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Oracle ERP software is designed on Oracle App framework, which works on their own database, which is equipped with many advanced features and it has strong functioning. Oracle database is known for its high efficiency and speedy installation. Oracle Financials is the best of the most of the financial packages and its HRMS is also gaining popularity. It has strong strategies and the company hires expert consultants to inform buyers about the product. The customer support provided is very efficient and helpful.

Many popular modules are present in Oracle ERP such as HRMS, finance, production and others. Buyer can select one or two modules depending on their need. It gives you the best products at a high cost and if you buy unnecessary modules, you may be making huge expenses on buying unnecessary modules.

But, if you buy modules from two different vendors, the efficiency of the software will be reduced as the integration of two different types of software is very difficult and sometimes, it will never give an appropriate result.

Main Advantages of Oracle

1. Oracle UI: There are two types of user interface .One has the web features and it is called Oracle Self Service Application and the Oracle Forms are most popular for core financial transactions. The forms are easy to use and it resembles fox pro and Dbase.

2. Integration of web enabled features in ERP application: Oracle Self Service Application can be designed for internet purposes and it is used by many organizations.

3. Security of database: Oracle database comes with a high security feature and the security is based on the role based models. Oracle’s security cannot be broken easily.

4. It can adopt changes in legal standards fast: This ERP integrated adapts to changed legal standards and the customers are aware if it’s easy adoptability on changed standards.

5. Customization is easy: Oracle has a good record of providing fast customization and installation as compared to other enterprise software available in the market.

6. Report are exceptional: Oracle reports gives you a wide range of choices on many parameters and you can generate any kind of report for any situation in minutes.

7. Gives a high ROI: It has high efficiency as compared to any other database and return on investment is also high.

Disadvantages of Oracle ERP

1. User interface of Oracle ERP is not very attractive: Windows user interface offers a range of features such as drag and drop and multiple windows interface, which you cannot find in Oracle. Oracle forms are designed with some features of windows UI, but it is not as flexible as windows forms.

2. Database connection: Oracle forms cannot be connected to other databases and it is a major disadvantage of oracle systems.

3. Follows standard legal rules: It cannot be used for changed legacy systems. Oracle follows certain rules of standard legacy systems and it cannot be used for changed rules.

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