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We are not here to bash the timeshare industry but selling a timeshare on the secondary market can be very difficult despite what many companies lead you to believe. The bottom line is if you are using your timeshare and future generations don’t mind paying the escalating maintenance fees it’s a great way to take some well deserved vacations. However, if you no longer are using your timeshare or the maintenance fees and assessments are becoming a financial burden for you and your family its time to get rid of your timeshare.

At Timeshare Movers we offer you several different options to allow you to choose what is right for your family. You can choose anything from selling your timeshare with NO upfront fees. Other options include renting, donating or just getting rid your timeshare immediately and never having to worry about it again!

There many frustrated owners with hundreds of thousands of unwanted timeshares on the resale market. Many of these owners purchased their timeshare for all the wrong reasons. Things like investments and rentals were presented by the salespeople but as you know these options produced very little in the form of income. Please view the video of financial expert Dave Ramsey below to get his take on timeshares.

Toll Free: 844-END-FEES (363-3337)

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