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Moustache Money: Where the Movember Donations Go – Men s Journal #blood #donation #quotes

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Moustache Money: Where the Movember Donations Go

You can see it everywhere: A grizzled upper lip here, a half-formed Handlebar moustache there, a scraggly face that used to be clean shaven. Yes, we re well into the month of Movember the global initiative encouraging men to grow moustaches for 30 days. But why are these men doing this? The stated purpose is to raise awareness and importantly money for men s health. The fun side is competing with each other, says Mark Hedstrom, the U.S. director for Movember. But the serious side is really having that conversation about engaging men in what kinds of health risks they face.

In many ways, it s a success: Movember US raised $71 million dollars since the event hit the States in 2007, with donations from everyday Mo Bros funneled directly to various non-profit programs that either research or raise awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. While some 200,000 men donated in the US last year, given participation in all 50 states and 21 countries, there are surely scores of men growing facial hair without knowing why. Here s their guide (and, for the rest, motivation).

Prostate Cancer: $39.6 Million in the U.S.
Research into prostate cancer is Movember s biggest U.S. beneficiary it s received $29.6 million so far and with good reason, says Hedstrom. Over 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year, making it the second largest diagnosed cancer in men. And while it s typically not fatal, it s important to understand the risks and serious side effects when you undergo PSA testing and treatment, including erectile dysfunction, bowel dysfunction and loss of bladder control. Movember invests in two non-profits for research: the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the Movember Foundation s Global Action Plan (GAP), which look into a number of things from new tests for predicting aggressive prostate cancer to clinical trials for possible treatments.

Movember also allocated $10 million to True NTH, a program they developed and launched this year that helps current prostate cancer patients adapt with the side effects of their treatment. It s patient-centered support, Hedstrom says, What outcome does that patient hope to achieve, and what options are available to them? Through this side of the cause, we re doubling down on prostate cancer.

Testicular Cancer: $10.1 Million in the U.S.
Testicular Cancer is one of the leading causes of other cancers in men from 15 to 35, developing in the testes and sometimes spreading to the abdomen or lungs. And though it s highly solvable if caught early, men still die from the disease. The survivor rate is 99 percent when it hasn t spread, but Movember is adamant about boosting that rate to 100 percent.

One of our initiatives is designed to solve for that last percent, says Hedstrom. Because the survivor rate is so high, there s not much money going into it. But if we can solve that last percent, we can cross that last line. Movember invests in two main beneficiaries: the LIVESTRONG Foundation who primarily help men adapt to the disease and the Global Action Plan, which looks into understanding the biology behind testicular cancer.

Mental Health: $77.7 Million Globally
Movember is moving into the U.S. mental health space for the first time this year, says Hedstrom, as the U.S. only invested globally in the past. But mental well-being has always been part of Movember s vision. When you look at physical health, you have to combine that with mental health, as well they go together, he says. In the US, there isn t a large [mental health] investment from federal and state governments compared to physical well-being, he explains. Our hope is to change that through our investments.

Through their main partner, the Prevention Institute, Hedstrom wants to focus on prevention. By prevention we mean, if you look really closely at communities and the factors around them, you can prevent emotional, psychological, and physical trauma reduce it in young boys and old men and provide coping mechanisms so they know how to seek help if they ever need it.

Men s Health Awareness and Education: $3.8 million, U.S.
Finally, Movember invests in its own campaign, the Awareness and Education project, where the money is spent on developing ancillary platforms like apps to support the cause. Movember wants men to know it s okay not to feel well and it s alright to talk about it. It s all about starting a conversation , says Hedstrom, and continuing that open talk among men and the people they love. The main initiative is called Move, and it s about exactly that encouraging men to be active. We ve been conducting research in implementing programs for a healthy lifestyle, Hedstrom says. By delivering the facts and statistics about how much exercise you do, and what foods you eat, and encouraging men to converse with the people in their lives about it, we re actively pushing men to be more active and eat a healthier diet.

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How to Donate Children – s Toys #donate #clothes

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How to Donate Children s Toys

To manage clutter, donate one toy for each new item your child receives.

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Cash-strapped families struggling to make ends meet often lack the extra funds for toys. Giving new and gently used toys — whether it’s a teddy bear, a bedtime book or a toy truck — to a child in need can make a big difference in that child’s life. It’s easier than ever to donate toys to your favorite charity, whether it’s for a holiday drive or during spring cleaning. Most charities have year-round toy drop-off points, while others offer toy pickups.

Get Others Involved

Children often grow out of their toys or have toys that they rarely use, so people you know may have toys at home that a child in need would love to have. Talk to your neighbors, friends and coworkers and ask if they’re interested in donating toys. By doing this, you can donate more toys at once to a worthy organization. Take down the names of people who want to donate, and request that they donate gently used or new toys. Give everyone about two weeks to gather toys for donation.

Do Inventory and Quality Control

Complete an inventory of the toys you collect from friends, as well as the toys you plan to donate yourself. Board games, dolls, coloring books, toy cars, planes, boats and sporting goods are all good options. Check the toys to make sure they are in working order and lightly used. Put damaged or excessively used toys in a reject pile. Make sure all the toys you’re donating are non-toxic and safe. Avoid toys with lots of small parts or pieces, soiled toys, toys geared toward violence and plush stuffed toys, which could be infected with critters such as bed bugs.

Find a Charity

Head to the Internet or call around to find a charity that accepts toy donations. Check with your local church charities and local shelters, as they might be in need of children’s toys. In addition, many children’s hospitals accept toy donations. Hospitals have additional considerations for what’s allowed, so call ahead of time to find out the guidelines. For example, hospitals only accept new toys and may restrict fabric toys because germs are a concern.

Pack and Deliver

Gather all the toys that made the cut and begin sorting them by category, such as sporting goods, arts and crafts, educational, dolls and so on. This way you can put each category of toys in its own box and label the boxes to keep things organized. Once all the sorting and packing is complete, tape the boxes shut. When you’re ready, contact the designated organization and schedule a donation drop off or ask the organization to pick it up, if they offer that service.


About the Author

Ainsley Whitley is a contributing writer for various branded properties that together attract more than 280 million readers seeking influential content. Whitley s articles have appeared in various print and online magazines, including GQ, Details, Southern Living and Cooking Light.

Photo Credits

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ChILD Foundation for Children – s Interstitial Lung DiseaseChILD Foundation #big #brothers #big #sisters

#child charity


Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease Foundation

We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that provides support, education, and hope for a cure to all families with children battling these life threatening diseases.

We support chILD families worldwide!

We support families through our patient education, annual conferences, liaison program, and through our collaborations with chILD organizations worldwide. Contact us to get support for yourself or a loved one.

Research funding for these rare diseases is scarce!

In 2012, we increased our research funding 150% through successful fundraising initiatives and by expanding our partnerships with the American Thoracic Society, and other chILD groups worldwide.

Help provide hope for the future by donating to research!

For many of our chILDren, the future is uncertain. We simply do not know enough about the causes and treatments of these devastating lung diseases to give them the help they deserve.

Breathe Newsletter

First edition of the new chILD Foundation newsletter is now available! Click here to download.

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Donate your computers to cfc, it s a good thing to do #what #is

#donate old computers


Computers For Charities

Donating your Laptops, Mac’s, PC’s benefits Charities across the UK and abroad

Supporting Charities the Community 1994 – 2016

Donating working, redundant computers is a good thing to do. It is thanks to Corporates, Universities, Government departments and individuals, who have enabled CfC to aid thousands of Charities projects across the UK and Worldwide 106 countries todate, with varying support and equipment since 1994.

Corporate donations to Charities can provide actual cost savings for companies, whilst providing genuine community benefit. CfC offers a well established track record and first rate Corporate services. For more information please click this LINK to view our Corporate services page

“NHS PCT saves £100,000 by donating to CfC. Paying £100 per item to collect, data wipe and dispose. CfC assisted with recycling of 1000 systems. Aiding charities and schools” Companies can utilise Corporate gift aid, providing companies with tax benefits from donations of goods or cash

Collection information, Please Note:

Corporates, Universities. Local Government, Schools. We offer Nationwide European collection services for viable quantities of equipment.

Homecollection Services are not available at this time.

Financial donations are welcomed to aid developments project support

Urgently Needed: Minimum Core 2, Working, Laptops (PC Mac’s intel ), Netbooks, Tablets. PC’s, Desktops, Towers, Servers, Mac Pro’s iMacs (intel based). Mobile phones. Components: i.e memory, hard drives, motherboards

How donations work

We need your old equipment and can often collect from you

We refurbish the items, securely removing all data

We then work with charities across the UK and abroad to set up and provide ongoing support

Donor Safeguards

Since day one CfC has sought to provide full assurances for our donors. Particulalry “data safety and liability”. This has been achieved by providing the highest standards and controls regarding data wiping, audit and “end of life disposal”

  • Established track record over 250,000 donated systems
  • Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher
  • Utilising Approved Industry standard data wiping of hard drives
  • Secure data disposal services available. Degaussing / Shredding services
  • Assumes Legal liability of donated equipment
  • Audit trail of donated equipment available to donor’s for reports, etc
  • Certification of data removal and asset transfer provided post delivery / collection
  • 95% of equipment donated by Companies, Police authorities, NHS,
  • Services to Educational establishments, Government departments, etc
  • Cost savings for companies, Environmental and Genuine benefits gained from donating to Charity

What to Donate

Considering Donating? Please note.

Legislation requires: Donated equipment be fully working realistically aged five years or less for suitable reuse

Equipment urgently needed includes. Laptops PC / Intel Apple Mac. Towers, Desktops, Pc / Intel Mac. Laptop batteries

  • Servers: Free standing and Rack mounted
  • Network equipment: Gigabyte Switches, hubs, cables, routers, UPS and batteries.
  • Components: Memory DDR, DDR2, DDR3, motherboards, cards, power cables European two pin plugs, laptop power adapters
  • Printers: Monochrome Laser Network Printers Only
  • Foreign currencies: Send us your loose change, Euro’s. etc
  • Mobile Phones: “Phones for Vans” check this LINK
  • Non Computing equipment includes: Digital projectors, AV equipment, Sports equipment, Medical equipment, Microscopes, Video / Digital Cameras, Sound and copying equipment, Outboard Motors, Tractors, Hand Power tools (electric Petrol), etc.
  • Items we cannot accept: Non working and items such as; Scanners, Inkjet printers, Fax machines, Photocopiers, Colour Laser printers, Non intel Apple Mac’s Older computer (CRT) screens

What to dispose of

Equipment not suited for reuse, Older or faulty Computer IT equipment requires to be recycled properly. We advise the following;

  • Domestic / Household electrical recycling – Please try FREECYCLE website or Contact your local council for information / advice
  • Corporate, Local government, Charities. Schools, Hospitals – Contact your local council for advice or speak to “Recycling for Charities ” our sister charity specialising in IT WEEE recycling. Including bulk IT disposal.

Recycling for Charities, is the recycling arm of Computers for Charities, providing National WEEE IT recycling services for older or non working IT equipment. We offer environmental and community benefits with competitive pricing as an established “not for profit” organisation.

Implemented on 1st July 2007, EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive (WEEE). Electrical / IT waste is the fastest growing element in the municipal waste stream. Many hazardous substances are present in everyday IT equipment (including older CRT monitors) and the WEEE directives classify many such items as Hazardous Waste, effectively to safeguard against toxic landfill disposal and promote better recycling processes.

Please Note: The following items “Hazardous Waste” require appropriate disposal: CRT monitors inlcuding older iMac’s, UPS systems, battery waste, etc.

For more information regarding “Recycling for Charities” please click the LINK

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APEC s FreeDrinkingWater Charity Donation Program #church #donation

#water donation


At APEC, our greatest joy comes from the knowledge that our systems are protecting the health of people and their families. It is our belief that drinking water is a key component to health and that everyone should have access to clean water. People who are sick and are undergoing medical treatment in particular, need ultra-pure water to protect their compromised immune systems from the chemicals and toxins found in tap water. Cancer patients for instance, need to drink plenty of water to protect their bodies from harsh chemotherapy treatments. Unfortunately, many people cannot afford a quality water filtration system even though they desperately need it. We want to help change that.

Through our new Free Drinking Water charity program, APEC is looking to donate several drinking water filtration systems a month to individuals who have a health concern. We are looking to help people who are lower income and have an existing medical condition that would benefit from drinking purified water. If you or someone you know qualifies. please complete the following application and submit it to us for consideration. We will select several individuals and families every month to receive a free system based on demand, qualification and necessity. This charity program is open to all residences within the 48 contiguous United States.

Water Nurtures, Health Blooms,
Hope Springs Eternal

It has long been a dream of ours to be able to offer this type of program, and we are very grateful to be in a position to help those who are in need. The support of our customers has made this possible and we humbly offer this program in their honor. We believe that water has the power to soothe, rejuvenate and heal the human body and spirit. May the benefits of clean water always grace those who are most in need of it.

ROES-50 Reverse Osmosis System

The ROES-50 is an under-the-counter water purification system that needs to be installed and hard-plumbed under your kitchen sink. The unit comes with its own faucet and holding tank and is fully automated. It is recommended for people who are fairly handy and have the manual dexterity to install a water system themselves. Otherwise a plumber may be needed.

The ROES-50 is the ideal system for people who live in their own homes and do not frequently move or relocate.

RO-CTOP Reverse Osmosis System

The RO-CTOP is a countertop system that can be easily connected to your existing kitchen faucet. This unit can be quickly setup or removed from any faucet and is lightweight portable. It does not come with a faucet or tank and purified water must be collected in a separate container or pitcher by the user. This system does not require installation and is recommended for people who cannot install an under-counter system.

The RO-CTOP is the ideal system for people who are renting or move frequently and need a convenient portable system.

We want to help in any way possible. If you are unable to open the application forms from the links above, please e-mail us with your contact information at and we can fax, or mail out a hard copy of the form to you. You can also use the quick request form below to contact us.


Privacy Policy – Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third parties.

APEC Donations to Organizations and Charities

We have had the honor and privilege of working with several non-profit organizations to provide commercial water filtration systems to communities in need. From a small fishing town in Ecuador, to a mountain village in China, from a ministry program in the Philippines, to the victims in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, APEC RO systems have been providing clean drinking water to thousands of people around the world for many years. Donating a system is easy, however dedicating your life to the betterment of entire communities far from home is not. We are truly indebted to our charity partners, without which none of this would have been possible. Thank you all!

Our Friends Organizations Making A Difference

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America – s 50 Worst Charities #st #judes #donations

#reputable charities


Aug 20, 2013 3:50pm PDT by Leslie Salzillo

When it comes to making donations, many of us have felt some angst in deciding where our money can do the most good. We often hear stories of ‘charities’ that are less than. charitable. In a recent report by Adrienne Hill on NPR’s Marketplace. Americans give more to charities, per capita, than any other developed country. In 2011, we gave $200 billion dollars.

Tampa Bay Times compiled a list of the Top 50 worst charities. Many names of the worst charities are very similar to legitimate charities. For instance, the number one worst charity, Kids Wish Network. sounds much too similar to. Make A Wish Foundation a legitimate respected organization, where donations go to helping very sick children see one of their dreams come true. With the Kids Wish Network, only 2.5% the $127.8 million they raised. went to direct cash aid. So where did the other millions go? $109 million of it went to paying solicitors to raise the money.

According to Kendall Taggart, of The Center For Investigating Reporting. many charities exist pretty much to pad the pockets and salaries of their founders. Often the value of goods that are shipped overseas cannot be verified. And then there are charitable goods shipped domestically that are outright insults to the recipients. One cancer victim in Knoxville, Tennessee, reached out to Cancer Fund of American to help with medical costs. He received a package containing paper cups, napkins and plates, along with children’s toys, you know, things that help a cancer patient pay for medical costs. The patient’s wife was so disgusted, she threw the entire package away.

Thankfully, there are a few reputable organizations online that can help us search charities to differentiate the good from the unscrupulous.

Here are the 50 of the worst charities, with the first being the worst. They are ranked by how much they raise, how much goes to pay the fund-raising solicitors, and how much goes to the actual charity. The title link above the list, will bring you to a page with an interactive chart and more information about charities in general.

America’s 50 Worst Charities

1. Kids Wish Network
2. Cancer Fund of America
3. Children’s Wish Foundation International
4. American Breast Cancer Foundation
5. Firefighters Charitable Foundation
6. Breast Cancer Relief Foundation
7. International Union of Police Associations, AFL-CIO
8. National Veterans Service Fund
9. American Association of State Troopers
10.Children’s Cancer Fund of America

11. Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation
12. Youth Development Fund
13. Committee For Missing Children
14. Association for Firefighters and Paramedics
15. Project Cure (Bradenton, FL)
16. National Caregiving Foundation
17. Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth
18. United States Deputy Sheriffs’ Association
19. Vietnow National Headquarters
20. Police Protective Fund

21. National Cancer Coalition
22. Woman To Woman Breast Cancer Foundation
23. American Foundation For Disabled Children
24. The Veterans Fund
25. Heart Support of America
26. Veterans Assistance Foundation
27. Children’s Charity Fund
28. Wishing Well Foundation USA
29. Defeat Diabetes Found
30. Disabled Police Officers of America Inc

31. National Police Defense Foundation
32. American Association of the Deaf Blin
33. Reserve Police Officers Association
34. Optimal Medical Foundation
35. Disabled Police and Sheriffs Foundation
36. Disabled Police Officers Counseling Center
37. Children’s Leukemia Research Association
38. United Breast Cancer Foundation
39. Shiloh International Ministries
40. Circle of Friends For American Veterans

41. Find the Children
42. Survivors and Victims Empowered
43. Firefighters Assistance Fund
44. Caring for Our Children Foundation
45. National Narcotic Officers Associations Coalition
46. American Foundation for Children With AIDS
47. Our American Veterans
48. Roger Wyburn-Mason Jack M Blount Foundation For Eradication of Rheumatoid Disease
49. Firefighters Burn Fund
50. Hope Cancer Fund

One of the most disturbing aspects of this list, is that the names of most of these pseudo charities are designed to pull the heartstrings of donors who think their money is going to help very sick children, women with breast cancer, veterans. when very little, if any is actually going to those in need. Makes me want to scream out their names on the highest mountain. I’ll have to settle with posting them here, as the best way to deal with this problem, is to become informed and ask charities questions like, “How much of my donation is actually going to this cause?.” I’m grateful to all those who have taken the time to compile this information, which helps many of us to discern where, and where not, to place our donations.

Here are some reputable charity online navigators:

Sources: Tampa Bay Times, Kendall Taggart/Center For Investigative Reporting, Adrienne Hill/NPR

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The Alzheimer s Foundation of America – Donate Today #donation #organizations

#donate today



Send a check or moneyorder
payable to:

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
322 Eighth Ave. 7th fl.
New York, NY 10001.


DONATE NOW MEMORIAL DONATION – Make a donation in memory of a relative, friend, neighbor, colleague or other loved one, and respect his or her legacy by helping others in need.

DONATE NOW HONORARIUM DONATION – Make a donation to honor an individual living with Alzheimer’s disease or others, and pay tribute to his or courage and the courage of others affected by this brain disorder.

DONATE NOW CELEBRATION DONATION – Make a donation to celebrate good times—a wedding, anniversary, birthday, milestone, etc. with a thoughtful contribution to our cause.

Download an acknowledgement card to share with wedding guests. In addition, through the IDo Foundation. wedding-related purchases by couples and their guests can generate donations for charity; suggest AFA as your charity of choice.

DONATE NOW GENERAL DONATION – Make a general donation—and show you care about Alzheimer’s disease and related illnesses.


Your donation will help fund our toll-free helpline with resources and referrals, respite care grants, grants for member organizations that provide direct care and support, educational conferences, national initiatives such as National Memory Screening Day, professional education and training, and AFA Teens. In addition, through strategic partnerships, AFA funds research for medical treatment and a cure.

In 2014, AFA expended 85 percent of expenses on program services to help individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their families; the remaining 15 percent supported general, administrative and fundraising expenses.

The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization.

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. We do not share our donor information.

Other ways to contribute

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Sainsbury – s Local Charity of the Year #education #charities

#local charity


So why do we do it?

At Sainsbury s we want to make as big an impact as possible in our local communities. So every year we work together with our customers and colleagues to support a local cause at the heart of the local community. These are holistic parnerships that last for the whole year and include a range of support such as awareness-raising and fundraising in-store, volunteering and donations.

How it works?

Store nominations

Each store will nominate a longlist of local charities that benefit their community. If you would like a specific charity to be considered, please speak to your local Store Manager.

Meet and greet

Longlisted charities will be invited in to present to the store. The store will then decide on a final shortlist of up to three local charities.

Public vote

Each store will announce their three shortlisted charities for you to vote for, both in store and online through the site.

The selected charity

Once votes have been counted, we will announce the winning charity for each store on this site.

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Hair Donation Guidelines – A Child – s Voice Foundation #religious #charities

#cancer hair donation


Interested in donating your hair to Angel Hair For Kids. Follow our Angel Hair For Kids hair donation guidelines listed below:

  • The minimal hair donation length is 12 inches measured tip to tip;
  • Hair can be placed in a braid or ponytail ;
  • Tightly secure the braid or ponytail using rubber bands or hair elastics;
  • No permed, bleached, dyed, or treated hair is acceptable ;
  • Cut above the rubber band or hair elastic, not below;
  • Slightly grey hair is acceptable.
  • Please ensure hair is fully dry when cut. Wet hair cannot be used.
  • Hair cut years ago is usable if it has been stored in a ponytail or braid;
  • Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 12 inches;
  • Hair swept off the floor is not useable;
  • Hair that is shaved off and is not in a ponytail or braid is not usable. Please divide your hair into multiple ponytails and cut each one off before continuing to shave; and
  • Dreadlocks, wigs, falls, hair extensions, or synthetic hair is not acceptable.

We do not cut hair in our National Office. We encourage all of our donors to go to a salon they arefamiliar with to ensure their comfort when donating.

Mailing Instructions:
  1. Place your hair donation inside a plastic bag or wrapped in tissue paper and place the hair donation bag within a mailing envelope;
  2. Print a copy of our hair donation form and fill out the necessary information, or write the hair donor s full name and return address inside the envelope in order to receive an Angel Hair For Kids Certificate of Appreciation ;
  3. We kindly request hair donors include a toonie as a donation to A Child s Voice Foundation and its programs;
  4. Please address the mailing envelope to:
    A Child s Voice Foundation, C/O Angel Hair For Kids
    3034 Palstan Road
    Suite 301 Mississauga, Ontario
    L4Y 2Z6
Drop-Off Instructions:
  • Please phone our National Office at 905.275.3434 to confirm our Angel Hair For Kids Coordinator will be available to receive your hair donation before your expected arrival.
  • Hair donation drop-off hours include: Monday. Wednesday and Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m ; Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. The National Office is closed on weekends.
  • The National Office is located on the third floor of 3034 Palstan Road, Suite 301, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 2Z6.

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Donate – Children – s Books on Wheels #donate #money #to #africa

#donate used books


Make a Donation

Children s Books on Wheels, 501(C)(3) Nonprofit Organization, helps children, families,nonprofits, and businesses each and every day.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Our programs include DIGTECH365 . Financial Literacy. Health Literacy. and most importantly, Mobile Literacy .

  • DIGTECH365. DIGTECH365 for Nonprofits specializes in Nonprofit 501(C)(3) Registration, Advertising, Grant Writing, IT Consultation Implementation, and Technological Training. The program is made possible by our partners, Brandon Lucius Designs and BSP Associates .
  • Financial Literacy: Financial literacy education is provided for money management and asset building skills. In partnership with the IRS, we provide Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) services in English and Spanish by IRS certified volunteers.
  • Health Literacy: Health Literacy and social services are provided by Community Health Workers and Promotoras, which assist clients with Medicaid application assistance for the Elderly and Disabled (MEPD), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Pregnancy Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). ACA Enrollment is provided by HealthCare Marketplace Navigators.
  • Mobile Literacy: Mobile literacy services for children and adults.

Donate Your Books

Children s Books on Wheels has partnered with UPS to provide a local book drop-off location for residents in the greater Houston, Spring, and Conroe area. You can find this location by going to 330 Rayford Rd. #201 Spring, Texas 77386. People/organizations that are not in the area and would like to donate books, please mail your donations to: Rita Wiltz. ATTN: Children s Books on Wheels. 330 Rayford Rd. #201, Spring, Texas 77386. On a piece of paper inside the box, please be sure to include your name and approximately the number of books enclosed.

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