Oct 8 2019

How to Sell Silver Coins, coin selling.

#Coin #selling How to Sell Silver Coins Sell silver coins and receive the highest value by. 1) Separating out the collectible coins and value these individually. 2) Many of your old coins are valued primarily by their silver content, a dynamic market with prices changing daily. Determine how much they are worth today. 3) Finding the best coin buyer for each group of coins. 3 Steps to Sell Silver Coins Step 1: Your collectible coins, those with rare dates, valuable mint marks and ones in better condition are avidly sought by dealers and collectors. As example, the underlying value of …

Sep 25 2019

Top 10 Tips for How to Start Selling Coins on eBay, eBay, coin selling.

#Coin #selling Top 10 Tips for How to Start Selling Coins on eBay **Just a quick NOTE: if you *VIEW*, please *VOTE*! 🙂 ** A little Background. I have spent most of my life as a coin collector; a few were purchased on eBay, but most were bought from fellow collectors, estate sales, auctions, and locals in the community who knew of my interest. Like most collectors, I eventually began to upgrade and focus my collection and soon found myself with numerous duplicates in different grade levels as well as items that were part of potential type sets I had …

Mar 5 2019

Selling Your Life Insurance? Proceed With Caution – Life Settlements H

#retirement #cost, #retirement #savings, #sell #life #insurance, #selling #life #insurance, #sell #my #life #insurance, #sell #your #life #insurance # # Javascript is not enabled. Selling Your Life Insurance? Proceed With Caution A growing number of Americans are selling their life-insurance policies to get cash for retirement expenses and long-term care. These transactions are commonly called life settlements, senior settlements, or—if the person is terminally ill— viatical settlements. While selling a policy may make sense in some circumstances, consumers should be cautious. How Life Settlements Work Life settlements involve selling a policy to a company other than the original insurance provider. …