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Sexual Assault Overview

Sexual Assault: Definition

Specific laws vary by state, but sexual assault generally refers to any crime in which the offender subjects the victim to sexual touching that is unwanted and offensive. These crimes can range from sexual groping or assault/battery. to attempted rape. All states prohibit sexual assault, but the exact definitions of the crimes that fall within the category of sexual assault differ from state to state. The laws share some basic elements, but the structures, wording and scope of sexual assault offenses vary considerably, so always check your local statutes for specific questions.

Proving Sexual Assault Charges

In general, sexual assault is involuntary sexual contact that occurs through the actor’s use of force, coercion or the victim’s incapacitation. The law will consider the victim incapacitated if he or she did not have the mental ability to understand the nature of the sexual acts, or if the victim was physically incapable of indicating their unwillingness to participate in the sexual conduct. Common examples of these charges may arise from the use of alcohol or date rape drugs, both of which can make it impossible for a victim to legally consent to sexual conduct.

Modern sexual assault laws cover nonconsensual sexual contact that occurs between any sex and between people of any age. For example, most sexual assault laws cover involuntary sexual contact occurring between two men, two women or two children, etc. not just an adult man and woman.

Most states have made sexual assault the umbrella term for other crimes, such as rape and unwanted sexual contact. Some states distinguish between crimes involving penetration and crimes involving coerced or involuntary touching, making the former an aggravated or first-degree sexual assault and the latter a lower-level sexual assault.

Spousal Sexual Assault and Federal Law

Most states have also extended sexual assault laws to cover spousal sexual assault. States typically accomplished this in one of three ways: by removing the specific exemption for spousal assaults that existed in many sexual assault laws, by removing marriage as a defense to the sexual assault charge, or by creating a separate law prohibiting sexual assault on a spouse.

The federal statute outlawing sexual assault tracks the general principles of sexual assault discussed above and prohibits any sexual act that occurs as a result of the actor threatening or placing the victim in fear. It also prohibits sexual acts occurring when the victim is incapacitated.

Sexual Assault: State Laws

While the classification of sexual crimes is generally not too different from one U.S. jurisdiction to the next, states often have slightly different sentencing guidelines and definitions. Some states separate the various acts into different crimes, while other states lump them together under a single category.

For example, the crime of sexual battery in Florida covers such acts as rape and indecent assault — which were once separate crimes. Regardless of the severity of the crime, it is always charged as a serious felony. And when the victim is under 12 years old (assuming the perpetrator is an adult), the penalty upon conviction is 30 years to life in prison. In California, sexual assault that leads to unwanted sexual intercourse is charged as rape. See FindLaw’s directory of state sexual assault laws to learn more.

Get Legal Help with Your Sexual Assault Case

If you have been charged with sexual assault, you should know that the penalties can be quite severe, including prison time in many cases. It is always in your best interests to seek professional assistance if you find yourself accused of a crime. Schedule your free case evaluation with a qualified local attorney today.

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Oakland Criminal Defense Lawyers #oakland #criminal #defense #lawyer


Oakland Criminal Defense Attorneys

Reputation for Oustanding Results

At the Law Offices of Torres Caraves, we bring more than 20+ years of collective experience in public and private litigation. We have a multicultural team of Spanish speaking attorneys and staff who are committed to delivering solid results and an excellent client experience. Our attorneys are trial-tested advocates with a proven record. We are well-known in the community and strongly believe in treating each client with respect and trust.

Our goal is to work hard to protect you and your family during the stress of a criminal case. Whether you face a first-time DUI charge or a felony drug charge. our legal team is here for you. At our law firm, we handle all types of criminal matters, including run-of-the-mill cases and complex criminal cases. Torres Caraves is known for integrity and responsiveness, and will communicate with you every step of the way so you know where your case stands at any moment. You won t be kept in the dark! Let us show you how we built our reputation to protect your freedom and our family. There is too much at stake to risk it without the right attorneys by your side, so call the Law Offices of Torres Caraves today!

Call (510) 953-5551 or contact us online to see how we can fight for you! Se habla espa ol.


Man pulled over and arrested for DUI
was taken to court and his case dismissed.

Reasons to Choose

Our Oakland Defense Firm

Multicultural Team

Our Spanish-speaking attorneys and staff serve people from all walks of life.

  • Former Prosecutor

    With our more than 20 years of combined experience, we have the insight and talent to handle any type of criminal trial.

  • Trusted in the Community

    Our team includes a former public defender who served indigent clients, dedicated to serving the community.

  • Reputation for Excellence

    Our law firm is known for serving clients with integrity and responsiveness.

  • A History of Results

    Our caring yet aggressive approach has built up a proven track record of defense victories.

    100% Dedicated to Client Service

    Attorney Roseann Torres is one of the most aggressive attorney’s I have ever met and it is probably because she was a former prosecutor. She knows the criminal system very well and her confidence was obvious in the court room. I was facing felony battery charges and JAIL time for a situation where I was attacked and had to defend myself. The DA would not budge on its offer so Ms. Torres strongly suggested we take the case to trial, and WE DID, and WE WON. NO JAIL TIME. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an aggressive attorney that is ready to fight for your innocence, no matter what it takes. She is a God-send. Thank you Attorney Torres.

    Our family is very thankful for Attorney Martin Caraves. Our daughter was charged with multiple felony DUI counts that included property damage. But that didn’t stop Mr. Caraves from providing aggressive representation. At the end of the case, he was able to get most of the charges dismissed and the case settled for a misdemeanor with no jail time. My daughter is slowly getting her life back together now and we are extremely greatful for the referral to Attorney Martin Caraves. He is a very compassionate person and a SHARK in the courtroom. I will definitely recommend Torres & Caraves to anyone in need of an experienced DUI attorney.

    Attorney Martin Caraves got my DUI dropped to a dry reckless. He is very technical when it comes to DUI’s. Not only did he get me a great deal but he got my case with the DMV dismissed. I got my license back within a month and no points on my record. THANK YOU.

    Got my 3rd DUI and was facing 120 days in county jail. I don’t know how he did it but Mr. Caraves got my case dismissed after filing motion after motion and arguing against the DA constantly in open court. He is relentless and I felt confident with him by my side. Mr. Caraves is very knowledgeable and professional and enjoys litigating your case. He always returned my calls within a reasonable time and made the process less stressful. I am glad my brother referred me to his firm. Great job Mr. Caraves. I salute you.

    Damn, Torres & Caraves Law did a kick ass job on my case. I was facing about 8 felony counts on weapons and drug charges. Attorney’s Roseann Torres and Martin Caraves worked together to get most of the felonies dismissed and BEST of all NO JAIL TIME. Mr. Caraves also got my bail reduced by 75% allowing my family to get me out at minimum cost with a bail bonds company. I AM TRULY GRATEFUL. Thank you!

    I searched for a while before I found Defense Attorney Martin Caraves’ web site and felt good enough about calling. I was a nervous wreck and super embarrassed about my situation but Mr. Caraves immediately put me at ease by explaining how he was going to get me out of my bad situation. He was very patient and compassionate and answered all my questions. He made time to discuss all my options before trial. I highly recommend Attorney Martin Caraves and trust his work. He is a solid defense attorney.

    I have to thank Attorney Martin Caraves for representing me in court. I am blessed to have contacted Torres & Caraves. I was facing 120 days in county jail for carrying a concealed weapon in the trunk of my car and I had two other passengers in my car. Long story short, I got NO jail time and the case got dismissed at trial. He is not afraid to fight the DA all the way to get the best outcome in the case. My family thanks you Mr. Caraves. You are a shark!!

    The attorneys at Torres & Caraves are AWESOME. THANK YOU. I was lucky enough to get two attorney’s working on my domestic violence case. Attorney’s Roseann Torres and Martin Caraves worked hard on my case since my now ex-wife was claiming that I physically abused her. I was facing several felony dv charges but they were frivolous. She was leveraging the criminal justice system to get more money and child support in our divorce. Torres & Caraves took my case to trial and we WON. I did not like the process but these attorney’s know what they are doing. They understand how the civil and criminal courts interact so that you get the best outcomes. I would recommend them to anybody dealing with a domestic violence case.

    Martin has been great to work with. I’m currently battling a DUI case coupled with an accident and Martin has been on top of everything. He keeps me informed throughout the process and answers any questions I may have. Being that this is my first offense, there are a lot of questions to answer. His knowledge and expertise has definitely kept me calm during these high stress situations. I would highly recommend Martin should you have any legal issues and in need of someone to be on your side.

    Criminal Defense

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  • New York Criminal Defense Lawyer – Buffalo, New York Crime Attorney – Law Offices


    New York City and Buffalo Criminal Defense Attorneys

    One of the Top Ranked Criminal Lawyers in New York State Martindale Hubbell Lawyer of the Year 2015 for LitigationOur New York City and Buffalo Law Offices Are Available 24/7 to Take Your Call.

    The Law Office of John J. Carney is one of the preeminent criminal defense firms in New York. We also handle family court, divorce, immigration and other matters in every city, town and village in the state. We recognize that our clients need an experienced attorney at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week, just like a hospital emergency room since people have problems and get arrested at all time of the day and night. To better serve you, our New York criminal defense lawyers are available to answer your questions on their cell phones right now. The associates and of counsel attorneys in my New York City, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo offices are all former Assistant District Attorneys, former judges, and veteran criminal and family court lawyers with many years of experience. I personally provide free 30 minute consultations on the phone and in the office and you will never get a secretary or answering service, no matter what time of the day or night you need help.

    Legal Representation for Reasonable Rates

    We realize you work hard for your money, so we make our fees reasonable and offer affordable payment plans. Unlike some lawyers who charge $300-500 an hour, in most cases we offer a low flat rate so that you know the total amount that you will be responsible for and there will be no surprises about fees. This avoids having to sign a retainer agreement without knowing what the total fee will be. Our fees for criminal cases start as low as $500 .

    Experienced Manhattan and Buffalo Criminal Defense Team

    Our legal team has more than 30 years of experience representing and defending high-profile criminal cases throughout New York state. Our experience with criminal defense cases throughout New York has helped us build relationships with district attorneys, probation and parole officers, and drug counselors. We exclusively handle criminal cases in order to serve our client best and keep up with the latest criminal developments. We feel that by focusing on only criminal law, we can narrow our focus and offer the best possible representation.

    Our law firm is led by New York criminal defense attorney John J. Carney. He was one of the first lawyers chosen by a panel of judges to be trained in NYC for capital murder cases and has handled some of the most important murder cases in the state throughout his career. As a top New York criminal law instructor, he has taught criminal procedure to lawyers, assistant district attorneys and police officers over the past two decades.

    Our comprehensive experience at the Law Offices of John J. Carney also extends to appeals. We understand the complex appellate process. We can walk you through your appeal step by step so you can better understand your possible outcome.

    Aggressive Negotiation and Thorough Legal Representation

    Our Buffalo criminal law attorneys are thorough. We take time with you to discuss all the facts of your case. Then we start an investigation to help build your defense. We try to locate defense witnesses, or anyone with information that can help your case. We can also bring in private investigators to see if state’s witness testimony is biased or trustworthy. We use our thorough investigation to help negotiate your charge or take your case to trial.

    Our lawyers understand that criminal charges can negatively impact your life. You could lose your job, your freedom, your reputation and possibly even the right to child custody or visitation. We have more than 30 years of experience negotiating favorable plea deals with prosecutors. We try to negotiate charges to help minimize your consequences. Negotiations and plea deals can help prevent:

    • A criminal record
    • Drug court responsibilities
    • Probation restrictions
    • Excessive fines

    Strong New York Trial Attorneys

    We understand that you might receive a better outcome from taking your case to trial. Attorney John J. Carney has extensive state and federal court experience. He is familiar with the laws, procedures and precedents necessary to help you win your case. This experience helps him properly present cases to juries, cross examine witnesses and formulate summations all of which can help your case.

    New York Criminal Defense Attorneys Offering Free Consultation

    Our attorneys are available for advice or representation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All client calls are directed to our cell phones and there is always an attorney on staff to answer your questions for free. Our lawyers can meet you at your home or anywhere convenient to discuss your situation. We can provide thorough criminal defense strategies to help protect your rights. We can help you today even if you cannot pay until tomorrow.

    To discuss how we can help you with your criminal charges, please call us at 855-237-1931 for a free consultation, or complete an online contact form. Se habla espa ol.

    **ATTORNEY ADVERTISING** John J. Carney is one of the very few Criminal Lawyers in New York state who has achieved a “10.0 superb” rating from Avvo, the premier lawyer rating service in the country

    “John is a terrific criminal lawyer and goes above and beyond the call of duty for his clients. Highly recommended.”

    Eleanor Review Rating:

  • “John is a great criminal lawyer who really cares about his client, and gets results. I would recommend him to anyone.”

    Thomas Review Rating:

  • “John Carney is the best criminal attorney in New York State. I recommend him to anyone with a criminal charge.”

    Susan Review Rating:

    • Smile Officer, You’re On Candid Camera As a child I loved watching Allen Funt s groundbreaking show, Candid Camera. There was a certain voyeurism to observing people
    • Testifying in a NY Grand Jury: Who Makes the Call? Attorney or Client? In New York State, when one is charged with a felony, the State can only bring one to trial on the felony charge if it can obtain an indictment by a
    • Manhattan Prosecutors, Lawyers, and Cops Caught in Courtroom Drama Eli Cherkasky is a well-respected Assistant District Attorney and the son of Michael Cherkasky, a former top deputy under retired District Attorney

    Highest 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating

    Click here to print out yourMiranda Rights Card

    • Biker gang that beat dad in Washington Heights likely facing lesser charges
    • Aunt of slain 16-month-old Antiq Hennis lashes out at thug charged with murder in Brooklyn court
    • Mom of stroller-slay tot: I hope you die! Man Slain in Harlem Gunfight Was Likely Killed by Police, Officials Say

    Read More

    • Do the Ends Justify the Means When the Means are Racist? The Associated Press reports that the New York City Police Department, or NYPD, confiscated nearly 820 guns and over 5,870 knives in 2011. Further, in the 10 years Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been in office, murders have been cut in half

    Read More

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    San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney, DUI, Federal Crimes, who is the best criminal defense


    San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

    The best of the best. Period. I recently had the pleasure of hiring Michael Berg to handle a rather difficult case. Professional, prompt and thorough he is the best I have ever encountered. – Isabella M.

    San Diego Criminal Lawyer & DUI Attorney

    San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney, Federal Criminal Lawyer, Criminal Law Specialist

    At The Law Offices of Michael Berg our criminal attorneys understand the seriousness of criminal charges. If you are facing a misdemeanor, felony or federal charge we will fight for your rights. San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Berg focuses his practice upon matters relating to Criminal defense and DUI defense allegations in San Diego, California, in state and federal courts. We provide the very finest in attorney representation If you’re in need of an attorney who specializes in criminal defense DUI And Federal law or if you’re interested in clearing your record, or expunging an arrest, you should not hesitate to consult with the best San Diego criminal defense lawyer Michael Berg as soon as possible.

    What Is A California Certified Specialist?

    Areas of Criminal Specialties

    • Drunk Driving, DUI, DWI
    • Internet Crimes
    • White Collar Crimes
    • 3 Strikes Law
    • Domestic or Violent Crimes
    • Child Abuse
    • Drug Crimes
    • Sex Crimes
    • Crime Involving Illegal Possession
    • Federal Crimes

    Confronting a criminal law matter can be extremely stressful and unsettling. In most cases, time can be of the essence. The decision as to whether or not to hire an attorney, and which attorney to hire, can be one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Don’t let a wrong decision change your life. I have over 35 years of experience handling criminal cases and have the ability to aggressively defend you in any type of criminal proceeding. I have handled over 38 murder cases, some of which have garnered international attention, and I have the experience, skill and ability to successfully represent you.

    Reputation is of Utmost Importance

    The main reason my criminal defense practice has become so successful is the personal attention I devote to each client. When someone hires me, I am the attorney who will personally handle his or her case. I am the one that will deal with the prosecutors and judges on behalf of each of my clients. I make sure that my clients understand each step of the legal process and I stand beside them the entire time.

    I believe it is not only my job to counsel each of my clients so that they understand the legal system, but it is also the way I have been practicing law my entire career. I grew up in South Dakota, the heartland of the Midwest, and was greatly influenced by my parents who taught me that a man’s reputation is built over a lifetime and can be destroyed in a split second. This has not only been the backbone of my life, but also the foundation of my criminal defense practice. My practice is built on honesty, ethics and integrity.

    I take great pride in the results I have achieved for my clients. My reputation as a criminal defense attorney is beyond reproach. I have worked diligently to build a stellar practice and strive to be sure each of my clients is completely satisfied with their representation. I would have it no other way.

    A Lawyer’s Lawyer

    I have been known as a “lawyer’s lawyer,” due to the fact that many of my colleagues not only consult with me, but also refer their criminal defense matters to me to handle. I have represented not only other lawyers facing legal troubles, but I have also represented judges and the wives and children of judges in their criminal cases. I am hired based on the professional and competent way in which I handle the cases.

    National Recognition

    By any objective measure, Michael S. Berg has reached the pinnacle of his profession. Recently named a “Super Lawyer” for the Tenth consecutive year in San Diego, Michael Berg’s courtroom skills and professional demeanor have garnered him the respect and admiration of clients, peers and judges throughout all of San Diego County. In order to be named a “Super Lawyer,” an attorney must go through a rigorous selection process. Lawyers nominate other lawyers, and then these individuals are evaluated by a separate panel consisting of the top attorneys within each practice area. The panel considers such factors as an attorney’s honors and awards, his or her experience, lectures and writings, education and employment background and any other outstanding achievements. In the end, only 5% of San Diego lawyers are selected for inclusion in the “Super Lawyers” list. Michael Berg is very proud to be among them. Read Attorney Michael S. Berg’s “Super Lawyers” profile page.

    Michael has an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest rating possible for Ethical Standards and Legal Ability. Michael’s Profile: http://www.martindale.com/Michael-S-Berg/210986-lawyer.htm

    Michael has also been named to Best Lawyer’s in America.

    Michael Berg has successfully tried important and high profile criminal cases that have earned him praise not only from his clients, but the prosecutors as well. If you or a loved one is in need of legal representation, do not hesitate. Call Michael S. Berg immediately for a free legal and confidential consultation.

    Michael Berg handles criminal felonies and misdemeanors in San Diego County and courthouses in El Cajon, Chula Vista, Vista and downtown San Diego. Also, Federal cases in the Southern District of California and all types of juvenile proceedings.

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    Houston Criminal Justice Training #degrees #for #criminal #justice


    Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice

    Choose from one of the paths below:

    • Is This The
      Path For You?
      Click here for
    • Planning To Transfer? Click here for
    • Ready To Start Your Dream Career? Click here for
    • Looking To Advance Your Current Career? Click here for

    Make the World a Safer Place

    Most people would like to see their communities become better and safer places. Then there are those rare individuals who dedicate their careers to making it happen. If you are one of these people, studying criminal justice at San Jacinto College is an excellent place to begin.

    Join a Fast-Growing Field

    Our certificate and associate’s degree programs will prepare you for a variety of exciting and meaningful careers – law enforcement, emergency management, homeland security, corrections, probation, parole, even social work. We also offer a transfer degree plan that prepares you for a variety of four-year programs, including pre-law. Criminal justice is one of the most popular and fastest growing fields today. Choose this path and you will be serving society in a way that can make the world a better place.

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    Criminal Justice Bachelors #bs #in #criminal #justice


    Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

    Degree Level. Undergraduate Bachelors | Course Format. Online

    Our practical and relevant bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice program was designed specifically for law enforcement professionals, managers and administrators. Exposure to the laws, practices, technologies and skills required of leaders in the field is enhanced by the real-world experiences of peers who share a common goal: to improve society through the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws. Experienced instructors — many who have served as sheriffs, legal counsel, police chiefs, military, and homeland security and intelligence leaders — serve as guides throughout
    this 100% online degree program.

    48 credit hours. All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted. Designed for working professionals who have at least 30 hours of previous college credit.

    • OL 3050: Introduction to Adult Learning
    • CCJ 3000: Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • CCJ 3100: Ethics in Criminal Justice
    • CCJ 3200: Introduction to Corrections
    • CCJ 3300: Statistics in Criminal Justice
    • CCJ 3500: Introduction to Law Enforcement
    • CCJ 3600: Police Administration
    • CCJ 3700: Criminal Procedure I
    • CCJ 3800: Forensic Science
    • CCJ 3900: Criminal Procedure II
    • CCJ 4100: Criminological Theory
    • CCJ 4200: Comparative Justice
    • CCJ 4300: Juvenile Justice
    • CCJ 4400: Community Corrections
    • CCJ 4500: Victimology
    • CCJ 4600 Crisis Management
    • Electives*
    • *128 credit hours are required to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree. The balance of the credits needed after the major coursework is completed can be fulfilled with electives, previous transferred credit, and other advanced standing credit options. Contact your recruiter or advisor for details.

    Tuition for the 2015-2016 Bethel University Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is $345 per credit hour.

    • All course fees
    • All required textbooks and course materials
    • Technology

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    Newark Criminal Lawyer – Essex County Criminal Defense Attorney – Joseph D #call #(973)


    Newark Criminal Lawyer

    President of the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers of New JerseyHave You Been Arrested?

    What You Do in the First 24 Hours Can Make All the Difference

    If you have been arrested for a serious crime, your freedom, your reputation your life as you know it could depend on the decisions you make in the first 24 hours.

    Do not talk to police, your employer, the newspapers or anyone else about your arrest. Any attempt you make to explain the situation could only make matters worse and may work against certain legal defenses. Instead, contact Newark criminal lawyer Joseph D. Rotella.

    Free Consultation Call 973-621-0333 or send an email 27 years of experience

    Recognized for Excellence

    Any attorney can say he or she is skilled and experienced. However, when your freedom is at stake, you need more than just a lawyer’s own statements. You would not want to have open-heart surgery from a doctor who was not certified by a medical board.

    Like doctors, lawyers are certified as to their experience and competence in legal specialties by independent organizations. As a Newark criminal attorney, I am certified by both the New Jersey Supreme Court and the National Board of Trial Advocacy. I am one of only four lawyers in New Jersey to hold both certifications. I have also been selected for inclusion in New Jersey Super Lawyers every year from 2006 to 2015. Any Court, Any Crime, Any Time

    My Newark law firm handles cases in federal courts, state courts and municipal courts throughout New Jersey, including places like Essex County, Morris County and Passaic County. I am known for diligence, creativity and trial skills. I can help you fight your charges, whether they involve a federal crime such as health care fraud. a gun crime or drug offense in state court, or a traffic ticket in municipal court.

    A Critical Decision

    Choosing the right Newark criminal attorney to defend you will be one of the most important decisions you ever make. I offer a free initial consultation to help you decide if I am the right attorney for you. I can explain your options and give you an analysis of your case. The sooner you call me, the sooner I can begin the process of defending your rights and protecting your freedom.

    Contact Us – Free Consultation With a New Jersey Drug Crimes and Sexual Assault Lawyer

    I offer a free initial consultation. The sooner you call me in any criminal matter, the better off you can be. Get your free consultation by calling my Newark office at 973-621-0333 or send me an email today.

    Providing experienced criminal defense for those throughout Essex County, Union County, Hudson County, Morris County and Passaic County.

    State v. A.V.
    Newark Police officer indicted for allegedly beating a rape suspect. All charges dismissed before trial.

    State v. A.M.
    Newark Fire Department captain charged with arson. Found not guilty of all charges after jury trial.

    State v. S.M.
    Man charged with sexually assaulting a juvenile in a public library. Cleared of all charges. First time DNA evidence used by the defense before indictment of the charges to prove defendant s innocence.

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    San Diego Immigration Lawyer: Narciso Cruz Law Office #san #diego #criminal #attorney


    Consulta de Inmigración con un Abogado Online

    Consulta de Inmigración con un Abogado Online

    Consulta de Inmigración con un Abogado Online

    Abogados de Inmigración

    Ayudarle a obtener su Ciudadanía y Naturalización Americana es el objetivo principal de nuestra razón de ser como abogados. Ciudadanía y Naturalización Americana: Con el fin de obtener la Ciudadanía Americana de EE.UU. una persona debe cumplir con los siguientes requisitos generales.

    Abogados de Defensa Criminal

    Si usted o un ser querido han sido detenidos y acusados de un delito en San Diego, o han aprendido que usted puede ser el tema o el objetivo de investigación criminal federal o estatal de California, la decisión más importante que puede hacer es decidir quién lo representará.

    Consultas de Inmigración con un Abogado Online. Totalmente Gratis y Confidencial.

    Consulte con el Licenciado Narciso Cruz Ahora!

    Nuestros Testimonios

    Top quality support, they helped our family

    Narciso Cruz s Law Office offers top quality support, they helped our family when we needed immigration assistance, first to renew a Visa and later when it was time to apply for the Green Card, he took us down the right path and was there all the way to answer any questions regarding our case until. Read more

    He was and has been very honest from the beginning!

    I would describe him and his law office as AMAZING, attorney Cruz has been my lawyer for quite a bit now and has help me tremendously with advice and with my case. Him and his team have answer all my questions regardless if they are complicated or just simple. The first impression I got from. Read more

    Calificaciones Avvo

    Asociaciones Profesionales

    Yelp Críticas

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    Public Welfare – Program Guidelines #criminal #justice #project #ideas


    Public Welfare Foundation

    Public Welfare Foundation

    Program Guidelines

    The Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. The Foundation looks for strategic points where its funds can make a significant difference and improve lives through policy and system reform that results in transformative change. We focus on three program areas: Criminal Justice, Youth Justice and Workers’ Rights.

    Criminal Justice

    More than two million people are incarcerated in the United States – the largest criminal justice system-involved population in the world. More than 80 percent of the 1.6 million in prisons are sentenced and housed in the states. The number has historically been driven, in large part, by harsh sentencing laws that impose excessively long sentences, and by ineffective probation and parole policies and practices. A stunning 60 percent of the people in prison are racial and ethnic minorities.

    This approach is not only unsustainable, it does not protect communities. Locking up more people – disproportionately people of color – for greater lengths of time, and later releasing them with little access to reentry programs, rehabilitation and drug and related treatment services, has not made our streets safe. It also comes with great human and fiscal costs. “Tough on crime” policies have devastated communities from which the incarcerated come, splitting families apart and depriving people of the basic tools they need to stay out of the criminal justice system and live stable, productive lives.

    The Foundation’s Criminal Justice Program supports groups that are working to end the overincarceration of adults in the United States while also aiming to reduce racial disparities. In particular, the Program makes grants primarily to state-based groups that are working to:

    • Reduce state incarceration levels and racial disparities through reforms in sentencing, charging, and supervision policies and procedures.
    • Advance the redirection and prioritization of state and local resources toward targeted investments that support system-involved individuals in their communities, through research and strategic thought leadership.

    Youth Justice

    On any given night an estimated 60, 000 youth – the overwhelming majority of whom are accused of minor and non-violent offenses – are incarcerated in a correctional facility or out-of-home placement. Despite research showing that incarceration leads to high juvenile recidivism rates, as well as poor education, employment, and health outcomes for youth, systems often fail to use alternatives to incarceration that have been shown to be more effective at rehabilitating young people. Moreover, an estimated 250,000 youth are tried in the adult criminal justice system annually, and nearly 10,000 youth are housed in adult jails or prisons on any given night. These policies ignore the well-established differences between youth and adults, increase recidivism rates, and expose youth in adult jails and prisons to high rates of sexual abuse and suicide. Youth of color are disproportionately likely to suffer the harms of these failed policies and practices.

    The Foundation’s Youth Justice Program supports groups working to advance a fair and effective community-based vision of youth justice, with a focus on ending the criminalization and incarceration of youth of color. In particular, the Program makes grants to groups working to:

    • Advance state policy reforms that dramatically restrict youth incarceration, abandon the prison model, and adopt community-based approaches for youth in the juvenile justice system;
    • End the practice of trying, sentencing, and incarcerating youth in the adult criminal justice system; and
    • Support innovative strategies to counter structural racism in the juvenile justice system, with a particular focus on front-end reforms.

    Workers Rights

    Work just isn’t working for too many in America today. Too often, hard-working people have their wages stolen by employers who refuse to pay the promised wage, the legally required wage, or sometimes any wage at all. Other employers cut too many corners, leaving workers vulnerable to being hurt, getting sick or even killed on the job. Injury and illness reduce workers’ ability to earn a living, compromise their overall health, and saddle workers and their families with expensive medical bills.

    Making matters worse, workers often lack sufficient clout to negotiate for improved conditions, even though it is their right to do so. And those workers whose rights are violated sometimes discover that they have no meaningful remedies. They are left to depend on government agencies that may or may not have the resources to respond to their problems, or they are constrained from exercising their right to take their cases to court.

    The Foundation’s Workers’ Rights Program supports policy and system reforms to improve the lives of low-wage working people in the United States, with a focus on securing their basic legal rights to safe, healthy, and fair conditions at work. Specifically, the Program makes grants to groups working to:

    • Advance reforms to hold employers accountable for wage theft;
    • Advance reforms to prevent severe illness, injury, and death on the job; and
    • Develop new solutions to diminish barriers to meaningful private enforcement of fundamental workplace protections.

    Special Initiative to advance Civil Legal Aid

    For more information click here .

    Special Opportunities

    The Special Opportunities Program supports projects reflecting the Foundation’s mission and underlying values, including its longstanding commitment to racial equity and justice. These are one-time only grants that are especially timely and compelling. At times, this kind of grant serves as a laboratory for new ideas. Relatively few of these grants are given. The Foundation is unable to support unsolicited applications in this program area.

    President’s Discretionary Fund

    The President’s Discretionary Fund offers very small grants to advance the Foundation’s mission. Relatively few of these grants are given. The Foundation is unable to support unsolicited applications in this program area.

    Apply for a Grant

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    Forensic Psychologist: Duties, Job Prospects – Education, how much do criminal psychologists make.#How #much


    Forensic Psychologist Career

    In popular culture, forensic psychologists are best known as profilers who develop psychological profiles of criminals for law enforcement agencies. However, this picture of forensic psychology is somewhat limited.

    Instead, forensic psychology involves the application of various disciplines, among them psychology, criminal justice, and law, to address matters of a legislative, judicial, or administrative nature. Forensic psychologists do not just deal solely with criminology; rather, their work is at the intersection of clinical psychology and forensics and involves research and application of these disciplines to a variety of issues, from victims rights to issues that break apart families.

    Forensic psychology is a relatively young field, only gaining recognition as a separate division of the American Psychological Association in 1981. Since then, the field has become more broad-based, representing both clinical and forensic workers that seek to understand better the interaction between psychology and the law. A primary mission of forensic psychologists is to protect individual human rights, ensure justice, and enhance well-being by applying psychological concepts to legal issues.

    How much do criminal psychologists make

    What are the Responsibilities of a Forensic Psychologist?

    There are a wide variety of job responsibilities for forensic psychologists, however, jobs often relate to the criminal justice system. In the judicial system, forensic psychologists play a vital role in shedding light on the mental functioning of defendants. They may be called by prosecutors or defense attorneys to evaluate a defendant, provide a psychological assessment, and testify on their findings in court. These assessments can range from evaluating the presence of a psychological disorder to determining if the defendant has diminished mental capacity. Forensic psychologists will often work with victims of crime as well, both in an investigative and a therapeutic capacity. They often conduct investigations into child abuse, elder abuse, and domestic violence, and offer treatments to victims of such crimes after the fact.

    As mentioned above, developing psychological profiles of criminals is just one of many job duties of the forensic psychologist. Profiling involves much research, including an examination of crime scene evidence for clues as to the offender’s physical characteristics, such as age, weight, and race, as well as the motivation for committing the crime. Part of the profiling process is helping direct law enforcement agencies toward potential offenders, as well as making recommendations for effective strategies to interrogate suspects.

    Forensic psychologists also work in correctional settings. In this capacity, primary duties include conducting screenings and assessments on inmates, administering court-ordered psychological evaluations, and consulting with attorneys, advocates, prison staff, or judicial personnel on the mental well-being of inmates. Forensic psychologists might also provide mental health care to inmates in the form of group therapies, such as substance abuse treatment or anger management, as well as individual therapy.

    What are the Working Conditions for Forensic Psychologists?

    The working conditions for a forensic psychologist can be challenging. Many spend their time in prisons, assessing and interacting with people who may not yet want their help. Their assessments are often used as witness testimony in court cases, probation hearings or tribunals so they can spend time in these formal settings regularly. In addition to these assessments, which are typically carried out on a one-to-one basis, they can also spend time with groups of offenders together, running rehabilitation programs.

    During all their activities in prisons, forensic psychologists have to obey strict prison rules and will usually have to be searched upon entry and their activities are often filmed. Additionally, they have to be comfortable with an often noisy and disrupted prison environment this can lead to it being quite a stressful workplace.

    In addition though, forensic psychologists also work within the community, in probation programs, in hospitals or talking to victims of crime or professionals within the criminal justice system. Despite it typically being a 9am 5pm job, the working conditions for a forensic psychologist can be varied, challenging and often unpredictable.

    Why are Forensic Psychologists Important?

    Police officers that solve crimes are very good at paying attention to various cues in a crime scene. Still, they are not experts in the human mind. Forensic psychologists help police officers close cases by explaining what kind of a person would be most likely to commit a certain type of crime and what their background could be like. This helps officers narrow down their list of suspects and helps them focus on those most likely to have committed the crime under investigation.

    Forensic Psychologists also help the court system by assessing or diagnosing people being suspected of committing a crime. This is important as it allows the court system to determine whether a person can be held responsible for his or her actions while committing a crime. Forensic psychologist can also help by assessing how likely it is that a person who has committed a certain crime is going to repeat the same offense if released. Knowing what dangers an individual could pose to society is invaluable to the court system.

    Forensic psychologists are also frequently called to testify in court. A judge might ask a forensic psychologist to tell what kinds of things he should take into account when deciding what the sentence of a criminal should be.

    Many people think that forensic people only work with criminals, however, they also frequently help the victims of various crimes. For example, in a child abuse case, a forensic psychologist might help a child to testify in court or to make it easier for an assault victim to recover after being abused.

    What is the Employment Outlook for Forensic Psychologists?

    The field of psychology is expected to grow at an annual rate of 11 percent through 2022 according to projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Though not stunning growth, this represents solid employment opportunities for all psychologists. Slightly more robust growth is expected for individuals specializing in forensic psychology, with a 14 percent annual growth rate predicted. This is due in large part to the critical role that forensic psychologists play in the criminal justice system, which continues to have a need for qualified workers.

    Job prospects for forensic psychologists increase with the level of education and experience. While entry-level jobs are available for recent graduates, more seasoned professionals with several years of experience will be able to find more jobs and higher-paying jobs in greater quantities.

    How Much Does a Forensic Psychologist Make?

    According to PayScale, the median annual wage for a forensic psychologist is $60,636, as of March 2015. The single largest factor that determines salary is one’s level of experience. Those just starting out in the field can expect to make around $57,000 per year. However, forensic psychologists with more than 20 years of experience can see a yearly salary in the $120,000 range.

    The type of work setting, as well as where one lives, can both largely impact a forensic psychologist’s salary as well. Individuals employed by government agencies generally make less than forensic psychologists that work independently on a contract basis. Similarly, workers in urban areas typically earn more money than do forensic psychologists in rural locations.

    What are Educational Requirements for a Forensic Psychologist?

    Forensic psychologists usually must have a doctorate in order to have the greatest number of career opportunities. However, master’s level forensic psychology professionals may find entry-level employment as well.

    How much do criminal psychologists make

    To begin, forensic psychologists must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Undergraduate studies generally focus on learning the essential features of human behavior. Students that intend to become a forensic psychologist should also take courses in the realms of law and criminal justice as well. Common courses might include abnormal psychology, forensics, and the psychology of deviance.

    Graduate programs in forensic psychology blend psychological and criminal justice studies together. Many master’s degrees in this field are between 30-40 credit hours, which, if attending school full-time, would take 2-3 years to complete. Coursework usually includes studies of criminal psychopathology, profiling, interviewing techniques, psychological assessment, and victimology. Some graduate programs require practicum and/or internship experiences. These placements can be in a variety of settings, such as a law enforcement agency, a correctional institution, a residential treatment center, or in the judicial system, such as in the prosecuting attorney’s office.

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