Oct 26 2017

SQL – User personalization #user #personalization

# As you state yourself, this is definitely not the best solution (think of very spooky scenarios ). However, considering you made up your mind, one method would be to create a SqlCommand and populate it’s .CommandText with variables using a concated string. A very quick dirty example to demonstrate this would be: private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) private void RunCustomSqlCommand(string selectWhat, string selectFrom, string whereWhat, string whereOperator, string whereEquals) Get the idea? Again, this is not recommended and the above snippet is just to illustrate one method to achieve this. This is also especially dangerous with WebForms (oh, …

Aug 6 2017

User Personalization with PHP: Beginning the Application #php, #user #personalization, #leidago, #noabeb, #news #headlines, #bookmarks,

# User Personalization with PHP: Beginning the Application In this tutorial we will build an online bookmark system. This will be used to create a database for storing all our URL’s and their descriptions. There are many commercial and non-commercial applications that offer almost the exact functionality that we will create in our application; the difference is that we have full control over our application, allowing us to tweak it to suit our needs. Functional Requirements So what do we want this application to do? It must enable users to login and out of the system. This is very important …