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Denver Divorce Lawyer – Family Law Attorney Englewood CO, Child Custody – Joe Hartman


Joe,Hartman. Family Denver Child Custody Lawyers, Englewood Bankruptcy CO

Attorney Denver Co, Joe Hartman, Child Custody attorney, Divorce Lawyers Co. Bankruptcy Lawyer

People Law Professional Legal Firm Family representation in Colorado is for individuals who will be filing for divorce or legal separation as well as for individuals with legal issues after the dissolution of marriage’s decree has been entered and require assistance with modification of parenting time and/or child support and/or other issues. Englewood Bankruptcy Lawyer. Divorce Lawyers. Bankruptcy Lawyers near me CO Child custody lawyer. Attorney Denver Colorado, Denver child custody lawyer, family law attorney Denver Divorce Lawyer Denver

Colorado Divorce attorney. Bankruptcy, Denver Family lawyer

As a Attorney I can also assist Family individuals with Adoption and Different Matters. Child and Legal Custody, Englewood Bankruptcy

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Family Law in Co

We are an Family in Colorado Defensor. Family law matters can be very emotional, especially when children are involved. I have been assisting people with family law cases since 1986 primarily in the Colorado metro area. I have also assisted people in countries outside of this area.

People Law Professional Legal Firm

In my initial consultation with a potential client. it is my desire to be a good listener, to understand the client’s objectives, and to recommend a strategy for achieving the client’s desired results. In all of my family law cases, I encourage my clients to keep their own hard copy paper family law notebooks. I make it a habit of hand-delivering and/or forwarding any pleadings I generate on the client’s behalf and/or any pleadings received from any other party and/or their defendant and of course the court. We all have life experiences with someone who has gone through a family law proceeding in Denver .

I encourage my clients to use their life experiences to assist them in their current law matter.

As a parent and a caring family law attorney, I encourage my clients to focus on first and foremost what is best for their children. Children always have to be the most important for us. Englewood Law.

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Galveston Family Law Attorneys #galveston #divorce #lawyer, #divorce #attorney, #child #custody, #texas, #houston, #uncontested,


Divorce and Child Custody Attorneys

This web site provides detailed information on how divorce and child custody cases are handled in Texas (and in Harris County and Galveston County in particular). Houston and Galveston area divorce attorney Greg Enos believes every spouse and parent involved in a divorce or child custody case should understand the basics of the law and court procedures in order to make better decisions and hopefully save money on legal fees.

The goal of every family law case should be to protect the children and reach a fair agreement as quickly as possible.

“Helping Families Through Tough Times”

The Enos Law Firm, P.C. helps families in and around Houston, Texas and Galveston, Texas through divorce, child custody, adoptions other family matters, including:

  • Contested Divorce Cases
  • Uncontested Divorce Cases
  • Divorces for Medical and Dental Professionals and Business Owners
  • Property and Debt Division
  • Child Custody Disputes and Modifications
  • Grandparents Seeking Visitation or Custody
  • Interstate Custody Cases
  • International Custody Cases
  • Premarital Agreements and Postmarital Agreements

To arrange your initial consultation with the Family Law attorneys of The Enos Law Firm, P.C.
Call Today 281-333-3030 or toll free 1-888-693-4400

Attorney Greg Enos, has 30+ years of legal experience and is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

The Enos Law Firm handles divorce, adoption and child custody cases in Harris County (Houston), Brazoria County, and Galveston County, Texas. Greg Enos has been through his own divorce and child custody battle (he won) and understands what his clients are going through. Enos is very involved in local politics and charities and he is a former Bar Association President. Enos speaks at legal seminars on family law educating attorneys and judges and he publishes legal directories and a legal newspaper that are widely used and read by Houston area attorneys and courts. Enos is a respected leader of the legal profession working to improve family courts.

Call 281-333-3030 to schedule a confidential consultation. Phone appointments are available for prospective clients who live in other cities or countries or are traveling for business.

The offices of The Enos Law Firm are in Webster, Texas, in the Clear Lake area between Houston and Galveston. Click Here for a map

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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer – Decatur Accident Attorney – Stephen M #atlanta #personal #injury


Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

When accident victims and their families seek redress for their loss, they turn to Atlanta injury lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert for help. For over 20 years, the law office of Stephen M. Ozcomert has made the difference between obtaining justice and being overwhelmed by debt for countless individuals in Atlanta, Decatur and everywhere else across Georgia. Over 80 percent of his cases are referred by satisfied clients who have received substantial verdicts and settlements in injury claims involving:

Georgia law protects victims injured in accidents caused by negligence. Reckless motorists cause traffic collisions when they fail to exercise reasonable care. This breach of duty makes them liable for injuries. Atlanta personal injury attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert has recovered multi-million dollar awards from negligent parties in cases involving:

  • Hit-and-runs
  • Drunk driving
  • Failure to yield
  • Improper braking
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Side impact collisions

From handling reluctant insurance adjusters to protecting your rights in court, Mr. Ozcomert ensures that judges and opposing counsel take your claim seriously. Knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel is critical to obtaining compensation and maximizing relief.

Accidents can also be caused by a dangerous condition on property. Like drivers, property owners violate a legal duty by failing to protect invitees from unreasonable harm. Landlords, managers, and municipalities must remove or repair such dangers, which can include:

  • Slippery surfaces
  • Unmarked stops
  • Construction areas
  • Inadequate security
  • Broken traffic lights
  • Dangerous dogs or animals

Injuries caused by dangerous property conditions give rise to premises liability. But because strict deadlines limit the amount of time that victims and families have to sue local and state entities, it is important to seek immediate assistance to preserve your right to bring a personal injury claim.

Over $40 Million in Settlements and Verdicts

Car manufacturers and other vendors may be held liable when collisions or other accidents are caused by a defective car, product, or part. Flawed products often harm consumers in accidents involving:

  • Braking failures
  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Broadside collisions
  • Tire balding/blowouts
  • Serious motorcycle injuries

From flimsy crumple zones to sticky floor pedals, dangerous defects are often discovered too late. Manufacturers are strictly liable for harm caused by any foreseeable use of these products.

Health care professionals are trained specialists with a higher duty of care. If they fall below the required legal standard, they can seriously injure patients. Surgeons, dentists, and nurses are negligent when they make preventable mistakes in treating a variety of conditions, including:

  • Burn injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Closed head injuries
  • Penetrating head injuries
  • Anterior cord injuries
  • Central cord injuries

When catastrophic injuries require professional care, patients rely on their physicians. Personal injury lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert works closely with forensic crash specialists and leading medical experts to discover the source of your injury and protect your financial future.

As an experienced advocate, Atlanta personal injury lawyer Stephen M. Ozcomert uses his expansive knowledge to get you results, including compensation for lost income, medical costs, pain, suffering, and other benefits. If you were harmed in an accident caused by negligence, do not trust your fate to a novice; rely on an attorney with over 20 years of experience negotiating tough settlements and trying cases before a jury. Attorney Stephen M. Ozcomert has an established reputation for excellence as one of Georgia s Super Lawyers and as a member of its Legal Elite. Call (404) 370-1000, or toll free, 888-373-9321, for a free consultation or contact us online.


  • Steve and Anne walked me through the whole process from start to finish. When I called with questions, I promptly got responses. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone in need of an attorney.
  • Thanks for everything. Steve you’re the BEST. Keep up the great work! I recommend Mr. Ozcomert and partners to anyone who is looking to WIN. ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.
  • I have really enjoyed the way that Steve and his one person staff Anne handled my case. They turned a bad situation into a very favorable outcome. They went the extra mile. I can highly recommend Steve to anyone that is in need of an attorney.

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Long Island City Surgical injury Lawyers, Long Island City Surgical injury Attorneys, Long Island


Long Island City Surgical Injury Attorneys

The law firm of Silbowitz, Garafola, Silbowitz, Schatz Frederick is composed of highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated Long Island City surgical injury attorneys. The firm’s litigation practice focuses on accidents resulting in injuries to the neck, back, head, knees, shoulders, legs, arms, muscles, bones, tissues, and nerves. Our firm has a proven track record of recovering multi-million dollar awards because we pursue your money as if it is our own.

Representing victims in Long Island City surgical injury cases as well as victims in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, and all New York counties, is the core of our business. Regardless of whether your injuries were the result of a motor vehicle accident, slip/trip and fall, construction accident, or defect or dangerous condition on property, our expertise and services are designed to obtain fair and adequate compensation for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and future expenses associated with these devastating injuries.

  • Injuries resulting from accidents involve complex medical issues because they often require surgery. Common surgical injury cases that we handle include but are not limited to:
  • Spinal cord injuries, including herniated and bulging discs (slipped discs), fractured/displaced vertebrae, often resulting in surgery to the neck or back;
  • Fractured/broken bones, often resulting in surgeries involving placement of pins, plates, rods and screws;
  • Torn muscles, ligaments, and tendons, leading to arthroscopic or full open surgery;
  • Injuries to shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, wrists, hands, often resulting in surgery;
  • Sciatica, nerve damage, “pinched” nerves, radiculopathy, arthritis, often leading to surgery; and
  • Paralysis (including paraplegia and quadriplegia).

Because of the seriousness of injuries resulting from various accidents and the pain that accompanies these injuries, our clients often are forced to undergo surgery such as spinal surgery, open reduction, internal fixation/placement of hardware, hip replacement, knee replacement, and various arthroscopic surgeries.

Our broad spectrum of services will guide you through the legal, financial, and personal challenges that you and your loved ones encounter while we aggressively pursue your personal injury case. From the moment our firm is hired (no fee unless we win) and throughout our representation, we will determine the needs of your case. Those needs may include:

  • Evaluating your injuries based on review of your medical records;
  • Retaining appropriate medical experts to testify as to the severity of your injuries;
  • Retaining economic experts to accurately calculate your financial losses as a result of your injury;
  • Consulting with a vocational rehabilitation expert to assess reduced earning capacity, shortened work life expectancy, and your future earning potential, and
  • Developing a life care plan to address future and other medical needs.

If you have suffered any type of injury that has required surgery or may require surgery in the future as a result of an accident, call 1-888-EX-JUDGE or e-mail now for a free consultation with a Long Island City surgical injury lawyer experienced in handling personal injury cases and multi-million dollar surgery cases. Our attorneys and staff are available to answer your questions and assist you with your legal claim.

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Oakland Criminal Defense Lawyers #oakland #criminal #defense #lawyer


Oakland Criminal Defense Attorneys

Reputation for Oustanding Results

At the Law Offices of Torres Caraves, we bring more than 20+ years of collective experience in public and private litigation. We have a multicultural team of Spanish speaking attorneys and staff who are committed to delivering solid results and an excellent client experience. Our attorneys are trial-tested advocates with a proven record. We are well-known in the community and strongly believe in treating each client with respect and trust.

Our goal is to work hard to protect you and your family during the stress of a criminal case. Whether you face a first-time DUI charge or a felony drug charge. our legal team is here for you. At our law firm, we handle all types of criminal matters, including run-of-the-mill cases and complex criminal cases. Torres Caraves is known for integrity and responsiveness, and will communicate with you every step of the way so you know where your case stands at any moment. You won t be kept in the dark! Let us show you how we built our reputation to protect your freedom and our family. There is too much at stake to risk it without the right attorneys by your side, so call the Law Offices of Torres Caraves today!

Call (510) 953-5551 or contact us online to see how we can fight for you! Se habla espa ol.


Man pulled over and arrested for DUI
was taken to court and his case dismissed.

Reasons to Choose

Our Oakland Defense Firm

Multicultural Team

Our Spanish-speaking attorneys and staff serve people from all walks of life.

  • Former Prosecutor

    With our more than 20 years of combined experience, we have the insight and talent to handle any type of criminal trial.

  • Trusted in the Community

    Our team includes a former public defender who served indigent clients, dedicated to serving the community.

  • Reputation for Excellence

    Our law firm is known for serving clients with integrity and responsiveness.

  • A History of Results

    Our caring yet aggressive approach has built up a proven track record of defense victories.

    100% Dedicated to Client Service

    Attorney Roseann Torres is one of the most aggressive attorney’s I have ever met and it is probably because she was a former prosecutor. She knows the criminal system very well and her confidence was obvious in the court room. I was facing felony battery charges and JAIL time for a situation where I was attacked and had to defend myself. The DA would not budge on its offer so Ms. Torres strongly suggested we take the case to trial, and WE DID, and WE WON. NO JAIL TIME. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an aggressive attorney that is ready to fight for your innocence, no matter what it takes. She is a God-send. Thank you Attorney Torres.

    Our family is very thankful for Attorney Martin Caraves. Our daughter was charged with multiple felony DUI counts that included property damage. But that didn’t stop Mr. Caraves from providing aggressive representation. At the end of the case, he was able to get most of the charges dismissed and the case settled for a misdemeanor with no jail time. My daughter is slowly getting her life back together now and we are extremely greatful for the referral to Attorney Martin Caraves. He is a very compassionate person and a SHARK in the courtroom. I will definitely recommend Torres & Caraves to anyone in need of an experienced DUI attorney.

    Attorney Martin Caraves got my DUI dropped to a dry reckless. He is very technical when it comes to DUI’s. Not only did he get me a great deal but he got my case with the DMV dismissed. I got my license back within a month and no points on my record. THANK YOU.

    Got my 3rd DUI and was facing 120 days in county jail. I don’t know how he did it but Mr. Caraves got my case dismissed after filing motion after motion and arguing against the DA constantly in open court. He is relentless and I felt confident with him by my side. Mr. Caraves is very knowledgeable and professional and enjoys litigating your case. He always returned my calls within a reasonable time and made the process less stressful. I am glad my brother referred me to his firm. Great job Mr. Caraves. I salute you.

    Damn, Torres & Caraves Law did a kick ass job on my case. I was facing about 8 felony counts on weapons and drug charges. Attorney’s Roseann Torres and Martin Caraves worked together to get most of the felonies dismissed and BEST of all NO JAIL TIME. Mr. Caraves also got my bail reduced by 75% allowing my family to get me out at minimum cost with a bail bonds company. I AM TRULY GRATEFUL. Thank you!

    I searched for a while before I found Defense Attorney Martin Caraves’ web site and felt good enough about calling. I was a nervous wreck and super embarrassed about my situation but Mr. Caraves immediately put me at ease by explaining how he was going to get me out of my bad situation. He was very patient and compassionate and answered all my questions. He made time to discuss all my options before trial. I highly recommend Attorney Martin Caraves and trust his work. He is a solid defense attorney.

    I have to thank Attorney Martin Caraves for representing me in court. I am blessed to have contacted Torres & Caraves. I was facing 120 days in county jail for carrying a concealed weapon in the trunk of my car and I had two other passengers in my car. Long story short, I got NO jail time and the case got dismissed at trial. He is not afraid to fight the DA all the way to get the best outcome in the case. My family thanks you Mr. Caraves. You are a shark!!

    The attorneys at Torres & Caraves are AWESOME. THANK YOU. I was lucky enough to get two attorney’s working on my domestic violence case. Attorney’s Roseann Torres and Martin Caraves worked hard on my case since my now ex-wife was claiming that I physically abused her. I was facing several felony dv charges but they were frivolous. She was leveraging the criminal justice system to get more money and child support in our divorce. Torres & Caraves took my case to trial and we WON. I did not like the process but these attorney’s know what they are doing. They understand how the civil and criminal courts interact so that you get the best outcomes. I would recommend them to anybody dealing with a domestic violence case.

    Martin has been great to work with. I’m currently battling a DUI case coupled with an accident and Martin has been on top of everything. He keeps me informed throughout the process and answers any questions I may have. Being that this is my first offense, there are a lot of questions to answer. His knowledge and expertise has definitely kept me calm during these high stress situations. I would highly recommend Martin should you have any legal issues and in need of someone to be on your side.

    Criminal Defense

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    Dedicated Representation and Personal Service throughout the Wakefield, MA Region

    Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP is currently developing a new Web site, this is a temporary page. For now, please refer to the information below and contact Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP to schedule a consultation.

    Contact the law offices of Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP today for a consultation: 781-245-4545

    Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP is dedicated to providing quality client service and sound legal advice to clients in Wakefield, MA, and surrounding areas. Our focus is accessibility to clients, and we will work closely with you to develop practical legal solutions designed to meet your unique legal needs.

    Contact Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP today to schedule a consultation with an attorney. We advise and represent clients in a range of legal areas:

    • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • High-Asset Divorce
    • Property Division
    • Child Custody and Support
    • Modifications and Enforcements
    • Alimony
    • Protecting A Business In Divorce
    • Mediation
    • Estate Planning Administration
    • Wills Trusts
    • Elder Law
    • High Net Worth Planning
    • Probate Estate Administration
    • Probate Trust Litigation
    • Real Estate
    • Civil Litigation

    Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP will take the time to understand your legal issues, your values and your goals. We can offer a variety of legal options to protect your interests while promoting your success. To schedule a consultation with a lawyer, contact Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP today.

    Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP
    649 Main Street
    Wakefield, MA 01880
    Phone: 781-245-4545
    Fax: 781-245-1999

    Nigro, Pettepit Lucas, LLP, in Wakefield, MA, offers aggressive legal services throughout the area.

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    Baltimore Family Law – Divorce Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney,


    Call 800-844-2248

    Baltimore Family Law And Divorce Lawyer

    Serving Clients In Maryland And Washington, D.C.

    The outcome of your legal matter can affect your life for years. When something is this important, you want a lawyer you can trust to put your needs first. At the law office of Alice G. Pinderhughes, P.A. every client is important. Whether you are getting a divorce, selling commercial property or putting together an estate plan, you and your case are priorities at our firm.

    Attorney Alice G. Pinderhughes has more than 39 years of experience representing individuals, families, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, churches and property owners. With this experience leading the firm in all we do, our clients benefit from diverse legal knowledge and skills. Because clients work directly with an attorney throughout their cases, they also enjoy exceptional service and accessibility.

    A Full-Service Law Firm You Can Rely On

    At Alice G. Pinderhughes, P.A. we assist clients with a broad spectrum of legal needs, including:

    • Family law and divorce — Our Baltimore family law and divorce attorney provides a full complement of family law services, including child custody and child support. adoption, separation agreements. and pre- and postnuptial agreements .
    • Real estate — We represent commercial and residential owners and developers in matters such as settlements. foreclosure, deed transfers and
    • Estates and trusts — Get experienced representation for small and large estate administration and drafting effective wills, trusts and powers of attorney as well as advance medical directives.

    In addition, our firm provides representation in business and corporate law, civil disputes, personal injury, and administrative law. Please contact us for more information on these areas of law.

    Contact A Glen Burnie Real Estate Attorney

    To schedule an appointment, please call 410-671-5151 or 800-844-2248.

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    813-839-2000 Lemon Law Attorney Tampa Florida #florida #lemon #law, #auto #attorney, #auto #lawyer, #lemon


    We Specialize In Florida Lemon Law

    Automobile manufacturers in Florida frequently fight Lemon Law claims with aggressive and experienced defense lawyers. An experienced Lemon Law lawyer can help make sure that the Lemon Law playing field is leveled.

    Every Lemon Law case is different. The Federal and State Lemon Laws are very different and offer different remedies to consumers. If you are stuck with a Lemon, call an experienced Lemon Law attorney and have your repair orders and purchase paperwork for the lemon at hand.

    The Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens offers free Document Review Case Evaluation for consumers who have a potential Lemon Law claim.

    In some circumstances,The Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens is able to offer to represent it’s clients under the Lemon Laws without charging the clients for any of the law firm s legal fees incurred in prosecuting your case. An experienced lemon law attorney will provide you with more information and your lemon law options during the free Document Review Case Evaluation. Pursuant to Federal Lemon Laws, a consumer s legal fees are payable by the manufacturer who sold you the lemon and then refused or were unable to repair your lemon.

    If you qualify for free legal representation, The Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens will recover attorneys’ fees only if we win your case or reach a settlement that is acceptable to you.

    Lemon Law articles assembled by The Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens, your Florida Lemon Law Experts:

  • Dealer Shuts doors without paying for trade-ins. Read More.
  • Ford Recalls 200,000+ Suvs & cars. Read More.
  • With Growing List Of Auto Recalls, A Closer Look At Regulation. Read More.
  • Senator urges FTC to take action against car-makers’ misleading warranty tactics. Read More.

    Questions about Florida Lemon Law? Auto Fraud? Consumer Rights?

    Regardless of whether you are looking for a Lemon Law Attorney, auto dealer fraud attorney, car attorney or any of its similar names. Look no farther than the Lemon Law Firm of the Attorney Patrick J Cremeens. Please Contact Us with any questions.

    Specializing in Lemon Law

    The Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens excels specifically in Lemon Law & all things vehicle related including the following terms for Lemon Law: Auto Attorney, Auto Lawyer, Lemon Law Lawyer, car sales lawyer, Lemon Law Vehicle Lawyer, Fraud Attorney, Fraud lawyer, etc. Learn more.

    Full Service Law Firm

    The Law Office of The Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens handles ALL kinds of legal services including the following: Florida Lemon Law, Consumer Law, Foreclosure Defense, Construction Law, Shareholder Disputes, Civil Litigation, Appellate Practice & Criminal Defense. Visit our website at www. CremeensLaw.com

    Free Document Review & Case Evaluation

    If you are not sure what your rights are or if you have a Lemon Law case please Contact Us for your free document & case review by one of our expert Lemon Law Attorney’s. So when you think, Is there a Lemon Law Attorney near me? Please Contact Us.

    Learn about the Attorney’s at the Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens. P.A.

    Patrick J. Cremeens is the lead Attorney and works closely with other attorneys to actively defend your rights. Patrick J. Cremeens specializes in Lemon Law, Consumer Law, Foreclosure Defense, Construction Law, Shareholder Disputes, Civil Litigation, Appellate Practice, Criminal Defense & more.

    Contact Us

    All our contact information, directions more

    About Us

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  • Pittsburgh Lawyer – Real Estate – Bankruptcy – Tax Attorney #best #bankruptcy #lawyer


    Pittsburgh Lawyer Real Estate, Bankruptcy Tax Attorney

    Hello and welcome to the website of Pittsburgh lawyer, Stephen Jurman. Our office is located in Foster Plaza (Green Tree Borough), just 6 miles from the down town area. Practicing law in Pennsylvania since 1977, we offer extensive legal experience with a strong focus on bankruptcy, real estate matters and tax law.

    We focus a lot of attention on real estate law for both the residential and commercial sectors. No job is too big or too small. You can find more detail here .

    Much of our work is also dedicated to those struggling with financial burden. Our firm is dedicated to providing professional and compassionate assistance to those considering the delicate topic of bankruptcy. We will work with you to determine the best path for your debt problems and solutions.

    In addition, we also concentrate on tax matters relating to any Federal, state and local tax concerns. Learn more.

    We are a small office and our clients tell us that they enjoy our small, friendly setting.

    In today s world, doing business is very complicated. It is imperative that you have an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. Our commitment is to provide you with sound advice, prompt personal service and always keep your best interest at the forefront of any transaction.

    Building Long-Standing Relationships

    • Our concern for our client s doesn t end once we are paid and the case is completed. Our credibility and concern for you and your circumstances doesn t stop just because we completed the job. We realize that there may be other times in your life, whether for business or personal, that you need the legal support of someone you can trust.
    • We strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible.
    • While there are those that might consider us a little old fashioned, that s okay, we don t mind. Our credibility is important to us and we take pride in building lasting relationships with those that need our help.

    Here s a detailed description of the services that we offer:

    But, if you don t see a particular service listed here, please feel free to give us a call and ask anyway. If it s out of our area of expertise, we most likely can refer you to a reputable attorney: (412) 352-0898 .

    • Representing large publicly held corporations and financial institutions as well as medium to small closely held companies, partnerships and individual business owners.
    • Actively representing clients in the purchase, sale and/or lease of industrial, commercial and residential property.
    • Providing counseling and representation in equal employment opportunity matters including Title VII and Age Discrimination both in court and before the Human Relations Commission.
    • Representing Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) and defendants under federal and state environmental laws such as CERCLA and RCRA (Superfund).
    • Assisting clients in recovery of damages and procurement of coverage from insurance companies.
    • Financial guidance and representation through the process of bankruptcy.
    • Litigating business and commercial disputes, including contracts, securities, shareholder and partnership issues.
    • Representing landlords and tenants in disputes regarding shopping center and industrial leases.
    • Defending corporations, officers and directors in class action securities cases.
    • Representing owners in land use, zoning, equal housing opportunity, boundary and quiet title litigation both in court and before zoning hearing boards, boards of adjustment and planning commission.

    Click here for more detailed information on our Areas of Practice.

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    Portland Criminal Defense Attorney – Criminal Appeals Lawyers Oregon #dui #lawyer #portland


    Oregon Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Portland Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving Throughout Oregon

    Many people are overwhelmed after being charged with a criminal offense. They trust the advice of their friends and family who say you want an aggressive lawyer. You want someone who will keep you out of jail, help you avoid fines and keep your record clean. If you or someone you know has been charged with property crime. DUI or a sex crime. we can help.

    But aggressive representation isn t the end of the story. You want a qualified, experienced attorney with a talent for coming up with strategic, creative solutions and possessing the right professional resources to handle your defense correctly from the outset. You want an attorney who has taken hundreds of satisfied clients in situations like yours to a successful outcome, beating the odds.

    Fearless Aggressive Resourceful

    Those three words are often used to describe criminal defense attorney Mark C. Cogan. He represents professionals as well as union, salaried and hourly workers, retirees, students and small business owners. Every client of our office receives the focused, personal attention of an experienced and accomplished attorney who will fight for the best result, use forceful, strategic techniques, and who will leave no stone unturned to pave the road to a successful result.

    If you have been charged with a crime or need representation in a criminal law matter, contact our law firm to learn how we can help you.

    Treating Every Client With Respect and Dignity

    Being aggressive does not mean that we don t treat our clients well. Quite the opposite! The courtroom victories and negotiated outcomes we have accomplished for our clients speak for themselves, and our clients speak highly of us.

    Our pledge to you:

    • We will listen to you and pursue what you want for your defense.
    • We will leave no stone unturned in creating a defense strategy.
    • We will leverage our resources to make the most of your chance at an acquittal, dismissed charge or successful plea bargain.
    • We will be strategic and creative to find ways to accomplish your desired solution.

    The Prosecution Has Begun Its Work We Should Begin Ours

    Many criminal cases are lost because the defendant waited too long to contact a qualified criminal defense attorney. No matter the circumstances, anyone under investigation or facing criminal prosecution should retain the best possible attorney as early in the process as possible. If you are charged with a sex crime, DUI, theft or embezzlement, or any other misdemeanor or felony, please call our Portland law office at 503-549-1077 or send us an e-mail for a free initial consultation.

    Let s get your criminal defense started. We have work to do.

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    How may we assist you?

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