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MOHAN Foundation – Organ Donation in India, what is organ donation.#What #is #organ #donation

what is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

Recent Activities

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

Awareness Talk on Organ Donation at School of Nursing, Sriram Chandra Bhanja Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack

On 10 th November 2017, MOHAN Foundation, Cuttack organised an awareness session with the staffs and students of School of Nursing, .

What is organ donation

Organ donation awareness session at Adhya Designs, Faridabad

MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct an awareness session on organ donation at Adhya Designs, Faridabad on October 7, 2017. It was coordinated .

What is organ donation

Awareness Talk on Organ Donation for YAK Marine Academy at Khopoli

On 10 th October 2017 MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by Mr. D.S. Yadav, MD of YAK Marine Academy to conduct awareness talks for .

What is organ donation

Upcoming Programmes

What is organ donation


Organ Donation Awareness talk at Regional Transport office, Giripeth, Nagpur every Tuesday & Friday,


Organ Donation Awareness talk at Super Speciality Hospital, Tukadogi Square, Nagpur, every Tuesday & Friday.


Organ Donation Awareness talk at Government Medical College & Hospital, Medical Square, Nagpur every Monday

4.Delhi – NCR:

Awareness Session on Organ Donation at Oerlikon Drive Systems, Greater Noida on November 10,2017


Organ Donation Awareness Session on Dr. MGR’s 100th Birth Anniversary in Kamarajar Memorial Hall on 13th November 2017 from 2 PM


Angels of Change Vounteers Training Program for the medical students and members of SAMSA on 14 and 15 Nov 2017.


Awareness Talk on Organ Donation at Sewa Automotive – NEXA KINGSWAY, Nagpur on 14th November 2017 at 9.30 am.



Angels of Change Volunteer Training Program for Staff Nurse of Kauvery Hospital, Chennai on 23rd November 2017 from 8 AM


Walkathon – Walk for a cause – Support the the people waiting for organs in the waitlist. Come and Celebrate the joy of giving on 26th November 2017 7:30 AM onwards in Marina Beach



Angels of Change Volunteer Training Program for Staff Nurse of Kauvery Hospital, Trichy on 05th December 2017 from 8 AM


Organ Donation Awareness Program in Mattruthiranaligal Orunginaippu Nala Sangam, Manali New Town on 10th December 2017 at 12:30 PM


Organ Donor Memorial

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

Mr. Veeraragavan – 45 Years

What is organ donation

Mr. S.B.Francis – 53 Years

What is organ donation

Mrs. Chitralekha – 45 Years

Transplant Centres in India

What is organ donation

1. Andhra Pradesh

2. Assam

3. Bihar

4. Chandigarh

5. Delhi-NCR

6. Goa

7. Gujarat

8. Haryana

9. Himachal Pradesh

10. Jammu Kashmir

11. Jharkhand

12. Karnataka

13. Kerala

14. Madhya Pradesh

15. Maharashtra

16. Manipur

17. Odisha

18. Puducherry

19. Punjab

20. Rajasthan

21. Tamil Nadu

22. Telangana

23. Uttar Pradesh

24. West Bengal

Organ Donation Figures

What is organ donation

Andhra Pradesh (2017) – 417
Kerala (2017) – 34
Rajasthan (2017) – 11
Tamil Nadu (2017) – 631

What’s New

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation


What is organ donation

What is organ donation


Life Savers Program – Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy
Selfless Service – Mr. Sivaramakrishna
Thanks From USA – Ms. Priya
Thanks From Ernst & Young LLP
Thanks From Angeetha & Pranav
Thanks From Michelin India

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

Oxford Workshop Videos

What is organ donation

Prof. Rutger Ploeg speaking at National Organ Retrieval Workshop March 2017 – English

What is organ donation

Dr. Harsha Jauhari speaking at the National Organ Retrieval Workshop – English

What is organ donation

Dr. Philip G. Thomas speaking at 2nd Oxford Organ Retrieval Workshop Bangalore 2016 – English

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

What is organ donation

Membership Status

Vishakha, Luxarun, Mahender

What is organ donation

What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation What is organ donation

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Reading Is Fundamental #donate #food

#donate eggs


Read For Success




We empower children to read, learn and grow

For 50 years, Reading Is Fundamental has used its experience and expertise to motivate and inspire young children to read.

It s not just the books we distribute that make an impact. Our evidence-based program, Read for Success, helps children improve reading proficiency and combat summer learning loss a contributing factor to the achievement gap.

Millions of children need help improving their reading skills. Millions of children need RIF.

Since 1966, RIF has distributed more than 412 million books to 40 million children nationwide, improving their ability to read, learn and grow.

Worth a Read

How Worried Should you Be About Your Child s Screentime?

Aug. 25, 2016 – The numbers would make you believe that we (and our kids) do nothing but sit and stare at our screens all day.

RIF Appoints Alicia Levi as President and CEO

Aug. 18, 2016 – Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Alicia Levi as RIF’s new President and CEO.

New evidence that summer programs can make a difference for poor children

The Washington Post

Sept. 7, 2016 – During their long, languid summers, lots of children forget the lessons they learned in school. But the hot empty months pose an especially big academic hurdle for poor.



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Rhys Plater is fundraising for Comic Relief #donate #stuff

#comic relief donate


Hemingway Bailey s Joke Competition


Hemingway Bailey, Chartered Management Accountants in Beverley, are raising money for Comic Relief! We’re inviting our clients, friends and contacts to send us their best joke and, for a minimum donation of £5, we’ll feature these on our website. On Red Nose Day itself we’ll pick our favourite!

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

Read full story

Share this story

Comic Relief is a major charity based in the UK. We work tirelessly year round to help make our vision of a just world free from poverty a reality. And in the years since we started out in 1985, with the support of some remarkable people, we’ve achieved amazing things and raised over 900 million.

Charity Registration No. 326568

Donation summary

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Is the home of Rockford Computers For Schools #donate #a #cow

#computer donation



Rockford Computers For Schools (RCFS) is dedicated to providing a low cost alternative for achieving technology in the classroom.

Founded in 1997, RCFS is committed to a two-fold posture of bridging the digital divide and supporting environmental responsibility through the refreshment of prematurely retired computer systems.To date our program has placed over 5,200 computers in schools, non-profit organizations and need-based homes proving that limited funding does not preclude access to technology.

The Detwiler Foundation of California began the Computers for Schools Program in 1991 and serves as the model for Rockford’s program.

Our cost-recovery model is based on generous donations from corporations, businesses, and other large institutions. Rockford Computers For Schools (RCFS) refurbishes and upgrades this donated equipment with Microsoft software keeping current with educational technology standards. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), RCFS offers complete refurbished computer systems as a cost effective alternative to new equipment. With this model we are able to customize systems to support school district technology requirements and individual non-profit office needs while maximizing limited budget resources.

RCFS is a 501(c)3 organization in partnership with Illinois Growth Enterprises. Funding is totally through private donations, grants, and community foundations.

Rockford Computers For Schools offers certified refurbished computers to schools and non-profits for less than 1/10 the cost of new equipment. Click on About RCFS to learn more.

The Mission

Rockford Computers for Schools Program (RCFS) is to improve the opportunities for all children to use technology to expand, increase, and enrich their learning experiences.

The Program

Provides donated pre-owned and referbished computers from local individuals or businesses to schools in the Rock River Region and surrounding area. The use of donated computers and equipment greatly expands student access to technology.

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Is it ethical to give a goat to Africa? #donates

#donate a goat


Is it ethical to give a goat to Africa?

Every year I give the gift of a goat to Africa, on the basis that a goat provides poor Africans with milk, cheese, grass-grazing skills, and company during those long, TV-less nights in the jungle and it also helps them to continue living sustainable, machine-free lives. Yet now Animal Aid tells us it is wrong to give animals to Africans at Christmas time, because these beasts add to rather than diminish poverty , and what s more where impoverished people cannot afford to feed and care for their animals, those animals endure extreme suffering and die . Aaah! I don t want my paid-for goat to suffer at the hands of some witless African! Ethan, what should I do? Keep giving the goats or rein them in?

Peaches Ciccone
West London

Ah yes, the goat dilemma. The question of What To Give To Africans is such a source of enormous, sleepless torment for we ethical souls. Do we let them know it s Christmas , as Bob Geldof suggests, or will that only offend against their possibly Muslim, paganistic or cannibalistic cultural traditions? Do we give them old, cast-off clothes, even if that means having innocent black boys and girls running around the jungle in garments made from worm-torturing silk or stitched together by enslaved Indonesian four-year-olds high on Coca Cola in a factory in the back-end of nowhere?

Must-reads from the past week

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Do we send them condoms, even though these foul objects are made by hacking at the hearts of rubber trees and never biodegrade or do we not send them condoms and risk Africa becoming even more wildly overpopulated by more mouths to feed and more bottoms to adorn in unethically-constructed grass skirts?

Just the other night, over the most divine organic turnip flan you will ever taste ( 5.99 from Waitrose: rush out and get one NOW), me, Sheba, Zac and Margo had a blazing row about the goat dilemma. Margo said it is unethical in the extreme to send goats to Africa, since goats are not mere chattel to be passed from one human being to another. Zac disagreed and said it s better to send goats to Africa than to have them imprisoned without trial in children s petting zoos in places like Bermondsey where children deranged by turkey twizzlers poke them in the eye or insert fireworks in their anuses .

My partner Sheba (the unbeliever) said the most unbelievably stupid thing (come on Sheba, you know you did): that we should send money to Africa! As Zac, Margo and I pointed out to her in a rare moment of agreement on that heated night most of that money would only be stolen by African tyrants and spent on limousines or aeroplanes or factories or Afro hair products and other unspeakable Crimes Against Gaia.

The debate went on ALL night. Sometimes I wonder if Africans know how much emotional torture people like me endure in order to work out how we might help them. Voices were raised; organic, freight ship-imported red wine from Portugal was spilt in anger; napkins made from undyed recycled sackcloth were thrown down in fury; and at the end of the night, Margo, by this stage in tears, brought her own goat (who lives an entirely free-range existence in her backyard and only trims the weeds around her allotment if and when he wants to) into the dining space and yelled: Would you want to send such a beautiful creature to RWANDA? We all had to agree that, no, such a peaceable and innocent beast as Lynas should never be shipped to such a volatile and angry place as Rwanda, or Sierra Leone, or Zimbabwe, or even Kenya, which used to be quite respectable and touristy but which earlier this year also succumbed to that innate human instinct to burn things down and chop things off.

After listening to all the evidence, and all the arguments, I have come to the conclusion, Peaches, that it is NOT ethical to send goats to Africa. Don t get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for the well-meaning, well-to-do inhabitants of respectable London and the Home Counties who every year dig deep in order to fund the provision of goats, ducks, llamas, donkeys and other livestock to poor African families. They instinctively recognise that the authenticity and austerity of rural African life, the glorious muddiness of living hand-to-mouth in a mudhut on the outskirts of Freetown a lifestyle that I look upon with deep green envy from my polluted, car-packed, shop-filled town in Kent MUST be preserved. And how better to preserve it than to furnish Africans with the simplest things in life, such as plimsolls (with rubber-free soles), lead-free pencils so that they can learn how to write, solar panels that allow them to heat water, and goats, which are such a superb alternative to lawnmowers and to the industrialisation of milk production and milk provision, such as we have instituted in animalphobic Britain.

However, we must also ask: is this in the best interests of the goat? And I m afraid the answer is usually no . Sheba and I once sponsored a girl in Liberia called Chloe. Well, we called he Chloe. Her birth name Abeiuwa Bombata Obakhavbaye wouldn t fit on the eco-friendly wristbands that we had made to remind ourselves and our friends of our selfless love and respect for Africa. We sent Chloe 5 a month, which helped to sustain both her and her donkey. It kept Chloe in school and kept her donkey in rude health.

However, when we paid Chloe a surprise visit in 2003 with the ultimate aim of adopting her and bringing her to Britain so that she might educate our own two boys about how to live in tune with nature we discovered that she had saved up our monthly donations to buy a tiny bungalow, with a gas heater (. ), and was making extra money by charging local kids a penny to ride on her donkey. We were disgusted, disturbed, traumatised. We immediately withdrew our monthly donation, and the latest I heard is that Chloe is selling shoelaces on roadsides in Monrovia and making tuppence a week. So I hope she has learned an important lesson: do NOT abuse donkeys, and more fundamentally do NOT abuse the kindness of strangers.

Peaches, it is too risky to entrust animals to a continent where the RSPCA has very little clout and where PETA has tried but failed to bring about a cultural shift in attitudes to wildlife and pet-life. So instead of giving a goat to Africa, I suggest you sign up with Oxfam and give the gift of dung to Africa, as that wonderful charity describes it. Yes, for the price of a Starbucks coffee (if you are inclined to drink from that evil capitalist establishment), you can send a bucket of manure to a poor African family, which allows them to fertilise enough crops to keep them alive for exactly one year. And if you ve already bought a goat, fear not just collect together its shit, put it in a well-sealed box, and post it to Sierra Leone for the attention of Poor Farmers In Need of Assistance . Africans will certainly know it s Christmas when they receive a box of juicy, life-giving animal faeces.

Ethan Greenhart s book Can I Recycle my Granny? and 39 Other Eco-Dilemmas is published by Hodder Stoughton in October (for more details, visit Amazon(UK) ). Ethan is here to answer all your questions about ethical living in the twenty-first century. Email him .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Read his earlier columns here .

For permission to republish spiked articles, please contact Viv Regan .

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Why Donating Blood Is Good For Your Health #raise #money #online

#advantages of blood donation


Why Donating Blood Is Good For Your Health

It’s time to roll up your sleeve and save a life — including yours.

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood, with a total of 44,000 blood donations needed every day, reports the American Red Cross. One whole blood donation. which takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, can come to the rescue of as many as three patients.

Harold Mendenhall, an 84-year-old lifetime blood donor from South Florida, donated his 100th gallon of blood, The Palm Beach Post reported. He started giving blood on July 7, 1977 when his wife, Frankie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After she died, going to the blood bank was a way Mendenhall could deal with the grief of losing his wife and later his two sons. At least, he could save those who needed a blood transfusion.

Mendenhall, strong and healthy, donates 6 gallons of blood a year by platelets. In a platelet donation, a machine withdrawals the blood, filters out the platelets, and returns the rest of the blood to the donor, according to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. This donation procedure takes 70 to 90 minutes and can be done once every seven days, allowing for the donor to give blood every few weeks instead of the eight weeks of waiting required for a non-platelet donation. Whole blood donors can also donate platelets 72 hours after a whole blood donation, and vice versa.

Blood donors must be 17 years old in most states, with some states lowering the limit to 16 years old with parental consent. Donors ages 16 to 18 are also subject to additional height and weight restrictions, says the New York Blood Center. A single individual who donates whole blood starting at 17 years old every 56 days until they reach 76 will have donated 48 gallons of blood, potentially saving more than 1,000 lives, says the American Red Cross.

While the health benefits of recipients who receive blood transfusions are clear, altruistic blood donors too, can reap the benefits.

Preserves Cardiovascular Health

Blood viscosity is known to be a unifying factor for the risk of cardiovascular disease, says the Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide. How thick and sticky your blood is and how much friction your blood creates through the blood vessels can determine how much damage is done to the cells lining your arteries. You can reduce your blood viscosity by donating blood on a regular basis, which eliminates the iron that may possibly oxidize in your blood. An increase in oxidative stress can be damaging to your cardiovascular system.

Blood donation reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, too. In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), researchers found that participants ages 43 to 61 had fewer heart attacks and strokes when they donated blood every six months. In a study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology. researchers found in a sample size of 2,682 men in Finland, those who donated blood a minimum of once a year had an 88 percent lower risk of heart attacks than those who did not donate.

The removal of oxidative iron from the body through blood donations means less iron oxidation and reduced cardiovascular diseases.

Reduces The Risk of Cancer

The reduction of iron stores and iron in the body while giving blood can reduce the risk of cancer. Iron has been thought of to increase free-radical damage in the body and has been linked to an increased risk of cancer and aging, says a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Researchers followed 1,200 people split into groups of two over the course of 4 ½ years. One group reduced their iron stores by blood donations twice a year, whereas the other group did not make any changes. The results of the study showed that the group of blood donors had lower iron levels, and a lower risk of cancer and mortality.

The Miller-Keystone Blood Center says that the consistency of blood donations is associated with lower risks of cancers including liver, lung, colon, and throat cancers due to the reduction in oxidative stress when iron is released from the bloodstream.

Burns Calories

People burn approximately 650 calories per donation of one pint of blood, according to the University of California, San Diego. A donor who regularly donates blood can lose a significant amount of weight, but it should not be thought of as a weight loss plan by any means. To donate blood the American Red Cross requires donors to weigh at least 110 pounds and maintain healthy iron levels in the body.

Provides A Free Blood Analysis

Upon donation, donors are tested for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases. Testing indicates whether or not you are eligible to donate based on what is found in your bloodstream, says the American Red Cross. The organization also notes that a sample of your blood may be used now or in the future for additional tests and other medical research with your consent.

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Donate Timeshare Now – Timeshare Donation Is Easy #donating #cord #blood

#donate timeshare


Donate Timeshare to Charity

SellMyTimeshareNOW.com has partnered with DonateMyTimeshare.org. the leading timeshare donation group, to help qualified owners donate their timeshares to charity. DonateMyTimeshare.org works with Give Back Charities, Inc.. a 501c(3) charity, to help members of local communities.

About Give Back Charities, Inc

Did you know that almost one-third of working Americans do not make enough to cover their family’s basic needs? Give Back Charities provides financial support to community members through scholarships and donations. By assisting these hardworking individuals in their time of need, Give Back Charities hopes to create a “pay-it-forward” effect. They suggest that when members are able, they return the support by helping other community members.

How to Donate Timeshare to Charity

You can donate your timeshare online through a hassle-free process. Fill out the form to the right to inquire about donating a timeshare to Give Back Charities. Please provide as much information as possible including your contact information and resort name. The more information you can give us about your vacation property and ownership, the better we will be able to assist you.

Benefits of Timeshare Donation

There are many benefits available to individuals who donate timeshare online through our timeshare donation program:

  • No hidden costs or fees. When you donate a timeshare to charity through our partnership with DonateMyTimeshare.org there are no hidden fees or commissions, and once the transfer is complete you no longer have to pay maintenance fees.
  • The donation process is guaranteed. Unlike selling a timeshare, if your timeshare qualifies for donation, the transfer is guaranteed. While finding a buyer and closing a timeshare sale can sometimes be a lengthy process, we process donation requests as quickly as possible.
  • Tax benefits. Depending on where you live and where your resort is located, owners who donate timeshares can claim the fair market value of their timeshare. This timeshare donation tax deduction may require an appraisal to verify the fair market value of your property.

For owners who are no longer using their vacation properties, donating timeshares to a deserving cause like Give Back Charities is a great alterative to continuing to pay maintenance fees.

To learn more about timeshare donation visit DonateMyTimeshare.org .

By donating the proceeds from your timeshare sale, you are assisting a worthy charity, Give Back Charities, Inc. On behalf of SellMyTimeshareNOW, LLC, DonateMyTimeshare.org, and Give Back Charities, Inc. we would like to thank you for considering timeshare donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click any question below for more information

How do I claim the tax deduction for my timeshare donation to charity?

Once the ownership has been transferred through DonateMyTimeshare.org, you will receive a receipt verifying your donation. Please note this receipt will not include the value of your timeshare property. The IRS states on Form 8283 that you may claim fair market value of the timeshare on the date you donated it. If you are claiming the fair market value of your donation at greater than $500 you will need to fill out Form 8283 to submit with your tax return; if you are claiming the fair market value of your timeshare donation at greater than $5,000, you will also need a written appraisal that meets IRS guidelines. We urge anyone who plans on claiming a tax deduction through donating timeshare to charity to thoroughly research all legal and tax-related ramifications. Consult your CPA, lawyer, or financial advisor for more information.

What is the fair market value of my timeshare property?

The fair market value of a timeshare charity donation is NOT the same as what the developer or resort is charging for the same week or ownership. Similar to a used car, the market value of a timeshare ownership typically depreciates over time. The fair market value of your timeshare donation should be assessed by a professional if you wish to claim a tax deduction over $5,000.

I still owe money on my timeshare, can I donate my timeshare to charity?

Unfortunately, you can only donate a timeshare once the mortgage is paid in full. If you still owe a large amount on your property, your best bet is to try to sell your timeshare to recoup as much money as possible, and then make a separate donation to Give Back Charities or an equally deserving charity. If you feel you are able to pay off your existing mortgage, please call DonateMyTimeshare.org at 855-781-1080 to learn your options.

Why should I work with SellMyTimeshareNOW.com and DonateMyTimeshare.org?

Many “timeshare relief” companies claim to be the most knowledgeable when it comes to donating a timeshare to charity. But if any relief or donation company claims you will receive compensation when you donate timeshare OR asks you to submit a payment through an untraceable source (money packs, wire transfers), step back and do your research. There are many timeshare donation scams out there, which is why working with the professionals at DonateMyTimeshare.org is often the wisest choice.

Our donation specialists make the process simple and hassle-free. Get started now.

Privacy Guarantee: We will never sell your personal information as stated in our Privacy Policy. and you agree that we may send you email communication regarding the services described on this website pursuant to the Terms of Use.

“This is just a note to tell you I have successfully completed 2 rental transactions. The 2nd was recently. Without your company I would not have been able to do this.” Judy K.
(Ad 29554 Ad 29343)

“I would like to thank the entire staff at SellMyTimeshareNOW for customer support that truly is second to none. I was treated with courtesy, respect, professionalism, and the right amount of personality to make the entire experience an absolute joy. I was almost sad that our timeshare sold so quickly because that meant I could no longer deal with the wonderful people at customer service.” Daniel M. J.
(Ad 35042)

“I had a great experience renting my timeshare with your company. I had all my concerns and questions addressed promptly and efficiently. I am surprised as to how many potential buyers that I had since the first day my ad was posted. I was definitely in good hands.” Moshood O.
(Ad 250558)

“The staff is very professional and any website updates are handled immediately and accurately. We have used other websites and received no responses and were unable to rent our units. I highly recommend using Sellmytimesharenow.com for renting your units!” Brenda T.
(Ad 204083)

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How Egg Donation Process Works: What is an Egg Donor #where #to #donate #blood

#egg donation procedure


Egg Donation Process

What is an Egg Donor and How the Egg Donation Process Works

Being selected as a donor by one of our recipients leads to a very exciting and rewarding journey to help make a dream of becoming parents come true. We hope that you have carefully evaluated your decision to become an egg donor. It is a serious commitment when you choose to participate in an egg donor cycle, and the results are gratifying. We appreciate your generosity and compassion for these infertile couples.

The length of your commitment once you are selected for an egg donor cycle can be as few as six weeks and as long as four months. Egg Donation, Inc. is not a medical facility, but we have relationships and work with the best Reproductive Endocrinologists across the nation who will work to ensure your safety and well being and can explain the full medical procedure of egg donation. A goal of our staff is to make your journey as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. We know the time and effort it takes to be an egg donor and we treat all our donors with the care and the respect they deserve.

Egg donor process once you have been selected by a recipient

Ask us a Question

West coast office

15821 Ventura Blvd. Suite 625

Encino, California 91436

contact information

15821 Ventura Blvd.Suite 625



Areas Served

2016 Egg Donation,Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Donate A Car in KC Kansas City Car Donation, donating cars in KC is

#donating a car


Auto Donation Center of Kansas City

Donate A Car in KC

November 20, 2014: When you donate a car in Kansas, you’re helping the communities we live in. Today, we gave a donated 2005 Ford Taurus to a school employee.

A resource officer of the Valley Center Middle School, Allen Adams, of the Valley Center PD, told us of a woman that helps the school children in Valley Center. It was his request that motivated us to help Ashley Ransom of Wichita, Kansas. As you can see in the picture, she was very surprised by the gift.

About American Children’s Society

American Children’s Society is a 501c(3) charity, registered with the IRS and State Agencies. We help ill and disadvantaged children and their families.

We rely on vehicle donations and public support to make our programs successful.

Our Kansas City Auto Donation Center workers were privileged to participate and work with the amazing staff of KCTV-5 in collecting and delivering the water to these victims and we express our thank’s to the WONDERFUL PEOPLE OF THE KANSAS CITY AREA who generously donated water and money to help our neighbors in Oklahoma suffering such a tragic loss.

We are very proud to be a part of this great community and of every one who came out to help. We as a charitable organization will continue to do as much work as we possibly can to help those in times of such great need. Now you can be a part of helping others when you donate a car for kids.

The American Childrens Society, Inc.

Donate a car in KC. help kids with cancer. Donating a car in Kansas City has never been easier. Choose the American Childrens Society for your auto donation needs.

* Receive the Highest Tax Deduction Possible

* We accept cars in all of the KC area

* Donate Your Kansas City Car in Any Condition

* Cars, Trucks, Boats, Heavy Equipment, Vans, Suvs, just about anything on wheels can be donated

Your KC car donation will help kids with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

The auto donation process is very easy, all we need from you is the title and the keys, we’ll do the rest. No title? We can pick it up anyway. just have your insurance and registration card as proof of ownership.

When you donate cars in Kansas City, you’ll receive:

*The Highest Tax Deduction

* Fast, Free Pick Up anywhere in the KC area

* All Charity Car Donations Accepted, Regardless of Age or Condition

* No Title? Not a problem! You can still make an auto donation

* 100% of Your Donation Benefits Charity

* Avoid the Hassles of Selling it Yourself

* Cars, Trucks, Vans, Suvs, Heavy Equipment, just about anything on wheels

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Muslim charity putting Allah is great posters on buses to portray Islam in a

#muslim charity


A Muslim charity is putting ‘Allah is great’ posters on buses to portray Islam in a positive light

Hundreds of British buses will carry adverts praising Allah as part of a campaign launched by the country’s biggest Muslim charity to help victims of Syria’s civil war.

Islamic Relief hopes the posters, which bear the words “Subhan Allah”, meaning “Glory be to God” in Arabic, will portray Islam and international aid in a positive light.

Buses will carry the advertisements in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and Bradford.

These cities have large Muslim populations and the charity hopes it will encourage people to donate generously ahead of the start of Ramadan on 7 June.

According to Islamic law, Muslims are supposed to donate 2.5 per cent of their income to the poor and needy.

Known as Zakat, the practice is regarded as one of the “five pillars of Islam”.

Many people choose Ramadan to donate their Zakat, as the month of fasting is regarded as a month of blessings.

Muslims believe the rewards for all good deeds are greater during Ramadan than during the rest of the year, according to Muslim Aid.

The charity hopes the campaign will help young Muslims channel anger about the war in Syria and discrimination at home into humanitarian work, thereby preventing them from becoming involved with extremist groups.

Imran Madden, the UK director of Islamic Relief, said: “In a sense this could be called a climate change campaign because we want to change the negative climate around international aid and around the Muslim community in this country.

“International aid has helped halve the number of people living in extreme poverty in the past 15 years, and British Muslims are an incredibly generous community who give over £100 million to international aid charities in Ramadan.”

The new campaign will appear on buses from 23 May on 640 buses around the country.

The adverts will have a special resonance in London as the city elected its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, on Thursday – despite a Conservative campaign which repeatedly accused him of having connections to extremists.

An estimated three million Muslims are believed to live in London – around 50 per cent of British Muslim population.

Transport for London (TfL), which regulates the advertisements appearing on the city’s buses, has a clause banning campaigns linked to a “political party or campaign” but does not prevent religious advertising.

It can ban ads if it believes the campaign is likely “to cause widespread or serious offence”.

In 2012, a Christian charity had its adverts cancelled by then Mayor Boris Johnson after it was accused of claiming to “cure” gay people.

In 2009, the British Humanist Association drew complaints after it ran a campaign saying “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”.

In response, Christian groups ran a counter-campaign saying there “definitely is a God” a month later.

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