor engagement programs.

New eBook

Year-End Giving Secrets and tools to inspire your donors over the holidays

Download this free guide for a comprehensive look at fundraising strategies that promise to fuel your donor’s passion for your cause over the year-end giving season.

New eBook Year-End Giving Secrets and tools to inspire your donors over the holidays

MobileCause Engagement Platform

Giving and Donor

Collect donations, volunteer sign-ups, event registrations, donor surveys, petitions and more from anywhere on any device.

Live and Digital

Create an exciting moment of giving with a live fundraising thermometer and integrated event registrations, reminders, tickets, and donations.

Crowdfunding and Peer-

Gain new donors with the most popular form of fundraising for individuals, teams, and corporate partners with campaigns for runs, walks, swims, rides, disaster relief, mission trips, and more.

Donor Communication

and Campaign Marketing

Stay connected with donors and promote upcoming campaigns and events across communication channels to drive increased participation and fundraising results.

Donor Reporting, Gift Management and Subscriptions

Track, analyze, and import or export your donor data with ease. You can even verify existing mobile numbers, manage recurring gifts, and set up automatic email tax receipts.

Credit Card Processing

MobileCause is PCI DSS certified for the highest level of donor security. Our unique system allows you to manage all aspects of the donation experience with 0% transaction fees for all donations and payments.

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Furniture Donation – Jewish Family Service of San Diego #donate #hair #to #cancer #patients

#furniture donation


furniture donation
Don’t trade it or trash it donate it!

Donate your gently used furniture and make a difference in the lives of people in need. All you have to do is make the call and we’ll come pick it up!

Your donation will help support our more than 50 programs that serve more than 35,000 people every year.

You can ensure a homebound older adult gets a daily hot meal. Or a pregnant teenager learns the parenting skills she needs. Or a 5 year-old orphan from Ethiopia finds a loving home here in San Diego.

You make the call, we pick it up! (619) 563-5232

1 Donated Sofa = 30 congregate meals for older adults or 250 miles worth of transportation for isolated older adults.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Proceeds benefit the more than 50 programs and services of JFS available to anyone in need.

Free donation pick-up in San Diego County within 1-3 business days.

Donation receipt given at time of pick-up.

We accept most “gently used” furniture, including:

Sofas, sofa beds, end tables, coffee tables, wall units, chairs, paintings, framed art, statues, lamps, area rugs, dining sets, china cabinets, televisions, stereos, miscellaneous kitchen and household items, appliances (white, black or stainless steel only) dressers, chests, nightstands, pianos, electric stair lifts, mattress/box spring sets, patio furnishings, solid wood desks, solid wood file cabinets, office chairs, and we will consider other items.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept donations of:

Computer equipment more than 4 years-old, console TVs, TVs or appliances more than 5 years-old, any TV or appliance not in working condition, furniture and mattresses/box springs that are worn, dirty, broken or with pet damage, metal, pressed wood or plastic laminate desks or metal file cabinets.

For more information about Furniture Donation or to schedule a pick-up, call (619) 563-5232 or email.

Jewish Family Service of San Diego is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to Jewish Family Service are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. JFS’s tax identification number is 95-1644024.

Stay Connected with JFS

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Donation Pick Up Service Columbus #charities #to #donate #to

#kidney foundation donations


Donation Pick Up Service in Columbus, Dayton, Springfield Throughout Central Ohio

Convenient donation pick up service is just one of the ways that National Kidney Services (NKS), a locally operated non-profit organization, makes donating as easy as possible. We work closely with the National Kidney Foundation of Ohio to turn your generous donations of clothing and household items into proceeds that support programs for research, early kidney disease protection, health screenings, and patient advocacy.

Whether you live in Columbus, Lancaster, Delaware, Dayton, Washington Court House, Springfield, or elsewhere in Central Ohio, we offer a complimentary donation pick up service in your area. By calling 614-351-2900 or filling out our online form . you can add your contact information to our regular call list and be notified each time a donation truck is making pickups in your neighborhood.

For your convenience, NKS has the following donation pick up options so that you always know how to donate to our worthy local charity :

  • Standard pick up Our courteous, professional drivers operate Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to dark. They will pick up donations if you aren t at home, but drivers cannot enter your home or pick up unlabeled donations.
  • Large item pick up In the event that you have many items to donate. such as the unsold items after a garage sale or community sale, NKS can arrange a special Saturday collection. We would even be happy to leave a truck trailer on site so that you can load donations at your convenience.
  • Expedited pick up If there is any reason, like a home staging or remodeling project, that you need your donations picked up in one week or less, NKS can arrange an expedited pick up .

No matter what type of donation pick up service you choose, NKS drivers will provide you with a tax receipt. If you prefer to drop off your tax-deductible* donations, you may do so at any of our drop boxes or at Ohio Thrift locations in the Columbus and Central Ohio area.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law

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Short Speech on Blood Donation – A Social Service #blood #donation #information

#speech on blood donation


Short Speech on Blood Donation A Social Service

Article shared by Pragati Ghosh

Blood donation is one of the beneficial concept connected with the science of surgical medicine. Like all the inventions borrowed from the West this too is an invention of the scientifically advanced Western countries. Human blood is divided into four groups viz; A,B,0 and AB. This blood is stored and preserved in blood banks for a week or so as it is, and later is preserved in the plasma form.

When another human being is struggling for life as cause of loss of blood, in an accident, war ordinary emergency, the blood bank will examine his blood and supply a blood from its storage which corresponds with the blood group of that person. In this way, hundreds of lives have been saved in our country. Among the blood groups, O-positive group is the universal donor, and can be transferred in the blood stream of persons of any other group.

Donation of blood is a prime need of the country, and the Government itself has taken charge of the department. It requests all hale and healthy citizens in the country to donate blood. This done through publicity in the form of signboards, hoardings, etc. in front of hospitals, or through media advertisements.

Of course, no cash incentive or any other attractive gifts are given to the people who volunteer for blood, as is done to encourage people who adopt family planning. The Government leaves it to the will and pleasure of the donors to donate their blood voluntarily and with the noble motive of helping fellow citizens to survive.

It is purely obligatory on the part of every citizen who is not suffering from anaemia, or whose blood is free from any virus infection or any other ill conditions to donate blood. We can come across people among us who donate blood periodically.

Normally a volunteer should be conscious to have an interval of 180 days between one donation and another. Blood donation is a noble gesture. It enhances the sense of pride in a person and it develops and altruistic attitude among the mankind.

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