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Open Today 8AM – 9PM
No appointment needed

Hours & Directions

Shelby Urgent Care is open 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday. And 9am to 9pm on Saturday and Sunday.
Walk-ins welcome!
No appointment needed.

Shelby Urgent Care
51850 Dequindre Rd #1
Shelby Township, MI 48316

Located on 23 Mile Rd & Dequindre
PHONE: (586) 799-4082
FAX: (586) 799-4083


Shelby Urgent Care physicians treat a wide range of symptoms and offer many services including:

  • Acute injuries and illnesses
  • Physicals
  • Gastrointestinal illness
  • Abscess
  • Fractures/sprains
  • Lacerations
  • Flu shots
  • EKG
  • X-Ray
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Sports Physicals
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Colds, flu, fever
  • Sore throats, ear aches, sinus infection
  • Sinus infection
  • Ear/Eye infection
  • Asthma
  • Sprains, strains, fractures
  • Drug Screening
  • Minor cuts, burns, abrasions, lacerations
  • All work and auto-related injuries
  • Back pain, joint or muscle pain
  • Cholesterol check
  • High blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Urinary problems/UTI
  • Gynecologic issues
  • Heartburn/Reflux
  • Abdominal pain
  • Childhood illnesses
  • Eye injuries
  • Abdominal pain, new GI symptoms
  • S.T.D. testing
  • Bronchitis and persistent cough
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Allergic reactions/Hives
  • Rash and skin infection
  • Acute unrelieved pain (dental, traumatic, etc.)
  • Suspected bladder or kidney infection
  • Screening and Referral
  • Other acute non-emergency medical problems

Insurance Info

Most insurance plans are accepted at Shelby Urgent Care. Uninsured patients are welcome as well. Some of the common insurance plans we accept are:

  • Blue Cross Network
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Beaumont
  • Cofinity
  • Aetna
  • HAP
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • McLaren
  • Molina
  • Midwest
  • Multiplan
  • Omnicare
  • Total Health
  • TriCare
  • TRPN
  • Ancillary
  • Principal Financial Group
  • and many more.

(586) 799-4082

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Weeping Fig Tree – Ficus benjamina – Picture, Care Tips #growing #earth #tree #care,


Weeping Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus benjamina

Weeping fig is the most popular indoor tree from the Moraceae family. Its branches droop downward from woody stems, covered with glossy, pointed 2-4 in (5-10 cm) leaves which become darker green as the plant ages.

This fig tree makes a statement in any brightly lit room. Growers sometimes braid its trunks for a decorative topiary look. Some nurseries offer fancy cultivars of this popular house plant: F. benjamina ‘Indigo’ and ‘Midnight’ have dark-green, glossy leaves. ‘Monique’ has wavy leaves. A few of the many variegated cultivars include ‘Starlight’ with dark-green leaves edged in creamy white. ‘Silver Cloud’ delicately edged with white. and ‘Variegata’ broadly variegated with creamy yellow.

These ficus trees are slow-growing, but can grow to 10 ft indoors. Dwarf varieties only reach 3 ft (90 cm) tall. You can prune tall branches to control the plant’s height. Some Ficus species are popular to grow as bonsai trees. Want to know more? Take a look at Ficus Bonsai.

Watering tip: Weeping fig tree is sensitive to chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals often found in tap water, as well as the salt in softened water. Use only distilled or filtered water, or allow tap water to sit overnight so the chemicals will dissipate.

To repot. or not. Ficus plants like to be slightly pot-bound. And because this tree is slow-growing, repotting is only needed every 3-4 years. The best time to repot is in spring before new growth begins, using a pot only 1-2 inches larger.

Breathe Easier. Weeping fig is one of the best plants for improving air quality indoors. It has one of the top removal rates of toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from tainted indoor air.

This is a plant that doesn’t like change. Place your ficus in bright, indirect light and leave it there. It’s known to drop its leaves when moved around. Keep it away from drafts. Blasts of hot or cold air from doorways or vents will also cause leaf drop. If this happens, don’t worry. With good care it will grow new leaves in spring and summer.

In early fall, expect it to drop quite a few leaves. This is normal. You can help prevent the tree from losing too many leaves by misting it to increase humidity. Also, don’t be tempted to overwater a shedding plant, which makes the problem worse.

Weeping fig is a long-lived house plant. Give it what it wants and you’ll enjoy it for many, many years.

Weeping Fig Care Tips

Origin: Southeast Asia and Northern Australia

Height: Up to 10 ft (3 m)

Light: Bright light

Water: Water thoroughly, then allow to dry out slightly between waterings. This plant will not tolerate soggy soil. Keep soil slightly drier in winter, when light levels are lower.

Humidity: Moderate to high. If the relative humidity drops below 40%, you’ll want to raise the humidity for your plant.

Temperature: Average room temperatures 60-75°F/16-24°C. Weeping fig will tolerate a minimum of 50°F/10°C.

Soil: Soilless potting mix or any that drains well.

Fertilizer: Feed once a month spring through fall with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.

Propagation: Take tip cuttings in spring.

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New York Civil Statute of Limitations Laws #new #york #business #laws, #new #york #property


New York Civil Statute of Limitations Laws

In every state, there are time limits for the filing of lawsuits and other civil actions called statutes of limitations. New York’s civil statute of limitations laws are largely in line with those in other states. Depending on the type of case or procedure, New York’s statutes of limitations generally range from one (1) year to six (6) years. The point at which the clock starts ticking typically is the date of the incident or discovery of a wrong.

What If I Miss a Deadline To File a Civil Lawsuit In New York?

A piece of advice: don’t miss the deadline for filing your lawsuit. However, if you fail to bring suit within a prescribed time period, then the opposing party can assert the statute of limitations as a defense.

The opposing party can file a motion to dismiss the case alleging that the time allowed by law to bring a suit has passed. Once the judge dismisses the case, your legal claim is lost forever.

Injury to Person

3 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §214

1 yr. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §215

6 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §213

Injury to Personal Property

3 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §214

3 yrs.; medical: 2 1/2 yrs.; foreign object in body of patient 1 yr. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §214(6) and §214-a

3 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §214

Collection of Rents

6 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §213(1)

Written: 6 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §213; Oral: 6 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §213

Collection of Debt on Account

6 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §213(1)

20 yrs. N.Y. Civ. Prac. L. R. §211(b)

Note: State laws surrounding when to file a lawsuit are constantly changing — contact a New York attorney or conduct your own legal research to verify the state law(s) you are researching.

Research the Law:

Related Resources for Civil Statute of Limitations Laws:

Next Step: Contact a New York Lawyer for a Free Case Review

New York’s civil statute of limitations often depends on the nature of your claim and can be quite confusing. However, missing a deadline could mean you are barred from filing your case. If you are dealing with a personal injury or other dispute that may merit compensation, it’s in your best interests to contact an injury attorney for a free claim evaluation .

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Cosmetic Dentistry, Find Cosmetic Dentists in our Dentist Directory #dentists,dentist,dental,dental #care,cosmetic #dentist,dental #information,find #a


Find Expert Answers to Your Dental Questions

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the first thing someone notices about you, and people often make a judgement about your personality based on your smile. Thanks to the growing field of cosmetic dentistry and professionals dedicated to appearance related dental care, people no longer have to live with the smile they were born with. A great smile is not just for celebrities and hollywood actors, anyone these days can get the smile they’ve always dreamed of with the help of an experienced and trained dentist. There are many different procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry to help a variety of smile problems from teeth whitening, crowns and dental bridges, white fillings, dental implants and of course porcelain veneers. With cosmetic dentistry your new smile can make you more self confident, have greater self esteem and drastically improve your personal life and career. We’ve seen it many times over on the dental makeover shows, the teeth make the most dramatic improvement to ones appearance and far outweigh any other cosmetic surgery procedure.

Everyday, Dentalfind.com featured dentists perform cosmetic dentistry miracles. To find a local cosmetic dentist, just enter your zipcode into the “Find a Dentist Near You” box!

Does this story sound familiar?

“Growing up, I was always insecure about my smile, everyone in school seemed to have perfect teeth except me. I never seemed to smile much because I was embarassed to show my crooked teeth. Sometimes, I would even put my hand in front of my mouth to cover my smile. My parents were so supportive but they couldn’t afford braces. As the years passed, I become more self conscious about my smile, people would comment on how nice my friends teeth were and all I got was a simple hello. I never understood how hollywood actors and celebrities were all lucky to be born with perfect teeth.

As the years passed I started to drink coffee and the odd glass of red wine at dinner and now my misaligned teeth were not only crooked but now they were stained. Braces ( train tracks were not an option ) and teeth whitening would only fix part of the problem, I still had crooked teeth. I forgot to mention I was terrified of the dentist due to a childhood incident where one of my dentists yelled and screamed at me for crying after I had broken a tooth in the playground. Finally, one day I was forced to go to the dentist beacuse an old silver filling had cracked and needed repair. This was the best day of my life because I went to a cosmetic dentist and he opened up a world of possibilities for me with cosmetic dentistry. He replaced the filling with a white tooth colored one and then showed me how he could fix my crooked teeth and old bonding with porcelain veneers. He showed me his before and after photos of cosmetic dentistry cases he performed and they amazed me, these people had worse smiles than I had and after cosmetic dentistry they all had smiles like hollywood stars.

The cosmetic dentist I met with told me he fixed their smiles with porcelain veneers, so naturally I asked how much it would cost to fix my smile. The cost was much higher than I anticipated, however, all I could think about was having straight white perfect teeth and realized this was an investment in myself. Cosmetic dentistry is a personal investment and compared to what I’ve spent on material things like cars and other big ticket items, how could I put a price on a bright and beautiful smile. I decided to go ahead with the cosmetic dentistry (porcelain veneers) and its the best investment I have ever made in myself!

I get compliments about my teeth everywhere I go. They all comment on how lucky I am to have such straight white teeth, little do they know I got porcelain veneers. My smile is bigger than ever and I highy recommend cosmetic dentistry to anyone that is unhappy with their smile like I was. Its changed my life and I am forever grateful for my new smile. This is one of thousands of cosmetic dental experiences and you too can experience the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

Porcelain veneers are one of many cosmetic dentistry solutions for your teeth, they can fix common smile challenges such as: Whitening stained teeth with beautiful porcelain veneers. Improve a gummy smile with gingival contouring and porcelain laminates. Close tooth gaps quickly often in as little as two appointments. Restore chipped teeth with porcelain instead of dental bonding. Replace silver amalgam fillings with white or tooth colored fillings that are more esthetically pleasing and safer. Veneers can be a great alternative to traditional orthodontics to give the appearance of perfectly straight teeth without having to wear braces. If you have short teeth the veneer procedure can make your teeth longer for a fuller and brighter smile. Overlapping and rotated teeth can also be corrected with veneers. Whatever your smile enhancement needs are, a cosmetic dentist with post graduate training in cosmetic dentistry can help you obtain a better smile, the one you’ve always dreamed of. Dental find will also be bringing you information about some of the new entry level smile makeover options one of which is called Glam Smile from Belgium. Will also take a closer look at Briteveneers. Ever since Extreme Makeover made the veneers from Da Vinci dental studios a brand name many other companies have initiated their own campaigns, look for our independent veneer review.

View some cosmetic dentistry video websites below. Many of these doctors are featured cosmetic dentists on Dentalfind.com

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Public Health – Prevention #public #health #and #prevention, #public #health #and #prevention #education, #public


  • Fading Immunity May Be Behind Mumps Epidemic Dr Paul Offit discusses potential weaknesses in the MMR vaccine, and ongoing efforts to address them.

Medscape Infectious Diseases. March 17, 2017

  • Pornography: A Public Health Problem? Ethicist Art Caplan discusses whether pornography should be considered a public health concern.

    Medscape Business of Medicine. May 30, 2017

  • Landmark Trial: Patient-Generated Data Improve Cancer Survival An improvement in survival among cancer patients has validated patient-reported data, according to Eric Topol.

    Medscape. June 7, 2017

  • Best Practices in Asthma: MDI Missteps to Adherence In their second interview, Drs Vega and Adams discuss how to mitigate common mistakes that patients make with asthma devices.

    Medscape Family Medicine. May 1, 2017

  • CDC’s Emergency Drugs for US Clinicians and Hospitals Suspect a case of botulism or malaria? You’ll soon find that your local pharmacy doesn’t stock antitoxin or artesunate. You can get these lifesaving drugs quickly from CDC. Here’s how.

    CDC Expert Commentary. June 5, 2017

  • Postmarket Drug Safety: The View From the FDA Two recent studies have raised potential concerns about the safety of newly approved drugs. What is the FDA’s safety monitoring process, and are changes needed? Medscape spoke with FDA to find out.

    FDA Expert Commentaries and Interviews. May 19, 2017

  • Woodmere Rehab And Health Care in WOODMERE, NY 11581 #woodmere #rehab #and #health #care,121


    Woodmere Rehab and Health Care

    My relative is at Woodmere. Overall, she is very satisfied with the services and care at Woodmere. She says that the nursing staff and physical therapists “know what they need to do” and do it with care and a professional attitude. The quality of the food is fine as is the laundry service. She also tells me that patient safety is important there and this makes her feel safe. Lastly, Woodmere works hard to respect its multicultural residents.

    Nothing, My son have been there a while, no one care about the patients. e developed a couple of bed sores. He had to go to the hospital because all his organs was shutting down, and he developed a blot. The doctors at the hospital said when he came there he was in bad shape, I f you love your kin, please do not put them in there. It is not fitting for a dog

    I have end stage renal disease. I came to Woodmere Rehabilitation Center for some short term treatments. They helped me a lot. The staff was very nice and very professional. The physical therapy program they created for me made me feel much better. Woodmere offers a lot of recreational activities for whoever wants to join in. Anyway, now I am home thanks to Woodmere.


  • Activities
  • Care
  • Cleanliness
  • Management

    Nothing. It is a horrible place to put a relative. My son is there, he end up with bed sores. One registered nurse was very rude and a liar. If you love your kin, please do not put them there

    Very very very poor quality. Totally negligent, lazy incompetent staff at all levels. Do not allow anyone you care about go here. My father-in-law caught pneumonia while here and nobody noticed. He died a week later.

    Description of Woodmere Rehab and Health Care in WOODMERE, NY

    Number of Beds. 336

    Woodmere Rehab And Health Care, located in Woodmere, New York provides the following services: Nursing Home and Short Term Care: Rehabilitation. It accepts the following payment methods: Medicare and Medicaid. Woodmere Rehab And Health Care has received 2 stars from Medicare and an average user review rating of 3 stars. Woodmere Rehab And Health Care has a very good hospital, St John’s Episcopal Hospital At South Shore, located nearby, which scored a 88 out of 100 in its most recent Medicare review. The Woodmere Rehab And Health Care’s nearest hospital is 3 miles away. The zipcode (11581) in New York, where Woodmere Rehab And Health Care is located, has an above average safety rating based on recent crime statistics. A more detailed description of the types of care for Woodmere Rehab And Health Care can be found here .

    Woodmere Rehab and Health Care is a nursing home. It provides medical nursing service for seniors with serious illnesses or disabilities twenty-four hours a day, delivered by registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse aids.

    Nursing care facilities cater to several types of patients: some patients require short-term rehab while recovering from surgery; others require long-term nursing and medical supervision. In addition, some nursing homes offer specialized care programs for Alzheimer’s or other illnesses, or short-term respite care for frail or disabled persons when a family member requires a rest from providing care in the home. Please note that you can help compare nursing homes by looking at the Medicare ratings of a given facility (Medicare has a 5-star rating system for comparing nursing homes). There are various ways for paying for care in a nursing home. Make sure you know your loved one’s Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, and understand how you can use tools like long term care insurance to pay for nursing home care.

    Source: SNAPforSeniors, Inc.


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  • Charitable Hospital – Health Care Related Nonprofit Organizations – Baru Sahib #donate



    Help us to save More Lives.

    Help us save more lives, develop new treatments, build state of the art facilities and support our remarkable patients and their families.

    With your donation we can continue to put the child first and always.

    Primary Healthcare

    Primary Healthcare for 30,000 OPD Patients annually

    New better ways of Caring

    Donations help us find new and better ways of caring for the patients we treat and to support their families at their most difficult time.

    Charitable Hospital

    Free of cost healthcare facilities are provided to underprivileged rural and hilly people, virtually at their doorsteps.

    Services Provided

    The Magic

    This hospital caters to the medical needs of patients covering an area of a radius of 100 Km.

    Alternative Medicines

    Road Ahead

    To establish Center for healthcare Medical Research under the umbrella of Guru Ki Kashi (Akal University)

    Support Generously

    Most of the young children in rural North India have to stay at home due to poverty and lack of educational opportunities around their villages. They indulge in household work or child labor. Your sponsorship could change that. Your donation is tax exempt. The Kalgidhar Society is a registered charitable organization in USA, Canada, UK and India.

    How We Do?

    Our Healthcare Facilities

    TKT / TKS also run a 280-bed Charitable Hospital in the backward district of Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh. More than 30,000 poor underprivileged patients annually are attended to with primary healthcare and emergency interventions.

    Our Healthcare Facilities

    Four Free Medical camps are held in Sirmaur every year wherein free expensive surgeries are provided to poor beneficiaries by Doctors from India and abroad.

    In addition to the routine medical and surgical services, emergencies of all kinds are also attended. Akal Charitable Hospital is the only hospital in the region attending to the patients of snake-bite for which expensive antivenin is given.

    The patients and their attendants travel to Akal Charitable Hospital by bus, horse or on foot, undertaking quite long and arduous journey on difficult terrains to get rid of deadly diseases completely free of cost, the treatments that would normally cost up to INR 100,000.

    Services Provided

    • Internal medicine and Cardiology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Ear, Nose and Throat
    • Gynaecology and obstetrics
    • Dental problems
    • Eye Surgery
    • General Surgery
    • Gynae and Obstetric Surgery
    • ENT Surgery

    Alternative Medicines

    • Homeopathy
    • Ayurvedic
    • Magnetotherapy
    • Accupressure
    • Naturopathy
    • Physiotherapy including massage and steam bath

    Our Impact

    Primary Healthcare for 30,000 OPD Patients annually

    280 Bed World Class Charitable Hospital

    100 + free operations annually

    Testimonials / Research

    We are greatful for the opportunity to have come here and spent 12 days in God’s Country. Beatiful vibrations, great views, excellent hikes, lovely children, generous hosts, good and spiritual discussions, innocent laughter. If heaven is possible in the realm of this world, it is here. To say “Thank You” will be seriously understanding our sentiments. Our vocabulary fails to describe our feelings of gratitude and bliss.

    Dave S. Maan & Rani Maan, Operation Rainbow, Canada, 13767-55A Avenue, Surrey

    A Divine experience. The inspiration behind this tremendous task shines in every part of this complex. Our prayers are offered to the almighty at this house of the Lord so that his mission is fully accomplished

    Siddharth Chattopadhyaya, IG/Prov. BSF/HO’s, New Delhi

    What I heard, it is much more than that. This is a place worth visiting and taking a part in this movement. Students of villages are being given Free Education and all other facilities. The Rural School results are highly impressive. Government of India, Indian State Governments Punjab Chief Minister should adopt this as a Model. Foreign students are happy. Baba Iqbal Singh is a blessed soul. May Satguru give all success to The Kalgidhar Trust!

    Tarlochan Singh MP (RS). Former Chairman, National Minorities Commission, New Delhi

    Kalgidhar Society aims to build superior human Character and high moral values as a way to establish permanent world peace.

    KPMG. cutting through complexity

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    Orlando lawn and pest control services – free estimates #florida #natural #pest #control, #organic


    We all have priorities – Family.Work.School.

    Preventing and treating bugs in your home and landscape may be at the bottom of your priority list. This is where EPLS comes in. We keep bugs out of your home and keep your landscape healthy. And we do this with beautiful Central Florida in mind. We proudly apply lake friendly fertilizers and low -risk products around the outside of your home and in your landscape. So go ahead – check pest control off of your to-do list. You can rest assured that your pest control needs are our highest priority! After all, we have homes and families too!

    Summer Updates

    Watering Your Lawn Landscape
    After a prolonged spring drought, we welcomed some much needed rain. While supplemental irrigation is crucial for maintaining healthy lawns and landscapes, there is nothing like rainfall to revive a water-deprived landscape. This time of year, the Saint John’s Water Management District limits landscape irrigation to two days per week. However, excessive watering, whether from rain or irrigation, can limit the success of lawns and landscape plants. So the best course of action is to water your landscape on an as-needed basis. For additional advice, please contact our office at (407)532-8188.

    Should the Inside of My House Be Sprayed For Bugs?
    In most situations the answer is no! Our veteran pest prevention experts can treat most active pest infestations from the exterior of the property. If interior treatments are deemed necessary, we take great care to use the safest products available and apply them in a manner that minimizes exposure to your family and pets. There is no purpose for routine pesticide applications inside your home. Contact us today for a free pest prevention evaluation and proposal.

    New Sod Treatments
    Many people choose to install sod this time of year. We highly recommend that all new sod be treated preventively (and sometimes curatively) with effective systemic fungicides and insecticides. Armyworms, sod webworms, chinch bugs, hunting billbugs, leaf spot and root-rot diseases are often problematic in new sod installations. Treating new sod soon following installation is important for pest disease prevention. Protect your investment – call us today at (407)532-8188 to schedule your new sod preventive insecticide fungicide application!

    Beware of Stinging Insects
    Most of us enjoy the outdoors in the summer. While spending time outside, we must be aware of stinging insects. Fire ants, bigheaded ants, wasps, and other stinging insects are very active this time of year. Contact us for more information on management of stinging insects in your home or landscape.

    Summer Fertilization?
    Is your landscape growing so fast that it’s difficult to keep up with weekly mowing and trimming? Healthy landscapes utilize nutrients at a fast rate this time of year. Proper fertilization is important to replace available nutrients. But with fertilizer restrictions in place, things can get tricky! Our fertilization program meets fertilization restrictions requirements while keeping your landscape healthy! Give us a call today at (407)532-8188 to schedule an appointment to review your landscape fertilization needs.

    Do you enjoy gardening, swimming, or just relaxing outdoors? Mosquitoes may turn a fun-filled outdoors activity to a painful and potentially-dangerous nightmare. Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance, but some species may vector heartworms to pets and even viral human diseases such as Zika. So if you are planning an outdoors event or just want to suppress mosquitoes on your property, give EPLS a call at (407)532-8188 today.

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    Pre-K Fun, shell care.#Shell #care


    shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Easter Theme Pages

    Shell care

    To be featured on Pre-K Fun,

    Submit your ideas using

    the email button at the bottom of the page.

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

    This site was created to be a resource of theme

    based curriculum ideas to enrich learning.

    Pre-K Fun is a labor of love.

    submitting your ideas to be shared.

    B e sure to check out this weeks featured blogs

    and be sure to give their blog some love!

    photos to be posted using the email link at the bottom left of this page.

    If your idea is chosen to be on the site, I’ll be glad to feature your blog or website here.

    Shell care

    Shell care

    Shell care

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