School supply list solution for classroom and teacher supplies #charity #gift

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Plug your school into the power of TeacherLists

Easy upload, instant share

Our new online Power Loader allows any designated person from your school to easily upload lists with just a click – your secretary, technology coordinator, teachers…even the PTO.

Manage lists with a click

Easily update and share multiple lists with one click from year to year or in real-time. No more gathering lists, updating your website, and sending to retailers and parents each year – TeacherLists does it all, at no cost.

Faster for parents

Anywhere, anytime

Finding and viewing lists has never been more convenient. Your up-to-date lists are always available to parents on any device (even their smartphones), on your school’s website, on, and at popular retailers.

No more waiting

No more downloading documents (from a phone!), no more photocopies in plastic bins, no more calls to the office about lost lists. Parents will thank you!

Smarter for everyone

Your lists everywhere, instantly

Simply save your list(s), and they’re updated and shared everywhere, instantly – no toggling between documents and updating them in individual places; no need to resend to retailers and parents.

Integrates with your website

TeacherLists easily integrates with your school website, ensuring parents always have access to your most up-to-date lists from any device.

Lists that work smarter for your school

Easy load

Upload multiple lists with one click using our convenient online Power Loader.

Instant share

Once your lists are loaded, parents can access them instantly on their smart phones, your school website, on, and through popular retailers.

Power add

TeacherLists easily integrates with your school website. Your personal list assistant can help with this.

Not ready to upload lists? Sign up as a school admin >>

Share TeacherLists with someone at your school

Want to make sure your school staff knows about TeacherLists? Simply tell us who at your school is responsible for coordinating school supply lists each spring, and we’ll reach out to them.

Trusted by schools

TeacherLists has made the supply list process easier for everyone, especially the office staff.

Tovah Kunkle, Secretary at Hebrew Academy Community School in Margate, FL

TeacherLists is one the easiest and best things that our school ever did.

Eileen Grove, Sequoia Pathway Academy in Maricopa, AZ

This is where technology is headed.

Pam Seeger, Principal at Cypress School of the Arts in Hesperia, CA

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