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Pacific Internet – Ukiah, California

Locally Owned in Ukiah, California

Pacific Internet has been locally owned and operated in Ukiah, California since the early 1990 s. We take pride in our friendly service and support for our community. We offer a range of services for all your Internet needs. Shoot us an email. give us a call at (707) 468-1005, or visit our office in downtown Ukiah .

Fusion Broadband

Uncapped Internet starting at $49.95/month .

Unlimited nationwide calling no per-minute charges!

Keep your phone number we work hard to make switching carriers as easy as possible.

Full-featured Voicemail, Caller ID, International calling more!

Personal Management use the Fusion Portal to enable/disable features, view call logs more.

Domain Names

Thinking about getting your own dot com ? It s easier and more affordable than you think. All domains registered through us enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free WHOIS Privacy.
  • Free Email Forwarding.
  • Free Domain Name Services.
  • Free Spam-filtered Email for Your Domain.

Search for available domains using the widget below:

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Macmillan Cancer Support donations via text message plus Gift Aid contribution via the mobile

#macmillan donations


Entry title
Macmillan Cancer Support donations via text message plus Gift Aid contribution via the mobile internet

22 nd May 2006

Section / Category
Fundraising / Non profit

Campaign background and objectives
Macmillan Cancer Support wanted to offer an alternative method of donating to those unwilling to sign-up to an on-going direct debit or those who do not have a credit card. It was also important that the campaign was compliant with HM Revenue Customs so they could reclaim Gift Aid contribution. Charities often miss out on the extra income made from Gift Aid donations because it is too expensive to process the paperwork on small donations.

Details of how to make a donation by text were included on Macmillan’s press ads which appeared in a number of national papers including The Independent and The Guardian. Each publication used different key words (e.g. SUPPORT, NURSE, HELP, MACMILLAN ) which allowed precise tracking to determine donations driven by each title.

Texts are sent to premium rate number 85222. which charges the donor’s mobile £3. If the donor owns a pay-as-you go phone then credit will be deducted immediately; in the case of a monthly contract phone the amount appears on the next bill.

Once the donation has been made a WAP Push message is sent to donors asking them to visit a Macmillan-branded Mobile Internet Gift Aid form where they can confirm they are a UK taxpayer, allowing Macmillan to claim an additional 28% from HM Revenue Customs. The mobile channel automates this process and removes the need for manual processing. The fact the Gift Aid form is available on the mobile handset immediately after the text donation has been made reduces drop-off compared with other donation channels. This is a global first for the charity industry.

Donations via SMS proved the most successful mechanism with 59% of donations being made via text compared with 29% by coupon (i.e. post) and 12% by call centre (i.e. credit card). 25% of those people who made a donation via SMS went on to complete the WAP or SMS Gift Aid declaration.

About Incentivated
Incentivated works with global brands to help them communicate with customers instantly and easily via their mobile phones.

We develop and manage mobile marketing campaigns and services on local, national and international levels. (Patented) technology, developed by Incentivated, allows our clients to reach people in all corners of the world and in many languages, using text messaging and the mobile internet.

We believe the mobile phone is an intensely private medium. Respecting this principle, our campaigns provide information that consumers find useful and welcome.

Founded in 2001, Incentivated’s fast growing client base includes British Airways, Hilton Group, Carphone Warehouse, OneTel, Scottish Power and Macmillan Cancer Support.

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FH330-How to setup the router for Static IP internet connection mode-Tenda-All For Better NetWorking


FH330-How to setup the router for Static IP internet connection mode

How to setup the router for Static IP internet connection mode

Product line: Wireless Model number:FH330

There are three internet connection modes for the router. This article will guide you how to setup the router for Static IPmode and the steps as below.

Note. If you have no idea about what is the internet connection type and the accounts please call your ISP for them.

Part 2. Configure your computer

Part 3. Setup the router

Part 4. Check whether you can access internet

Connect the modem with the WAN port of the router, and then connect your computer with one of the LAN ports by a cable.

Note. after connection the SYS light should be blinking, the WLAN light should be on or blinking, the WAN light should be on or blinking.

1 Click on Network Connection Icon on the system bar, then click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

2 Click on Change adapter settings.

3 Right click on Local Area Connection. then choose theProperties option.

4 Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)

5 Choose Obtain an IP address automatically andObtainDNS server address automatically and then click OK.

6 Also click onOK on the first Local Connection Properties window.

1 Open a browser then type192.168.0.1 in the Address bar. click on Enter.

2 Type the Username and Password ( default: admin ) in the bars then click on the Login button to login the setting page.

3 If the Setup Wizard detects that your Internet connection is Static IP,you will see the figure below:

Click Next to go forward.

4 You can secure your wireless network on this page. The default Wi-Fi Name can be seen here on the Router s label.

1.Change the WiFi Name to your custom name for easy recognition.

2.Customize a WiFi password in the WiFi Password field,and click Next.

The page below will appear and hold for three seconds, and you will be directed to the Static IP setup page.

5. Input the Static IP info your ISP gave you, and click OK to save and active your settings.

1 Check the Connection Status. if it shows Internet Access. it indicates that you can access the Internet.

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Get Centurylink in Orlando, FL, CenturyLink Internet & TV, best internet provider in orlando.#Best


Get CenturyLink Internet

Service in Orlando, FL

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Any speed up to 25 Mbps

Packages Available in Orlando

High-speed Internet up to 25 Mbps. Speed may not be available in your area. AutoPay enrollment required. Rate excludes taxes, fees and surcharges.

  • Download speeds up to 25 Mbps

(may not be available in your area)

  • Game and watch movies online
  • Buy CenturyLink Internet

    • Unlimited Local and Nationwide Calling
    • Popular calling features like Call Waiting

    High-speed Internet up to 25 Mbps and Home Phone Unlimited. Speed may not be available in your area. AutoPay enrollment required. Rate excludes taxes, fees and surcharges.

    • Download speeds up to 25 Mbps
    • Home Phone with Unlimited Local and

    Best internet provider in orlando

    Official High-Speed Internet Sponsor of the Orlando Magic

    The fastest way to save on High-Speed Internet

    Looking for fast, reliable Internet that s also priced within your means? You ve found it. At CenturyLink we take pride in offering a variety of budget-friendly Internet packages that don t scrimp on features. That s one reason we re one of Orlando s most trusted Internet service provider.

    • Download speeds of up to 40 Mbps (May not be available in your area)
    • CenturyLink @Ease security protection available

    Guaranteed savings on Internet and phone bundles

    Bundling your home phone and Internet service in Orlando is a smart move. A CenturyLink bundle not only offers perks like advanced calling features and reliable Internet, it can also lower your monthly bill. A bundle from CenturyLink lets you:

    • Unlimited local calls
    • Unlimited Nationwide calling
    • Up to 11 calling features

    Protect yourself online with CenturyLink @Ease

    Protect your computer from a cyber attack with CenturyLink @Ease. Starter @Ease packages include PC Health Checks to keep your computer running at its best and Norton TM Anti-Virus Online to defend it against malware. Even more security protection is available when you upgrade @Ease:

    • Remote assistance
    • Norton TM 360 Online
    • Norton TM Online Backup
    • Identity Guard protects your personal information
    • Equipment repair
    • Extended warranties

    Entertaining TV in Orlando

    CenturyLink has partnered with DIRECTV in Orlando to offer feature-rich satellite TV options at competitive prices you are sure to love. Bundle DIRECTV service with CenturyLink High-Speed Internet and get tons of Orlando-based promotions and features:

    • Over 315 digital channels available
    • NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2017 seasons included

    at no extra cost with CHOICE Package or higher

  • Free standard professional installation included in up to 4 rooms
  • Order DIRECTV service today. Call 1-855-832-3053

    CenturyLink Retail Stores in your Neighborhood

    CenturyLink has a variety of store locations in Florida to get you set up.

    CenturyLink can help you select the best TV, Internet, or Home Phone options for your needs. Whether you re a current customer switching your service to a new address in the Orlando area, or you ve just relocated to The Sunshine State, call CenturyLink now to learn more.

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    Houses – Homes for Rent in Portland, OR, internet service portland oregon.#Internet #service #portland


    Home Rentals in or near Portland, Oregon

    Rentals Available: 1251


    Picture Yourself in a House for Rent in Portland, OR

    Portland is home to a wide variety of events and entertainment. Portland’s rich history and landmarks offer much more than can be explored in one weekend. The city of Portland — the name was decided by a coin flip by the city’s founders, William Overton and Isa Lovejoy — was founded in 1851. Located near the confluence of the Willamette and Colombia rivers, the city features much more than the average American city.

    Some affectionately refer to Portland as “The City Of Roses” based on the fact that the climate serves up the perfect environment for these fragrant flowers to be grown. With warm summers and rainy but still mild winters, Portland has a rather enjoyable climate. When some think of the Pacific Northwest, they think only of rain, and while the winter and spring does produce much rain in the city, it also provides the city with a lush green backdrop everywhere that the eye can see. With the city nestled between the two rivers and nearby Mount Hood, a mountain nearly 13,000 feet above sea level, the views are second to none.

    Job Opportunities for Portland Renters

    Many people have enjoyed the fact that two large companies have recently moved to the city. Nike and Intel are two of the larger employers in the city, two high-volume companies that keep the economy strong. This beautiful city boasts a population of 562,690 people within the city limits and nearly two million in the metro area. The city itself is still growing, as evidenced by the local “Pearl District.” This is an area that was used in the early part of the previous century as an industrial hub. These old factories that sat abandoned for years are now being converted into trendy high rise lofts, which support the city’s booming economy. This area gives citizens walking access to downtown where they can take in a basketball game. The Trailblazers play their games in the downtown Rose Garden.

    Living and Renting in Portland

    An observer will quickly notice that many Portlandites take part in an active lifestyle. The city hosts an annual marathon, as well as a race “Hood to Coast” in which an athlete will run from the top of this iconic mountain, through Portland and on to the Pacific Ocean. The city is also well known for its love of the arts. In a recent American Style magazine issue, Portland was ranked as the 10th best Big City Arts Destination. Obviously this is a city that any traveler would love to visit, and many would like to call home.

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    Your medical record is worth more to hackers than your credit card #united #states,dave


    Your medical record is worth more to hackers than your credit card

    A man types on a computer keyboard in this illustration picture taken in Warsaw February 28, 2013. Kacper Pempel

    NEW YORK/BOSTON (Reuters) – Your medical information is worth 10 times more than your credit card number on the black market.

    Last month, the FBI warned healthcare providers to guard against cyber attacks after one of the largest U.S. hospital operators, Community Health Systems Inc, said Chinese hackers had broken into its computer network and stolen the personal information of 4.5 million patients.

    Security experts say cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the $3 trillion U.S. healthcare industry, which has many companies still reliant on aging computer systems that do not use the latest security features.

    “As attackers discover new methods to make money, the healthcare industry is becoming a much riper target because of the ability to sell large batches of personal data for profit,” said Dave Kennedy, an expert on healthcare security and CEO of TrustedSEC LLC. “Hospitals have low security, so it’s relatively easy for these hackers to get a large amount of personal data for medical fraud.”

    Interviews with nearly a dozen healthcare executives, cybersecurity investigators and fraud experts provide a detailed account of the underground market for stolen patient data.

    The data for sale includes names, birth dates, policy numbers, diagnosis codes and billing information. Fraudsters use this data to create fake IDs to buy medical equipment or drugs that can be resold, or they combine a patient number with a false provider number and file made-up claims with insurers, according to experts who have investigated cyber attacks on healthcare organizations.

    Medical identity theft is often not immediately identified by a patient or their provider, giving criminals years to milk such credentials. That makes medical data more valuable than credit cards, which tend to be quickly canceled by banks once fraud is detected.

    Stolen health credentials can go for $10 each, about 10 or 20 times the value of a U.S. credit card number, according to Don Jackson, director of threat intelligence at PhishLabs, a cyber crime protection company. He obtained the data by monitoring underground exchanges where hackers sell the information.

    Attacks on the Rise

    The percentage of healthcare organizations that have reported a criminal cyber attack has risen to 40 percent in 2013 from 20 percent in 2009, according to an annual survey by the Ponemon Institute think tank on data protection policy.

    Founder Larry Ponemon, who is privy to details of attacks on healthcare firms that have not been made public, said he has seen an increase this year in both the number of cyber attacks and number of records stolen in those breaches.

    Fueling that increase is a shift to electronic medical records by a majority of U.S. healthcare providers.

    Marc Probst, chief information officer of Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, said his hospital system fends off thousands of attempts to penetrate its network each week. So far it is not aware of a successful attack.

    “The only reason to buy that data is so they can fraudulently bill,” Probst said.

    Healthcare providers and insurers must publicly disclose data breaches affecting more than 500 people, but there are no laws requiring criminal prosecution. As a result, the total cost of cyber attacks on the healthcare system is difficult to pin down. Insurance industry experts say they are one of many expenses ultimately passed onto Americans as part of rising health insurance premiums.

    Consumers sometimes discover their credentials have been stolen only after fraudsters use their personal medical ID to impersonate them and obtain health services. When the unpaid bills are sent on to debt collectors, they track down the fraud victims and seek payment.

    Ponemon cited a case last year in which one patient learned that his records at a major hospital chain were compromised after he started receiving bills related to a heart procedure he had not undergone. The man’s credentials were also used to buy a mobility scooter and several pieces of medical equipment, racking up tens of thousands of dollars in total fraud.

    Medicare Fraud

    The government’s efforts to combat Medicare fraud have focused on traditional types of scams that involve provider billing and over billing. Fraud involving the Medicare program for seniors and the disabled totaled more than $6 billion in the last two years, according to a database maintained by Medical Identity Fraud Alliance.

    “Healthcare providers and hospitals are just some of the easiest networks to break into,” said Jeff Horne, vice president at cybersecurity firm Accuvant, which is majority-owned by private equity firm Blackstone Group.

    “When I’ve looked at hospitals, and when I’ve talked to other people inside of a breach, they are using very old legacy systems – Windows systems that are 10 plus years old that have not seen a patch.”

    KPMG partner Michael Ebert said security has been an afterthought for many medical providers – whether it is building encryption into software used to create electronic patient records or in setting budgets.

    “Are you going to put money into a brand new MRI machine or laser surgery or are you going to put money into a new firewall?” he said.

    Additional reporting by Susan Kelly in Chicago; Editing by Michele Gershberg and Tiffany Wu

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    ShopSite Home Page, internet shopping cart software.#Internet #shopping #cart #software


    Host Your Online Store Anywhere

    Easily create a store or add order buttons to your website.

    Internet shopping cart software

    Create a Successful Store

    ShopSite’s online store building software helps create search engine friendly sites without any coding knowledge, including adding social media and integrating with third-party tools such as WordPress blogs and Constant Contact email marketing.

    Built in themes and an easy user interface to help you build and design your online store quickly.

    Use SEO tools, integrate with social media & WordPress, send newsletters, and run specials.

    ShopSite grows with you. From a Free Express store to a Pro store we have the product to fit your current and future needs.

    Internet shopping cart software

    Store Features

    With ShopSite’s feature-rich store building software, merchants have the tools to easily build SEO friendly, mobile ready websites with marketing features such as customer product reviews, up-sell and cross-sell products, as well as coupons and gift certificates.

    3 rd Party Integrations

    Engage your customers on social media with a Facebook store, products highlighted in your WordPress blog, and encourage customers to share your products on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Then allow your customers to pay for their order using their preferred payment method, from various credit card types, to PayPal and Amazon payments.

    Internet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart software

    Internet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart softwareInternet shopping cart software

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    How to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed #high #speed #internet #in #india


    How to Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed

    Looking for a way to increase your Internet speed without upgrading your ISP Internet plan? Well, Internet speed can depend on a several factors, both internal to the network and external. Starting from the operating system, you have the network card, network cable, wireless router, broadband modem, and possibly other devices before you even get out of your house.

    Also, this article is meant for users who had previously been browsing at a certain download speed, but now seem to be browsing at a much slower speed. If you perform a speed test on your connection and are getting within 85% to 90% of the advertised speed from your ISP plan, then there really isn t much you can do. You simply won t be able to get anything faster than the maximum speed of your ISP plan.

    In this post, I ll talk about the different reasons why your Internet connection may be running slow and what you can possibly do to fix those issues. Some of the issues are going to be out of your control, so I ll split the discussion into two parts: external and internal.

    External Internet Speed Issues

    Shared Connections First and foremost, you are most likely sharing your Internet connection with a bunch of other people. If you re feeling your connection is slow, make sure to do a speed test at different times during the day and night. If you see a pattern, it could simply be that congestion is causing the slowdown for not only you, but also everyone else using that same connection to the ISP. Everyone streaming Netflix from 6 PM to 12 AM can definitely cause problems.

    Possible Solution: If residential Internet speed isn t good enough for you, then you can check to see if your ISP provides business Internet to your area. A lot of folks simply choose a business plan, which costs only a little bit more, and gives you much better reliability and speed.

    Internet Fast Lanes Speaking of Netflix, you may notice only certain sites are slow and this is because of the debate around net neutrality. As of now, certain ISPs are charging Netflix fees in order to deliver their content to your computer faster. If they don t pay up, some ISPs are actively throttling the bandwidth.

    Possible Solution: Support Net Neutrality by sending comments to the FCC on the Open Internet filing.

    Throttling The last point brings us to this point, which is that ISPs will throttle certain types of traffic. If you re wondering why your torrent downloads aren t super fast, it could be because your ISP can see it and isn t going to let illegal activity eat up everyone else s bandwidth. They ve gotten so good at it that they can even sniff it out over an encrypted connection like a VPN. Even outside of torrenting, you might get slowed down if you pass a certain data cap. On my parents Cox Cable plan, we found out anything over 200GB in a month was considered high usage and would be throttled.

    Possible Solution: Your best bet if you like to torrent is to use a VPN. Depending on the ISP, you may or may not be throttled. Also, you should never torrent without encryption otherwise the MPAA will sue you.

    Server Speeds Location Even if you have a Verizon FIOS 50 Mbps download/upload plan, it won t really matter if the server sending you the data can only push it out at 2 Mbps. If a server is being overloaded or has some other issues that are slowing it down, you might see slower speeds, but only on that particular website. Also, if you re in the US and trying to connect to a server located in India, for example, you might also find the speed slower.

    Possible Solution: Nothing. If you visit a site often and it s down or loading very slowly, it might be worth figuring out who owns the domain and sending them a polite email. If it s a government agency of any kind, you re screwed.

    Internal Internet Speed Issues

    Now that we covered some of the external factors involved with Internet speed, let s take a look at the internal stuff. Let s start at the very beginning: your computer.

    Operating System It might sound obvious, but it s a good idea to be using a modern operating system that can take advantage of the latest networking protocols and services. If you re still on Windows 2000 or OS X 10.4, then it may play into problems with Internet speed. If you re still on Windows XP, you should be fine, but you probably shouldn t be using Windows XP anymore for a lot of other reasons.

    The other major things to check for are viruses or malware and have them removed immediately. Viruses and malware tend to communicate with master servers and depending on what kind of data they are stealing, that can slow down your Internet. Check out my post on keeping your computer free of viruses and malware .

    Web Browser The browser you use will end of making a difference in your browsing speed. Depending on your version and brand, it could be significant. For example, I had a client complaining about all kinds of browsing issues and I upgraded him from IE 7 to IE 11 and everything just went away. IE 11 also supports a lot of web standards, so things run a smoother compared to even IE 10. There are a couple of other things to consider:

    1. Might be worth trying a different browser like Google Chrome or Firefox if you re currently using IE. Tons of sites have Javascript and each browser has their own Javascript engine, some of which are significantly faster than others.

    2. Try to disable any additional add-ons, toolbars or other extensions that might be installed in your browser. Add-ons are great, but they can be memory hogs, which will in turn make your computer slow and therefore slow down your browsing speed.

    3. Don t clear the browsing cache and history unless you really need to. Caches and cookies are used to keep from having to request the same data from servers if you visit a website more than once. Yes, cookies can be used to track you also, but it disabling cookies or clearing the cache every time you close the browser will slow things down.

    4. If your Internet plan is already pretty slow and you can t upgrade, then you can try blocking ads on websites to help save on bandwidth.

    Network Card Next up is the network card on your computer. If it s a wireless card, you can expect speeds to be slower than if you were using a wired Ethernet connection. Currently, only wireless AC is going to get you speeds faster than 100 Mbps, which is the max speed for a non-gigabit network port. If you have a gigabit router or switch, then even wireless AC still can t touch 1000 Mbps since it tops out at 866.7 Mbps.

    You re probably wondering why that matters at all when the normal range of ISP speeds are from 4 Mbps to 50 Mbps. Well, since your computer has to talk to your router first before the data gets sent to the Internet, you want that data to be sent as fast as possible. It s worth ditching any A/B/G router and upgrading to either N or AC. Tons of devices like all Apple computers, many Samsung phones, etc already have wireless AC built in. Obviously, connecting directly via cable will give you the fastest possible speed without having to upgrade your network card as long as it s a gigabit port.

    Wireless Router The router you are using can play a major role in your Internet speed. There are several things to consider when we look at the router, so let s begin.

    1. If you have an older router, it may not be able to deliver the full speed that your ISP plan provides. If your ISP put in their own router, you don t have to worry about that particular issue. However, I have noticed with ISP routers that they only last about a year or two before they just become miserably slow. I have always gotten my ISP routers replaced within two years and the speeds always go back up to their original highs.

    2. Since most routers still use the 2.4 Ghz range, you probably should try messing around with the channel. Interference at the 2.4 GHz range is a huge problem because of the sheer number of devices communicating over it. You can use a program like inSSIDer (Windows) or WiFi Explorer (Mac) to see all the wireless networks around you and which channels they are using. Adjust your channel so that it doesn t overlap with anyone else s if you can.

    3. The location and placement of the router also matters quite a bit. In my house, they stuck it into a box in my closet inside the wall! It was the worst possible location for a router. Anyway, you have two options: you can try to boost your WiFi signal or setup a second router that will act as a repeater or extender .

    4. Lastly, if your router is not secured properly, other people may be using your bandwidth without you having a clue. Read my previous article on stopping others from using your Internet connection .

    Well that pretty much covers everything! I didn t mention any hacks or tweaks like messing with the TCP registry settings or with your network card setting because most of those speed boosts are just myths and will mess up your connection even more. If you have your own idea, feel free to post a comment. Enjoy!

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    AT t dsl,att dsl,at t uverse internet,att uverse internet,uverse vs dsl,dsl direct,at t dsl,at


    AT T DSL vs. AT T U-verse High Speed Internet

    AT T offers its subscribers two main options for internet access – AT T U-verse Internet and AT T DSL. Both choices give consumers the power of high speed connections, but one stands out over the other for those who want a robust communication and entertainment package.

    Both AT T U-verse and AT T DSL high speed Internet offer superior connectivity and service for consumers, the features often determine which option is the best for personal or business use. Take a closer look at what each product has to offer before making a final subscription decision.

    The Power of AT T U-verse

    AT T Uverse High Speed Internet is technically a DSL connection. This service level, where available, does provide more than average features. Using a fiber to node and fiber to premises network, AT T is able to provide its subscribers with lightning fast speeds and a variety of other package options.

    The internet service provided under this umbrella offers a wide variety of speeds. On the most basic end, AT T U-verse uses ADSL2+ technology to deliver up to 768 kbps download rates and 384 kbps upstream peak rates. The tier choices just climb from there to the final package, which is called Max Turbo. This VDSL connection offers 24 Mbps downstream peak rates and 3 Mbps upstream rates.

    An update for U-verse speeds:
    Above the 24 Mbps, there are speed tiers of 45 Mbps and 75 Mbps. Plus, AT T is offering GigaPower Internet Service which in certain areas goes up to 1 Gbps (1 Gigabit per second).

    While there’s no denying that AT T U-verse’s speed is a high point, there’s a whole lot more that makes this particular service attractive. U-verse was designed by AT T to offer customers more than internet access. Subscribers can also sign up for television and voice services. AT T U-verse television offers some of the most cutting-edge programming features available today. The bundle pricing offered to U-verse customers makes getting all three services an attractive choice for many.

    A Look at AT T DSL

    AT T also offers its customers access to a more basic DSL service. The speeds remain high and the service and backing is similar. AT T DSL customers do enjoy some rather nice perks, too, including:

    • Dedicated lines to the DSL gateway – This feature stops “neighborhood traffic” from slowing down connections.
    • Multiple speed options – Like U-verse, standard AT T DSL offers a wide selection of speeds ranging from those for personal use to super high speeds for business applications.
    • Other offerings – Standard AT T DSL doesn’t necessarily come with all the bells and whistles of U-verse, but customers can take advantage of some bundles. Telephone service, for example, can be packaged with high speed internet to save subscribers money.
    • AT T DSL Direct AT T DSL Direct is for those that want Internet service only, while keeping their own phone line provider (non-AT T). With this DSL service, AT T rounds up its Internet services offers so there s a good one for customers of all profiles and needs.

    Take a look at AT T U-verse Internet versus AT T DSL and it becomes clear there really isn’t a “better” choice. Both options deliver superior service and should be selected between based on personal requirements.

    Post navigation

    The AT T U-verse TV Wireless Receiver An Industry First

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    Spectrum Internet Service: Top-Tier High Speed Internet Providers (ISP), internet service providers virginia.#Internet #service


    Spectrum Internet for Your Home

    Internet service providers virginia

    Blazing fast Internet is available and can be yours with Spectrum Internet . With speeds starting at 60 Mbps, surfing the Web in your home has never been like this, and just in time, too: these speeds allow you to play games online without lag and loading time, use streaming services without worrying about buffering and a whole lot more. Continue reading throughout this page to see all the features available with Spectrum Internet for your home.

    $ 29 99 /mo for 12 mos when bundled*

    • Blazing fast Internet available with speeds STARTING at 60 Mbps
    • Supports simultaneous use of multiple devices all at once
    • No contracts
    • No data caps


    Blazing Fast Internet

    Internet service providers virginia

    Surf and stream faster than ever before with speeds starting at 60 Mbps, it’s super fast and you’ll always be online. With no data caps and speeds that allow you to support multiple devices at once, you can do anything online with Spectrum Internet from the Spectrum Triple Play.

    In-Home WiFi Like Never Before

    Internet service providers virginia

    Spectrum Internet from the Spectrum Triple Play can also bring you the blazing fast and powerful in-home WiFi network, allowing you the speeds and range to connect multiple devices for streaming, gaming and more.

    • High Performance Router
      • Spectrums’s high-performance router delivers excellent speed and range
    • 24/7 Technical customer care reps.
      • Our technical team are always available

    Pair with Spectrum TV and the Spectrum TV App to get your favorite shows, movies, and sports on any device in your home.

    Security Suite From Spectrum

    Internet service providers virginia

    A $60 value, Spectrum Security Suite comes free with Spectrum Internet, keeping your computer safe.

    • Browse safely and securely with Virus Detection
    • Keep identity thieves out of your email with Inbox Protection
    • Block access to unwanted websites with Parental Control
    • Keep the whole family protected with Installation On Up To 10 Computers

    Order the Spectrum Triple Play by calling or filling out our contact form to get started with Spectrum Internet either on its own or as part of a Triple Play bundle with Spectrum TV and Voice today. No contracts and a 30-day money back guarantee make this a play you know you’ll win.

    Spectrum Internet is Here With Unbelievable Speeds

    Now available is Spectrum, a new series of upgrades to all of your favorite services. Spectrum improvements include:

    • Doubled download speeds for Spectrum Internet , giving you speeds starting at 60 Mbps which allows you to connect all of your devices at the same time.

    If you’re a current customer, the upgrade to Spectrum will happen automatically. If you’re a new customer, read on further to learn about the blazing fast Internet from Spectrum.

    About Spectrum Internet Service

    Speed up your Web surfing with high speed Internet service from Spectrum Internet . The Spectrum Internet service offers download speeds starting at 60 Mbps, with upload speeds of up to 4 Mbps. When you sign up for Spectrum Internet, you get a free modem included in the monthly price, as well as security suite, downloadable software that protects up to three computers in your home from viruses, hackers and spam. The high speeds mean you won’t have to wait as you upload and download your files, surf the Web, stream music or video, or even share photos online with family and friends, all without sacrificing your Internet performance.

    Spectrum high speed Internet is a great value for the kind of speed you need. With Spectrum’s blazing-fast speed you’ll no longer have to wait to download files, stream video, or play games online. Spectrum provides the bandwidth to use multiple devices:

    • Uploading pictures on your laptop won t affect music downloading on a mobile device
    • Gaming won t interfere with working
    • Working won t disturb a reality TV marathon on your tablet

    Get started with Spectrum Internet today by calling now. Installation is fast and easy and you’ll be surfing the Web at lightning-fast high speeds in no time!

    In addition, Spectrum Internet comes with the Spectrum.net portal, giving you Spectrum email access, as well as access to news, sports, exclusive videos, online games, and On Demand listings. Spectrum Internet comes with up to 10 associated email accounts.

    Last, but not least, Spectrum Internet includes a subscription to ESPN3.com, which provides a wide variety of sports shows, live events, and videos available online with TV-quality picture and sound. If it’s not on ESPN or ESPN2, it’s probably on ESPN3!

    Contact us today to learn more about what Spectrum Internet can do for you and get with one of the blazing fast high speed Internet service providers.

    Why Choose Spectrum Internet Service?

    Connect to the internet at speeds you never thought possible, and turn your internet connection into an information and entertainment cannon. The days of DSL are long gone and Spectrum Internet is the wave of the future when it comes to high speed Internet providers. With unbelievably fast Spectrum Internet you will be able to download music, photos, games and movies faster than ever before, and simultaneously use multiple Internet-connected devices such as laptops, tablets, newer gaming consoles and smart televisions. Never worry about not being able to check your email again; with Spectrum Internet you can have up to 10 email addresses for everyone in your family.

    Spectrum knows how much you care about privacy and security online. With Spectrum Internet not only will you have access to super fast Internet speeds, but you will also get the security suite software that protects you with an antivirus scanner, firewall and a spam filter. Spectrum is one of the premier cable Internet providers in America so you can sleep soundly knowing that your computers are protected from the outside world with the most cutting-edge technology.

    Stay connected with Spectrum Internet service today and save even more when you bundle your Internet with Spectrum TV Spectrum Voice service. Call and get signed up today!

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