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5 Charities for Donating Your Old Electronics, donate old computers.#Donate #old #computers



Donate old computers

Consumer electronics, a broad category that includes TVs, computers, audio devices, phones and other related devices, currently constitutes nearly 2% of the municipal solid waste stream and is steadily rising at a rate of 8% per year. According to the EPA, of the roughly 2.25 million tons of used and unwanted electronics each year, 18% is collected for recycling and roughly 82% winds up in landfills.

These are unfortunate statistics given the many useful and eco-friendly alternatives for disposing of your old electronics — not to mention tax breaks for consumers. We’ve highlighted a few of these options below, along with information about preparing your unwanted goods for donation.

What to Do Before Donation

Don’t wait. If you’re no longer using a device, donate it as soon as you can. The value of consumer electronics declines at a fast pace. A computer that’s three years old, for instance, can be refurbished and used by students; a computer that’s six years old will most likely be recycled for parts.

Clear the hard drive. This is essential for maintaining your privacy. Not sure how to clear your computer’s hard drive? Check out this video guide at PC World. If you’re a Mac user, take a look at this guide from Hivelogic.

Include related materials. If you’re donating a computer, include any manuals, monitors, keyboards, connection cables, software, etc. you have that you no longer need.

Where to Donate

Many companies have recycling programs for used and unwanted electronics. Several have partnered with charitable organizations; we’ve highlighted several below.

Since 2004, Dell and Goodwill have collaborated to collect more than 96 million pounds of electronics and have recently expanded the program to over 1,900 Goodwill locations. Simply take your unwanted devices and related equipment to a participating store or drop-off site. Goodwill accepts a wide array of items in any condition — even broken monitor glass is accepted as long as it’s sealed and properly labeled. Goodwill will refurbish or recycle your materials to benefit local communities. You can locate participating Goodwill locations here.

2. The Wireless Foundation

The Wireless Foundation’s CALL to PROTECT program accepts used phones to help end family violence. With the help of ReCellular, Inc., phones are refurbished and sold or recycled, with one hundred percent of the net proceeds going to grants for national organizations combatting domestic abuse. You can mail in your phone or drop it off at a local donation site. Click here to find out more.

Students Recycling Used Technology (StRUT) is a program that provides schools with reusable technology equipment in California, Arizona, Georgia, Oregon, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas and Washington. Students develop the skills they need for a career in technology by refurbishing the donated materials. In addition, schools gain trained technicians to help with IT needs and consumer electronics waste is reduced. You can find out more about how to donate your old computers, monitors, printers and other items from the linked sites above.

Based in southern California, Komputers 4 Kids strives to bridge the gap in technology access between children of higher and lower income families. The charity will accept nearly any electronic device that is not a household appliance. Learn more here.

If you’d like to make a charitable contribution to a non-profit that doesn’t have a consumer electronics recycling program, eBay’s Giving Works program may be the perfect solution. You can auction your used goods on eBay and donate 10-100% of the final sale price to the organization of your choice. You can visit the Giving Works page to find out more.

If you’re not particularly keen on any of the options above, you might also want to check out TechSoup. Its search engine helps pair donors with consumer electronics recyclers and charitable programs in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, if you have any unused electronics you would like to donate, you may want to consider reaching out to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which provides new computers, MP3 players and gaming consoles to entertain children while they receive or recover from treatment.

The next time you think about tossing your old MP3 player or computer monitor in the trash can, we hope you’ll stop and consider a donation to one of the programs listed above.

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Computer Donations, Goodwill NNE, donate old computers.#Donate #old #computers

Computer Donations

Goodwill accepts donations of computers, printers and related equipment in any condition. ReConnect, a partnership between Goodwill and Dell, offers local residents the opportunity to donate old computers free of charge. All computers and parts are either sold in our stores or responsibly recycled by Dell’s Asset Recovery Services.

Program Goal

  • To divert used computers and e-waste from landfills
  • To provide the community a way to responsibly recycle used computer equipment


  • As of 2011, Goodwill has kept more than 3 million pounds of computers and electronic waste out of the landfill!
  • Goodwill received a Golden Arrow Award from the Maine Public Relations Council for its work in promoting the ReConnect computer recycling program.

Accepted Computer Donations

  • Monitors (if the glass is broken, place the monitor in a cardboard box lined with a plastic garbage bag. Seal the box and clearly label it with “Broken Monitor” and date).
  • Computers – Desktop and Laptop (please note that Dell and Goodwill Industries of Northern New England does not accept liability for lost or confidential data or software. You are responsible for backing up any valuable information and erasing sensitive data from the hard drive before donating).
  • Printers (including laser and inkjet)
  • Scanners (if the glass is broken, place the scanner in a cardboard box lined with a plastic garbage bag. Seal the box and clearly label it with “Broken Scanner” and date).
  • Hard Drives (external/internal)
  • Keyboards (wired/wireless)
  • Mice (wired/wireless)
  • Speakers (with/without cables)
  • Cord and Cables (including power cords and USB cables)
  • Ink and Toner Cartridges (full or empty)
  • Software (please include the license key)
  • Microsoft Xbox ® : Systems peripherals
  • Microsoft Zune ® : Systems peripherals
  • Microsoft-branded Webcams

Have Questions or Comments?

Your feedback is very important to us. Send us an email, a tweet or contact an employee:

Donate old computers

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Goodwill, Donate Computers, Laptops & Electronics, Recycle, donating computers.#Donating #computers

donating computers

Donating computers


E-donations make us : )

Out-of-date workstations and devices are worth a lot to Goodwill. In fact, we’ve partnered with Dell’s Reconnect program to help you easily and responsibly recycle household electronic wares. Bring computers and peripherals to any participating Goodwill collection location and we’ll give you a receipt. Helping your community and saving the planet isn’t just tax deductible. It’s free!

Good Tech
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop, Notebook and Netbook Computers
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Hard Drives – Internal or External
  • Keyboards
  • Mice (not the live ones, please)
  • Speakers
  • Cords and Cables
  • Ink and Toner Cartridges
  • Software
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Microsoft Zune
  • Microsoft Webcams
Bad Tech

It’s all valuable to Goodwill!

What’s the Reconnect program?

Donating computers

This Goodwill-Dell partnership is a residential computer recycling program that offers easy, convenient and planet-friendly recycling of computer equipment. All you do is simply drop-off items at a participating Goodwill donation center. It’s a 100% free hug for Mother Earth!

Does my local Goodwill store accept electronics?

You can drop computers and e-ware at any Goodwill location. We’re not picky either!

Is personal information secure if I donate a computer?

Consumers should remove personal data from hard drives and other storage media before donating to Goodwill. Dell also performs intensive third-party audits of its recycling program – more than 150 first-tier audits have already been performed to ensure the strictest standards are being followed.

We do refurbish and sell computers in our retail stores so people can purchase a system, complete with Microsoft Windows operating software, at an affordable price. Before we do that, we wipe hard drives cleaner than clean — to the standards of the United States Department of Defense to be exact.

Is it really worth my time to donate an old computer?

One working computer given to Goodwill is worth 5.3 hours of career counseling. To the person getting the counseling, your old laptop is important. Like, hey-I-got-a-job important.

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Donate PCs and computer equipment to charity, free donations, donating computers.#Donating #computers

donating computers

Donating computers

Recycling of IT Equipment

UK IT Recycling Ltd can collect and recycle all of your IT equipment. We offer a low cost service or in many cases the service can be free of charge. Give us a call on 01743 761278 and one of our friendly staff will give you an instant quote.

UK-Wide Collections

We can recycle your redundant IT equipment from anywhere within the UK. Our fleet of satellite tracked vans ensure total data security. You will be given all of the correct paperwork needed for the WEEE Directive at the time of collection. Contact us today and we will arrange a collection at your convenience.

On-site Data Destruction

Physical data destruction of your hard drives, floppy discs, DLT tapes, memory sticks and any other media destroyed on-site for total data security. Data can be destroyed by us in a number of ways – granulation, degaussing or shredding. Data destruction from UK Government CESG standards to higher secret level.

Destruction of Data

Data security is very important in this day and age this is why at UK IT Recycling Ltd we use the very best methods available to totally eradicate ALL data contained on any equipment received by us to UK Government CESG standards. We are trusted by many financial institutions, NHS Trusts, Government agencies, Schools, Universities and businesses all over the UK.

Donate PCs and computer equipment to charity, free donations

We are a genuine UK Environment Agency registered company and NOT a bogus African or Asian charity!!



Donating computersAs a Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher we are able to donate fully operational computers that have been installed with Windows XP totally free of charge. We have helped many people and UK based charities gain access to much needed computer equipment and always ensure a full audit trail. The use of this equipment has meant that children who would not normally have access to computer equipment are gaining the vital computer skills needed in today’s computer dominated workplace. We have helped many support groups by donating equipment so they can carry out research on line and contact similar support groups all over the world. We have been contacted by many groups who had been turned down elsewhere for computer equipment.

UK IT Recycling Ltd have helped with fund raising events by donating computer equipment as prizes and have auctioned equipment for good causes and charity.

Donating computersPictured to the left is UK IT Recycling Ltd Director Justin Pearce handing over the keys to a new mobility scooter to Mr Dave Burns. When Mr Burns old scooter failed he was rendered almost house bound but by auctioning computer equipment donated to UK IT Recycling Ltd Mr Burns was given a fully functioning scooter.

When my scooter broke it was devastating, you dont realise how much you rely on these things until you lose them.

What everyone has done for me at UK IT Recycling is fantastic, I cant thank them enough Dave Burns.

Donating computers

These children are are enjoying computers donated to them via our community computer scheme.

Donating computersWork groups helping people back into the workplace benefit from computer donated by UK IT Recycling Ltd.

Other recent charities we have helped include the Royal British Legion, VIVA, Re-Entry, Dogs Trust, the Shropshire Dyslexia Association, Shrewsbury Hospitals Special Care Baby unit, PETA, and RSPCA.

Donating computersDonating computersDonating computersDonating computersDonating computersDonating computersDonating computers

Donating computers

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Computer Aid – ICT accessible for all, donating computers.#Donating #computers

We have moved!

  • Donating computers

    Good Things Foundation

  • Donating computers

    Connecting Communities in Colombia, Thanks to Solar Power

    With our latest ZubaBox

    Current Projects

    Donating computers

    Zimbabwe eClasses: preparing schools for ICDL eLearner certification

    10 schools in rural Harare, Zimbabwe, have been equipped with eClasses bringing access to technology for 2,000 students in its first phase, and 12,000 students in the technology’s life cycle. For ea

    Donating computers

    Solar Learning Lab Diepsloot School South Africa

    The Solar Learning Lab, or ZubaBox has been installed at Diepsloot School South Africa, creating a u

    Donating computers

    Solar Learning Lab Bokamoso School, Tembisa South Africa

    The Solar Learning Lab, or ZubaBox, has been installed at Bokamoso School, Tembisa, South Africa, c

    Donating computers

    Watch our Solar Lab project in Colombia

    Join our cause

    Donating computers


    Donating computers


    Donating computers


    Donating computers

    IT disposal

    You can help in several ways

    We rely on the great support of International and UK based business to do the work we do. Help us have a greater impact and give access to ICT to more people around the world.

    Latest News

    Donating computers

    IT training gets underway in Zimbabwe

    Earlier this summer 30 teachers gathered at Risctec Training Centre in Harare to undertake IT traini READ MORE

    Donating computers

    Deploying 2 Solar Learning Labs in South Africa

    This month saw 2 new Solar Learning Labs, or ZubaBoxes, meet their homes in South Africa where they READ MORE

    What Donation Holders say

    We have established a longstanding relationship with Computer Aid and we were delighted, to be able to provide IT equipment to assist this charity s valuable work Donor

    Sutton and East Surrey Water

    “We are much honoured to be the recipient of the donated computers. Through the equipment, we are positioning ourselves as a high quality IT training provider to our students ” Beneficiary

    Kisii University, Kenya

    Donating computers

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  • Donating Computers and IT equipment to CfC, donating old computers.#Donating #old #computers

    Computers For Charities

    Supporting Charities the Community 1994 – 2017

    Corporate computer donations similar to Charities can provide cost savings for companies and provide invaluable community benefit. CfC offers a well established track record and first rate Corporate services. For more information please click this LINK to view our Corporate services page

    Companies can utilise Corporate gift aid, providing companies with tax benefits from donations of goods or cash

    Donating old computers

    How donations work

    Donating old computers

    Donating old computers

    Donating old computers

    Donor Safeguards

    What we offer:

    CfC is an established reuse charity, providing full assurances to donors in respect of “data”,”liability” and where indicated “end of Life disposal”. (including certification and audit documentation)

    All systems are fully wiped, following which new educational licensed operating systems and software are installed, machines bench tested prior to despatch to worthy organisations.

    • Established track record over 250,000+ donated systems
    • Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher
    • Utilising Approved Industry standard data wiping of hard drives
    • Secure data disposal services available. Includes; Degaussing / Shredding services
    • Assumes Legal liability of donated equipment
    • Audit trail of donated equipment available to donor’s for reports, etc
    • Certification of data removal and asset transfer provided post delivery / collection
    • 95% of equipment donated by Companies, Police authorities, NHS,
    • Services to Educational establishments, Government departments, etc
    • Cost savings for companies, Environmental and Genuine benefits gained from donating to Charity

    Collection information: Donations or enquiries can be made by phone.T: 01323 848588 or email

    and via this website.

    Please Note: Equipment can be delivered or dropped off at our workshop in Hailsham, East Sussex by appointment.
    • Corporates, Universities, Local Government, Schools: We offer Nationwide European collection services for viable quantities of working and viable equipment.
    • Home collection Services are not available at this time.
    • Financial donations: CfC is a registered Charity and support is welcome to aid development and projects

    What to Donate

    Considering Donating? Please note.

    Legislation requires: Donated equipment be fully working realistically aged five years or less for suitable reuse

    • i3 + Laptops PC / Mac Book Pro OS 10.10.5 +
    • iMac intel type OS 10.10.5 +
    • i3+ Towers, Desktops
    • Mac Pro OS 10.10.5+
    • Foreign currencies: Please send us your loose change, Euro’s. etc
    • Mobile Phones: “Phones for Vans” check this LINK
    • Non Computing equipment includes: Digital projectors, AV equipment, Sports equipment, Medical equipment, Microscopes, Video / Digital Cameras, Sound and copying equipment, Outboard Motors, Tractors, Hand Power tools (electric Petrol), etc.
    • Items we cannot accept: Non working and items including Scanners, Inkjet printers, Fax machines, Photocopiers, Colour Laser printers, Non intel Apple Mac’s Older computer (CRT) screens

    What to dispose of

    Equipment not suited for reuse, Older or faulty Computer IT equipment requires to be recycled properly. We advise the following;

    • Domestic / Household electrical recycling – Please try the FREECYCLE website or Contact your local council for information / advice
    • Corporate, Local government, Charities, Schools, Hospitals – Contact your local council for advice or speak to “Recycling for Charities” our sister charity specialising in IT WEEE recycling. Including bulk IT disposal.

    Recycling for Charities, is the recycling arm of Computers for Charities, providing National WEEE IT recycling services for older or non working IT equipment. We offer environmental and community benefits with competitive pricing as an established “not for profit” organisation.

    Implemented on 1st July 2007, EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive (WEEE). Electrical / IT waste is the fastest growing element in the municipal waste stream. Many hazardous substances are present in everyday IT equipment (including older CRT monitors) and the WEEE directives classify many such items as Hazardous Waste, effectively to safeguard against toxic landfill disposal and promote better recycling processes.

    Please Note: The following items “Hazardous Waste” require appropriate disposal: CRT monitors including older iMac’s, UPS systems, battery waste, etc.

    For more information regarding “Recycling for Charities” please click the LINK

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    Where to Donate Your Old Computers – Electronics to Charity, donating old computers.#Donating #old

    Where to Donate Your Old Computers Electronics to Charity

    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, about 2.37 million tons of e-waste ended up in landfills in 2009. And unfortunately, many of the electronic gadgets dumped in landfills are still usable.

    If you re like me, your old devices end up sitting in a closet or storage space every time you upgrade to a new computer, cellphone, or TV. However, instead of letting the old electronics sit there collecting dust or tossing them into the trash consider donating them.

    You can see your obsolete items go to a good cause and gain a new life, and furthermore, if you donate your unwanted electronics, you can receive a tax deduction for charitable contributions. You ll have to itemize your taxes, but you can deduct the fair market value of any electronic device you give to charity, as well as any furniture, clothing, or book donations.

    Where to Donate Used Electronics

    1. World Computer Exchange

    World Computer Exchange uses donated electronics to build computer labs in primary schools and colleges in underdeveloped countries. Often, children in these countries do not have access to a computer or the Internet. As of 2012, World Computer Exchange is looking for Pentium 4 computers, printers, network equipment, and cellphones. You can find out where to donate by visiting the World Computer Exchange website.

    Sending care packages and donations to U.S. soldiers is one of my favorite ways to contribute charitably. Two high school students founded Games For Heroes, an organization that collects handheld video games and devices and ships them to U.S. soldiers stationed overseas. The charity is looking for new and used games and handhelds, including Sony PlayStation PSP and Nintendo DS.

    Fireside International collects new and used iPhones, iPods, and iPads. The donated electronics are loaded with educational videos created by volunteers of the organization, and distributed to schools and private households in Haiti. Any needed item you donate will help a child learn to read and write in their native language. Visit the Fireside International website for the donation address.

    Donation Town works with several well-known charities, including The Salvation Army, The Hope Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity. Currently, Donation Town is looking for used TV sets, which are given to charitable organizations nationwide. You can schedule a pickup online through the Donation Town website.

    The Make-A-Wish Foundation accepts new and used computers, gaming consoles, and MP3 players. Donated electronics are given to hospitalized children to help make their hospital stay more comfortable. You can either ship your items or arrange a drop-off with a local chapter through the Make-A-Wish Foundation website.

    6. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

    The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has partnered with ReCellular, Inc. to raise money for the fight against domestic violence. The charity collects donated cellphones, which are refurbished and sold by ReCellular Inc. A portion of the proceeds go toward different NCADV programs. Check out the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence website for donation instructions.

    7. Cell Phones for Soldiers

    The Cell Phones for Soldiers program accepts used cellphones, which are refurbished and sold. A portion of the profits goes toward purchasing prepaid calling minutes for soldiers deployed overseas, and the soldiers can use the prepaid minutes to make calls to their families back home. Visit the Cell Phone for Soldiers website for drop-off locations and mailing information.

    If you have newer electronic devices, you can sell them on eBay and donate 10% to 100% of the profits to your favorite charity. The site allows you to create a listing for any type of gadget, and you can choose from more than 18,000 charities, including the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, and the Villalobos Rescue Center. Visit the eBay Giving Works website to create your own listing.

    Local nonprofit groups are also in constant need of donated items. For example, you could donate old laptops or video game consoles to a local recreation center, or old TVs to a senior living facility. Check your city s website or newspaper to find local nonprofit groups in your area.

    Final Word

    Donating your old electronics to charity will free up storage space in your house and help out a worthy cause at the same time. However, make sure you get a donation receipt from any charity you give to. You ll need to keep the receipt for your tax records when you file for a deduction. You may also want to have them handy in case of a tax audit.

    Can you recommend any other charities not listed here who accept used electronics?

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    Computers for Charities, donating old computers.#Donating #old #computers

    Computers For Charities

    Donating old computers

    Donating old computers

    Donating old computers

    Donating old computers

    Donating old computers

    Donating old computers

    How can I Help?

    Donating old computers

    There are many ways to get involved with CfC. Financial donations or time to volunteer can make a huge difference, no matter how limited.

    Low cost systems

    Donating old computers

    Check out our low cost refurbished Computer systems for Charities, Schools and more

    Stay in touch

    Take a look at our blog for an insight to what we do or sign up to our newsletter to receive all the latest news and projects straight to your inbox.

    Donating old computers

    Sign up for our newsletter.

    Computers for Charities supporting Charities since 1994

    Donating old computers

    Christmas Shoebox Appeal (1992 – 2017)

    Christmas Shoebox Appeal gets underway and celebrates 25 years of support.

    Education, Training, Project development & Erasmus

    Donating old computers

    Accredited Courses developed for use by Schools, Colleges, Training Centres and the Waste Industry

    CfC has gained wide ranging experience working with Organisations and Government bodies to aid development and implementation of bespoke Educational programs, Vocational courses, Social & Humanitarian initiatives, etc.. Our Educational & Vocational developments have aided Schools, Colleges, Voluntary Organisations including Prison education across the UK and Overseas.

    Latest News

    We have moved!! We’re now located in new premises in Eastbourne. Huge thanks to all our volunteers for the help and support during the move.


    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers
    • Donating old computers

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    Places to Donate Used Computers, Monitors, and Printers, donate old computers.#Donate #old #computers

    Places to Donate Used Computers, Monitors, Printers, and TVs

    Here is a list of places where you can donate used computers, monitors, and TV sets. Get a tax receipt for most donations, plus you can promote your business as a green business doing its part to help the environment.

    Donate old computers

    According to their website, Your computer donation is completely tax deductible and will make an amazing difference to families in need throughout the United States. We accept Pentium 4 and above Computer Donations to benefit numerous charities and families.

    Whenever financially beneficial, Computers With Causes will repair, refurbish, and properly prepare donated property for placement into an educational environment or other cause they support.

    Donations Accepted: Pentium 4 and above; old and new computers, laptops, and computer equipment. More

    This free directory lists thousands of donation sites and recycling centers for computers, monitors, TVs, and all types of office and electronic equipment. (They also list places to donate just about anything else as well.)

    Search their site by donation type and enter your city, state, and zip code. Earth911.com will tell you where you can drop off computers and equipment in your local area. More

    Educational Assistance Ltd. (EAL) takes donated computers and equipment and exchanges these goods for scholarships within a national network of accredited colleges and universities. All scholarships are designated for students with severe financial need.

    Corporate Donors: EAL s services are free. They coordinate the entire donation process. EAL offers, You can free warehouse space quickly and easily, and EAL provides a donation receipt for tax purposes. You get a single shipping address for your entire donation, EAL will follow your guidelines when determining where your donation will be placed, and scholarships can be awarded in your company name.

    Donations Accepted: Newer computers and excess inventory from corporations nationwide. More

    The Freecycle Network is a nonprofit organization but you will not get a tax receipt for “donating” items through their list serve. But you can feel good knowing when you use Freecycle you are helping the environment by recycling your unwanted items.

    Freecycle is a free Internet service that allows people to offer items they no longer need for free to others who can use them.

    To join Freecycle (it’s free), visit their website and locate the list that serves your geographic area. Be sure to read Freecycle’s rules about posting because the lists are moderated and anyone who abuses list priviledges will get banned.

    Donations Accepted: Any non-living thing (plants excluded) that can be legally given away. More

    Goodwill Industries of Southern California Computer Recycling Services collects and repairs and then sells used computer equipment. This innovative program can take individual donations or large donations from companies that are upgrading computer systems and who may have large quantities of old computer equipment to donate.

    Donations Accepted: Used computers, monitors, TV sets, digital cameras, printers, modems, and other electronic equipment (any condition). They also accept empty printer cartridges. Donate individual items in person, but Goodwill will pick up from larger businesses.

    The National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER) is a nonprofit organization formed in 2005 dedicated to the development and enhancement of a national infrastructure for the recycling of used electronics in the United States.

    NCER is a great resource to find a local recycler in your geographic area. Enter your zip code, and NCER shows all nearby recyclers on a pop-up map. More

    The National Cristina Foundation (NCF) can help you match office equipment and computers with nonprofit organizations. NCF focuses exclusively on helping education-related nonprofits including schools and public agencies that use technology to train disabled individuals.

    They also seek to support nonprofits and agencies that help train economically disadvantaged individuals.

    Donations Accepted: Limited to usable computers and office equipment. Phone: (203) 863-9100. Their website has a link feature you can use to completely “wipe” your hard drive before your donate your computer. More

    TechSoup.org is a nonprofit organization that offers low-cost (and sometimes free) software, tech services, and equipment to other tax-exempt nonprofits. TechSoup works with equipment and software providers for large-scale donations, but it also lists more than 600 Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers (MARs) that take donations used computers from individuals.

    Computers donated to MARs are repaired and sent to nonprofits and assistance organizations throughout the world. More

    The World Computer Exchange works closely with 465 Partner organizations, a consortium of 25 Strategic Allies, and a number of Informal Allies throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

    Donations Accepted: Working items only, including Pentium 3 and above desktop and laptop computers; AMD and Celeron computers that are at least 450 MHz. Macs G3 and G4 laptops. Monitors: 15 -19 color monitors less than 9 years old and have a built-in auto switch for the voltage. Working keyboards, mice, cables, and power cords, parts, scanners, etc.

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    Where To Donate Old Computers, donate old computers.#Donate #old #computers

    donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

    Donate old computers

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