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How to Get Paid For Donating Plasma: 10 Steps (with Pictures), how old do

How to Get Paid For Donating Plasma

All over the world, people rely on plasma protein to treat rare and chronic diseases. The donation of plasma is often called “the gift of life” because it is the base material needed to create therapies for thousands of people living with bleeding disorders, immune deficiency disorders, emphysema, burns, rabies, tetanus, dialysis and organ transplants, among other medical conditions. [1] You can donate plasma in more than 450 licensed plasma collection centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. [2] Plasma donated for money, however, will be used for pharmaceuticals, rather than for direct human transfusion. [3]

Steps Edit

Part One of Two:

Preparing to Donate Plasma Edit

How old do you have to be to donate blood

How old do you have to be to donate blood

How old do you have to be to donate blood

How old do you have to be to donate blood

How old do you have to be to donate blood

How old do you have to be to donate blood

Part Two of Two:

Donating Plasma and Receiving Compensation Edit

How old do you have to be to donate blood

How old do you have to be to donate blood

How old do you have to be to donate blood

How old do you have to be to donate blood

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Donating Blood, how old do you have to be to donate blood.#How #old #do

Donating Blood

According to the American Red Cross, there’s a 97% chance that someone you know will need a blood transfusion. Blood donors especially donors with certain blood types are always in demand.

How old do you have to be to donate blood

To donate blood, the American Red Cross requires that people be at least 17 years old and weigh more than 110 pounds. (In some states, the age is 16 with a parent’s permission.)

Donors must be in good health and will be screened for certain medical conditions, such as anemia. Donors who meet these requirements can give blood every 56 days.

Before Donating

Blood donation starts before you walk in the door of the blood bank. Eat a normal breakfast or lunch this is not a good time to skip meals but stay away from fatty foods like burgers or fries. And be sure to drink plenty of water, milk, or other liquids.

Before donating, you’ll need to answer some questions about your medical history, and have your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and blood count checked. The medical history includes questions that help blood bank staff decide if a person is healthy enough to donate blood. They’ll probably ask about any recent travel, infections, medicines, and health problems.

Donated blood gets tested for viruses, including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS), hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, and West Nile virus. If any of these things are found, the blood is destroyed. Because blood can be infected with bacteria as well as viruses, certain blood components are tested for contamination with bacteria as well.

What’s It Like to Donate Blood?

The actual donation takes about 10 minutes. It’s a lot like getting a blood test. After you’re done, you’ll want to sit and rest for a few minutes, drink lots of fluids, and take it easy the rest of the day (no hard workouts!). Your local blood bank or Red Cross can give you more information on what it’s like and what you need to do.

Are There Any Risks?

A person can’t get an infection or disease from giving blood. The needles and other equipment used are sterile and they’re used only on one person and then thrown away. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates U.S. blood banks. All blood centers must pass regular inspections in order to keep operating.

Sometimes people who donate blood notice a few minor side effects like nausea, lightheadedness, dizziness, or fainting, but these symptoms usually go away quickly.

The donor’s body usually replaces the liquid part of blood (plasma) within 72 hours after giving blood. It generally takes about 4 8 weeks to regenerate the red blood cells lost during a blood donation. An iron-fortified diet plus daily iron tablets can help rebuild a donor’s red blood supply.

The Red Cross estimates that 15% of all blood donors in the United States are high school or college students an impressive number when you consider you have to be 16 or 17 to donate blood. If you are eligible and want to donate blood, contact your local blood bank or the American Red Cross for more information on what’s involved. You could save someone’s life.

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5 Charities for Donating Your Old Electronics, donate old computers.#Donate #old #computers



Donate old computers

Consumer electronics, a broad category that includes TVs, computers, audio devices, phones and other related devices, currently constitutes nearly 2% of the municipal solid waste stream and is steadily rising at a rate of 8% per year. According to the EPA, of the roughly 2.25 million tons of used and unwanted electronics each year, 18% is collected for recycling and roughly 82% winds up in landfills.

These are unfortunate statistics given the many useful and eco-friendly alternatives for disposing of your old electronics — not to mention tax breaks for consumers. We’ve highlighted a few of these options below, along with information about preparing your unwanted goods for donation.

What to Do Before Donation

Don’t wait. If you’re no longer using a device, donate it as soon as you can. The value of consumer electronics declines at a fast pace. A computer that’s three years old, for instance, can be refurbished and used by students; a computer that’s six years old will most likely be recycled for parts.

Clear the hard drive. This is essential for maintaining your privacy. Not sure how to clear your computer’s hard drive? Check out this video guide at PC World. If you’re a Mac user, take a look at this guide from Hivelogic.

Include related materials. If you’re donating a computer, include any manuals, monitors, keyboards, connection cables, software, etc. you have that you no longer need.

Where to Donate

Many companies have recycling programs for used and unwanted electronics. Several have partnered with charitable organizations; we’ve highlighted several below.

Since 2004, Dell and Goodwill have collaborated to collect more than 96 million pounds of electronics and have recently expanded the program to over 1,900 Goodwill locations. Simply take your unwanted devices and related equipment to a participating store or drop-off site. Goodwill accepts a wide array of items in any condition — even broken monitor glass is accepted as long as it’s sealed and properly labeled. Goodwill will refurbish or recycle your materials to benefit local communities. You can locate participating Goodwill locations here.

2. The Wireless Foundation

The Wireless Foundation’s CALL to PROTECT program accepts used phones to help end family violence. With the help of ReCellular, Inc., phones are refurbished and sold or recycled, with one hundred percent of the net proceeds going to grants for national organizations combatting domestic abuse. You can mail in your phone or drop it off at a local donation site. Click here to find out more.

Students Recycling Used Technology (StRUT) is a program that provides schools with reusable technology equipment in California, Arizona, Georgia, Oregon, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas and Washington. Students develop the skills they need for a career in technology by refurbishing the donated materials. In addition, schools gain trained technicians to help with IT needs and consumer electronics waste is reduced. You can find out more about how to donate your old computers, monitors, printers and other items from the linked sites above.

Based in southern California, Komputers 4 Kids strives to bridge the gap in technology access between children of higher and lower income families. The charity will accept nearly any electronic device that is not a household appliance. Learn more here.

If you’d like to make a charitable contribution to a non-profit that doesn’t have a consumer electronics recycling program, eBay’s Giving Works program may be the perfect solution. You can auction your used goods on eBay and donate 10-100% of the final sale price to the organization of your choice. You can visit the Giving Works page to find out more.

If you’re not particularly keen on any of the options above, you might also want to check out TechSoup. Its search engine helps pair donors with consumer electronics recyclers and charitable programs in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, if you have any unused electronics you would like to donate, you may want to consider reaching out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which provides new computers, MP3 players and gaming consoles to entertain children while they receive or recover from treatment.

The next time you think about tossing your old MP3 player or computer monitor in the trash can, we hope you’ll stop and consider a donation to one of the programs listed above.

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Computer Donations, Goodwill NNE, donate old computers.#Donate #old #computers

Computer Donations

Goodwill accepts donations of computers, printers and related equipment in any condition. ReConnect, a partnership between Goodwill and Dell, offers local residents the opportunity to donate old computers free of charge. All computers and parts are either sold in our stores or responsibly recycled by Dell’s Asset Recovery Services.

Program Goal

  • To divert used computers and e-waste from landfills
  • To provide the community a way to responsibly recycle used computer equipment


  • As of 2011, Goodwill has kept more than 3 million pounds of computers and electronic waste out of the landfill!
  • Goodwill received a Golden Arrow Award from the Maine Public Relations Council for its work in promoting the ReConnect computer recycling program.

Accepted Computer Donations

  • Monitors (if the glass is broken, place the monitor in a cardboard box lined with a plastic garbage bag. Seal the box and clearly label it with “Broken Monitor” and date).
  • Computers – Desktop and Laptop (please note that Dell and Goodwill Industries of Northern New England does not accept liability for lost or confidential data or software. You are responsible for backing up any valuable information and erasing sensitive data from the hard drive before donating).
  • Printers (including laser and inkjet)
  • Scanners (if the glass is broken, place the scanner in a cardboard box lined with a plastic garbage bag. Seal the box and clearly label it with “Broken Scanner” and date).
  • Hard Drives (external/internal)
  • Keyboards (wired/wireless)
  • Mice (wired/wireless)
  • Speakers (with/without cables)
  • Cord and Cables (including power cords and USB cables)
  • Ink and Toner Cartridges (full or empty)
  • Software (please include the license key)
  • Microsoft Xbox ® : Systems peripherals
  • Microsoft Zune ® : Systems peripherals
  • Microsoft-branded Webcams

Have Questions or Comments?

Your feedback is very important to us. Send us an email, a tweet or contact an employee:

Donate old computers

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Donate a Car to our Charity Program, donate old car.#Donate #old #car

donate old car

Donate old car Donate old car

Donate old car

CharityCar.ca has joined up with GreenVehicleDisposal.com to utilize its eco-friendly recycling technology. We are now proud to accept the donation of old vehicles on behalf of Charity Programs across Canada. Why not put your old vehicle to a good use that helps save the planet and also help those less fortunate in your community.

We do not take any fees for processing or handling your charity vehicle. 100% percent of the proceeds of your vehicle go directly to your chosen charity.

Donate old car

Our partner Green Vehicle Disposal is North America’s largest network of self-regulated Auto Recycling Facilities. Our Purpose is to provide our valued customers, with an Eco-Friendly solution for the disposal of old vehicles. All vehicles donated through CharityCar.ca are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner which meets and exceed all provincial recycling rules.

Donate old car

As a charitable contribution your vehicle can make a big difference in the life of someone less fortunate in your community. We take any used car, truck or van, provide free pick-up and let you choose which charity you would like to donate to: a school, church, shelter or non-profit organization and you will receive a tax donation. We even handle all the forms for you, thereby making the entire disposal and donation process as easy as possible.

There are many green vehicle recycling yards across North America whom we are affiliated with. We will arrange for a local partner in your area to pick-up your vehicle. Our entire network is committed to eco-friendly recycling and we make sure all standards of green vehicle disposal are kept throughout the entire process.

Making the choice to dispose of your vehicle in an environmentally safe way that benefits a charity in your community is one of the best decisions you could make feel good and help those facing some of life s most difficult challenges and even end up saving money on your tax return.

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Donate an Old Car – Help Other and Get Tax Deduction For It, donate

Donate Old Car

Donate an Old Car and Know You Did a Great Thing!

Donate old car

Donate an old car to charity and sleep better for a few nights knowing you did a great thing for your fellow human beings. If you are thinking of selling or trading your old car, why not donate that old car to charity instead? Think about the difference you will make in the lives of the many people (a lot of them children) on the receiving end of your selfless act.

Most cars are accepted and can be picked up right where it is by a licensed and bonded tow truck company. Now it just doesn’t get any easier than that. What if you no longer have the title? No problem! That can be worked out as well. You will find donating a car is an easy, quick, and painless process. You can even pick the charity you wish your car donation to benefit. Pretty nice, huh? just donate old car!

You may even donate an old car that hasn’t worked in years. In most cases, the parts can still be sold, which means the car has more value that you are probably thinking. Some donors have found it just too expensive to fix their clunkers themselves and decided to donate their old car instead. Then they have found that in some cases the processing center can have the car’s engine fixed after all, thus ensuring more money comes from the sale of it.

The money that comes from these donated cars can be used to dramatically benefit many charities, thus in turn, dramatically benefiting many needy people. Take a look at just some of the ways money is used all from you making that awesome, selfless decision to donate old car:

  • Assistance for orphanages
  • Help for single mothers
  • Creation of anti-drug DVDs for at-risk teens
  • Aid for the homeless
  • Reformation of prisoners
  • Food distribution for needy families
  • School supplies, uniforms, vaccinations, and more for needy children
  • Increase funding for nonprofit organizations
  • Improve neglected & poor neighborhoods
  • Help out the environment by recycling your car
  • …and much more

Knowing all of that, how could you not donate an old car? And not that you should need another reason at this point, but here’s one anyway: The donation of your old car is tax deductible. That’s right. Donate old car = tax deduction. You not only help out your fellow man, there is something in it for you. And it’s money in your pocket. Sweet! The more your car sells for, the more of a tax deduction you receive. Not to mention the more it sells for, the more money these charities receive and are able to be of assistance to those in need. Donate old car is simply great for everybody.

Donate a car and help out charities that help out your fellow human beings. Help out the environment by recycling. Help out yourself by putting money back into your own pocket. Is there any reason not to donate old car? We don’t think so. Go walk around your old clunker, kick the tires, and smile. Then get the donation process started. Why not do it today?

  • Donate old car

Donate old car


Please help me grow this website, write here any advices for the readers as well as for me.

If you donated a car before or you plan to donate old car, please share your experience.

Comment by admin April 24, 2008 @ 4:28 pm

Thanks for the grate job you are doing for the society at large.I would like to throw more light to what you have said about donation. It s not only the poor,Orphans ,Charity organization that need donations. No. But Like in Africa, so many of us are jobless and yet we are capable of doing a lot for the society at large.

Like the jobless fathers who also need to take care of their families,The jobless mothers who result into prostitution.So, i would think you should also plan for people fo that kind.More especially in Africa. Many conduct diseases like AIDS because of being jobless. So also think about that when writing about donations . Thanks

I remain Joseph in Uganda

Comment by Joseph Ssonko bali October 17, 2008 @ 8:15 am

My name is Seme Lapointe , I want to tell you , since 7 years i helpping orphanages in Haiti with foods in school . I have about 200 orphans i pro viding foods every week . But i want your help money to help them please.

Comment by Seme Lapointe June 13, 2011 @ 8:57 am

are cineva o masina de donat vechie am 32 de anii de 5 anii am permis de conducere dar in tara asta nuti poti permite mai nimic ami doresc o masina nu conteaza daca este vechie sa ma pot bucura de ea sincer nu o vand mai departe o tin pentru mine stau in chirie nu ami permit mai nimic daca este cineva cu suflet mare va multumesc din suflet telefon 0786078494 florin

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Cars for Veterans, donate old car.#Donate #old #car

Donate your car online

Donate your car to

Donate old car

Make a difference

Donate old car

You have

Donate old car

Free towing,

Donate old car

We issue you an

IRS tax receipt

Donate old car

We take care of

Donate old car

We take care of

DMV & Smog issues

How to donate

Donate old car

Call us at 1-800-405-3127 or

Fill out the online form

Donating your vehicle is easy and

donation is accepted nationwide.

Donate old car

We tow the vehicle

Any vehicles is accepted and we will

arrange to pick up your vehicle when

it is most convenient for you.

Donate old car

Tax write-off

Once the vehicle donation is

complete, you will receive your

tax deductable vehicle donation

Why donate your car to us

Donate old carBBB A+ Rated & IRS 501(c)3 Approved : Free 24/7 Pickup with No DMV Hassles.

Donate old carFree Local Towing : We will pick up your car donation, running or not, when it’s most convenient, at home or work.

Donate old carAll Cars Accepted : We take your car regardless of its condition or registration status.

Donate old carIncome Tax Deduction : We issue you an IRS tax receipt & offer the largest resale network to get you the highest tax write-off possible.

Donate old carNo Paperwork Hassles : We take any car and handle everything: DMV, Smog and IRS paperwork.

Donate old carCar donations help fund programs : And benefit National Veterans Services Fund. An IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Donate old carSchedule a Free Pickup : Complete the form and a representative will call you to arrange a convenient time to pickup your car.

Frequently asked questions

Donate old car

We accept all vehicle donations, and in most cases, we also accept boats, motorcycles, RV’s, and campers.

All you need is a title, free of all leins. We will request some general information from you at the time of donation such as, the year, make, and model of the car, as well as its general mechanical condition. We accept all vehicles, running or non-running.

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and have been approved by the IRS to receive donated items and issue a tax-deductible donation receipt for the item. Therefore, your vehicle donation may be 100% tax deductible based upon your personal tax situation. Please check with your tax advisor if you need more information.

The vehicle does not have to be registered in the donor’s name. However, the person whose name is on the title must sign the title or fill out additional paperwork.

For vehicles sold for under $500, you can claim the fair market value up to $500.00 without any additional paperwork. The preliminary tax receipt will be mailed after vehicle has been confirmed picked up.

Processing your vehicle usually takes around 4 weeks but in some cases may take longer due to particular state title requirements or title laws.

Please call our toll free number when you are ready to donate 1-800-405-3127

Donate old car

About cars for veterans

Car donations help fund programs and benefit National Veterans Services Fund. An IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Schedule a Free Pickup: Complete the form and a representative will call you to arrange a convenient time to pickup your car.


Safe & secure

Donate old car Donate old car

Donate old car

Call today to donate

Live Operators Available – 7 Days A Week

Copyright 2017 Cars for veterans. Privacy policy. All rights reserved.

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Car Donation Wizard, Donate a car to a recognized charity today, donate old car.#Donate

Donate a car with Car Donation Wizard

We proudly work with some of the most respected charity and nonprofit organizations in the world. We work hard to ensure that the maximum funds are raised from your vehicle donation, so that your contribution makes the most impact for your charity. Keep in mind, as an added benefit to you, your contribution may be eligible for a charitable tax deduction!

Types of Vehicle Donations Accepted:

Simply select the charity of your choice below to learn more about that program s purpose or to start your car donation now! To begin the process of donating a car, simply fill out our fast, easy vehicle donation form online or over the phone with one of our expert customer service staff members.

Donate old carDonate old carDonate old carDonate old car

Donate old carDonate old carDonate old carDonate old car

What makes us different?

In supporting only nonprofit organizations that use the proceeds of your vehicle donation to make the biggest difference in someone s life, Car Donation Wizard ensures that every dollar raised goes towards its intended cause. Keep in mind that while there are hundreds of thousands of organizations that accept car donations, there are none that return between 75 and 80% of the gross dollar from each car donation back to the charity like we do. Don t be fooled by organizations that return 50-70% of the net proceeds, trust only the best car donation program! Still looking for more information? Visit our donation tips, FAQ, or about us pages, or reach out to us by phone at (877) 957-2277 if you have questions about charity funding or returns.

Don t just make a donation; make a difference.

We take all types of vehicles, running, non-running, classics, lightly used and even the end of life vehicles. Did you know that automobile is the most heavily recycled consumer product? We work with a comprehensive network of nationwide, professional vehicle recyclers that can responsibly recycle your vehicle. Help turn your end of life vehicle donation into re-usable steel. For more information on recycling your car, visit our environment page.

Donate old car

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Charity Car Donations, Auto Removal Recycling, Junk Car, Used cars, donate old car.#Donate #old

Donate a Car It s Easier than you think!

Donate a Car makes car donations simple for both you, and the charity you love. We make used car donations, car removal, car recycling, or simply junking a car an easy process for you. We are honored to manage every donation made, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

Easy and Hassle-Free

  • Free Towing or Pick-up in Every Province.
  • Simple online form, or Toll Free Number to Donate 1-877-250-4904
  • Hundreds of Charities to Choose from.
  • Guaranteed Tax Receipt for every donation.

Your Dependable Choice

Your car donation holds monetary and sentimental value. Our donor support guarantee is that we re here to honor both. With integrity and attention to on-time detail, the gift of your charity car will be carefully handled for you so that you can easily gift the charity that matters most to you.

  • Millions of dollars in donations successfully processed since 2003.
  • Excellent customer service for donors and charities.
  • A+ standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Tax receipt guaranteed with every donation.

What donors have to say

It was really hard to part with my Acura Legend. After 21 years of faithful service, it needed more mechanical work than I could afford, so I decided to donate it to charity. I went to the Donate a Car website and with a couple easy steps, I was able to choose the charity of my choice and arrange pickup of my vehicle. Donate a car contacted me right away and answered all my questions promptly. Within 24 hours, the towing agent contacted me as well and my car was off to auction by the weekend. The process was so easy, I felt like Donate a Car took care of everything for me, and was also, very sympathetic to the loss of my car. I highly recommend Donate a Car. Thanks! Donna L

What charities have to say

Heart and Stroke is proud to partner with Donate A Car. From coast to coast, their service and expertise allows our donors a convenient and trouble free way to both dispose of their unwanted vehicle, and also support our cause. We are proud to partner with a service that provides our donors with a worry-free experience, while inviting them to support our cause, help improve the lives of Canadians living with heart disease and stroke, and benefit from the tax receipt that is provided for their donation. Thank you Donate a Car for your partnership and your important service. Carolyne Solby

Director, Volunteer Focused Fundraising | Heart and Stroke Foundation

MORE than just Car Donations!

Donate a Car do not just recycle cars, it recycles vehicles in an environmentally friendly manner, If you have a newer or estate vehicle that you would like to donate, we have selling agents across the country that are ready to assist in maximizing your donation.

We accept all types of vehicles for donation. Donate your Car, Truck, Van, SUV, Motorcycle, Boat or RV.

Donate Now and Make a Difference

Your used car donations make a difference to the charity that matters most to you. With hundreds of charities partnered with our program, you can choose almost any registered Canadian charity to gift. We will ensure their receiving process is easy as well.

There are no fees charged to the charities at any time, so they can put each of your donation dollars to the good work they are doing on behalf of Canadians like you.

Donate your car in 3 easy steps

Donate old car

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Girl Talk: Should You Donate Your Eggs? The Frisky, how old do you have

Girl Talk: Should You Donate Your Eggs?

How old do you have to be to donate eggs

When I was fresh out of college, I worked at an egg donation agency, which paired egg “donors” with potential parents willing to shell out a lot of money for the possibility of having children. At parties, when I was asked what I did for a living, it was inevitable that a group of girls would gather around, asking questions. Everyone had seen those ads on the bus—“$7,000 to donate your eggs!”—and this was 2008, when the economy was digging itself deeper into a recession. In fact, the whole reason I’d taken this gig was because the egg donation business was booming while there was a serious lack of jobs in my field for recent grads.

It wasn’t rare at these parties that I would get cornered in the hallway by some girl who was drunkenly considering egg donation and wanted to weigh the morality of it with me. Wouldn’t they be, like, my babies out in the world? she’d ask. “Err, yeah,” I’d say, trying to skirt the issue. But on rare occasions, the girl cornering me would be a little less drunk and sound a little more serious about the whole scenario. In those cases, I’d move on to questions like: “How much do you weigh? Have you ever been diagnosed with anxiety or depression?” Surprisingly, these are two of the most important questions in the process.

The thing is, I can’t tell you whether you should donate your eggs. But I can tell you if you could.

At work, it was my job to screen potential donors. In the morning, I would be the first one in the office and the phone would already be ringing. After a few months, I learned not to scramble and get it. I’d take off my coat, unwrap my scarf and prepare to listen to dozens of voicemails left during the Infomercial hours. From what I gathered, 2:00 a.m. is generally the time donating your eggs for money begins to seem like a good idea.

Some of the calls were, for lack of a better word, intense. There were boyfriends talking in hushed tones into the receiver, trying to pimp out their girlfriends’ eggs. When I’d call these guys back, I’d demand to talk to the girlfriend directly, and make sure they understood exactly what their significant other was scheming. More than once, this resulted in a woman screaming “You Motherf***er!” in the background, then hanging up the phone.

Then there were girls who made it through the initial interview, only to back out after I gave my speech about the vaginal procedure and needles involved.

But most of the voicemails were just left by the “wrong” kind of potential donor. You may have gathered from the ads in the back of your college newspaper, but clinics want specific donors—those who are college educated, tall, and most often white. As one girl said to me during a phone interview, “You just want white bitches.” The world of egg donation is unfortunately not color blind.

Egg donation isn’t a surefire way to have a child. Potential parents pay $20,000 per egg donation cycle—and one cycle does not guarantee pregnancy. Potential parents begin their first cycle by thinking about the genes they most desire—“We need someone who is talented musically,” or “Someone who has a high GPA.” Later though, if the first cycle doesn’t take, they want a proven donor whose past egg retrievals resulted in pregnancy. Seeing how many young, healthy women didn’t become “proven donors” made me paranoid about my own fertility, and it’s a paranoia that has stayed with me over the years.

At parties, when the women inevitably circled up and began digging into whether egg donation was something they should consider, I’d grip my plastic cup tighter trying to parse what I should and shouldn’t tell them. I didn’t want to tell them that weight was the first barrier—you had to be BMI fit. Or that if you’d ever been in therapy you might not get through—and definitely not if you had any past of anxiety, depression or disordered eating. And I really didn’t want to say to my group of progressive friends, “Oh and no lesbians!” It was one of the reasons I would later leave the job, but these agencies apparently still thought there was a “gay gene.” See where, at this party, I could start to sound like a bigoted a**hole?

Generally, I chose to tell people what I told the donors. It was a spiel that left a lot unsaid, bracketed here for the sake of full disclosure: “If you pass the requirements, you are put in the system [where you sit with hundreds of other donors]. When [more likely if] an intended parent chooses you [and this could take a year or more], we ll call and ask if you can go through a cycle immediately. A cycle involves several early-morning doctor appointments for a month, during which you will get a shot of hormones [which have side effects very similar to PMS]. After a month, you will go through the egg retrieval process, which is done vaginally. You ll be put out for it, and you ll wanna take the entire day off and get plenty of rest.”

What it really came down to for most girls at parties, though, was that going through a cycle means drastically changing your lifestyle. You can’t drink for a month. You might gain weight thanks to those hormones. And it’s recommended that you abstain from sex during the cycle—as you will be super fertile for the month. Also, there is some risk of Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) which is very rare, but can be very serious.

I was asked to ponder this risk-reward ratio, too. Often, my co-workers would ask, “So when are you going to donate your eggs?” I was torn on the whole issue. For me, it wasn’t the possible side effects or that I was worried about my familial history making donation a no-go. For me, it was more about the whole bringing-a-child-into-the-world thing.

I didn’t fault parents for choosing egg donation over adopting. This was their choice and I understood why egg donation could be so appealing. As I mentioned before, this job made me very paranoid about my own fertility, sometimes resulting in crying bouts to my husband about how much I want a baby someday. In those moments, I understood that if you can’t have a baby yourself, getting the genes of someone you perceive to be most like you could feel like the second best option.

But as I considered selling or donating my own eggs, I began eyeing the potential parents at the clinic with distrust. With the high cost of egg donation cycles, most of them had the monetary means to care for a kid. But suddenly I noticed the potential father who yelled a lot and seemed quite sexist, or the mother who called our office 15 times a day for no real reason other than to sigh at me and ask snippy questions about the donors. Who were these people and how would they be raising my gene-babies? I empathized with these potential parents … but never quite enough to sell them my genes.

As I began closely monitoring these parents, it started to seem like they had babies for selfish reasons. At the same time, I felt selfish, like I was hoarding my eggs. It all seemed like such a strange cycle.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that, if you are considering donating your eggs, there is an awful lot to think about. It’s not a slam-dunk decision in any way. Still, if I were giving advice to my best friend, I’d say that, if you meet the stringent requirements, go for it—you can donate eggs up to six times and you can even haggle to get more money, especially if you become a proven donor.

But there is one last risk I often think about. What if, 20 years after donating, you get a call from someone who is genetically your baby. I mean, whoever holds my old position at a clinic has access to all the records of who donors are and whose eggs went to whom. If that person is just another kid out of college, who could also use tip money, it feels too easy for this information to get out. Just sayin’.

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