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A Warning To Parents About Momo Challenge Videos

Posted on February 28, 2019 by Olivia Esveld

**WARNING: Distressing content**

Yesterday Kim Kardashian sent a dire warning to parents to keep an eye out for what your kids are watching online and now Kyle and Jackie O have jumped on board, sending out their own message on air this morning.

It’s all to do with the terrifying momo challenge, which has been popping up in the middle of YouTube and YouTube kids videos, convincing young children to do unthinkable things.

In case you haven’t heard of it, and if you are a parent or someone looking after young children you really need to know, momo is a creepy bird-like lady, with stringy hair, large eyes and a stretched smile.

The momo image originated from an art gallery in Japan.

She is reportedly appearing in innocent videos of things like Frozen, Peppa Pig and toy reviews. Some are static images while others also include disturbing messages and challenges that are asking children to do awful things.

One five-year-old girl hacked her own hair off following a message from the momo challenge, while another boy was allegedly told to stab himself in the neck.

Kyle and Jackie O have this morning warned parents to educate themselves and their children on the momo challenge in order to save them from any harm.

It all began when listeners called into the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to tell us their own terrifying experiences with the momo challenge.

“I have a four year old and she has watched something that I wasn’t aware of on Youtube and…it wasn’t until she was going to bed that she started bringing up all this monster stuff,” one listener said.

“Anyway I thought nothing of it…and then all these social media stuff came up about this momo thing and so I thought I would just approach her and be like, ‘What’s momo?’. And she said to me, it’s the monster video.

“And it has changed her so much,” the concerned mum added. “It got to the point that she couldn’t be at home, in her own home, to feel safe.”

Another parent told us that his six-year-old daughter had been convinced to turn the stove and oven on by the momo challenge.

“She goes, ‘Yeah that’s the girl that told me to wait until night time and turn the stove and the oven on to fill the house with her magical fire gas’,” he explained.

“She won’t sleep in her own bed, she’s scared at night, she cries.”

Kyle and Jackie O then proceeded to warn parents to talk with their children about the terrifying challenge. Jackie explained that most kids won’t come to you because the momo challenge warns them not to.

“Because that girl looks so scary, apparently the way they’re getting kids to do these things…she says if you don’t do this then I will appear in your home,” Jackie said.

“They’re so terrified of this girl appearing in their home that they go and do these things that she’s telling them to do.”

The guys added that the issue should be taken very seriously and the person behind this should be put behind bars.

“What sort of a sick maniac is behind this?” Kyle asked.

“We need to find who’s responsible, lock them up for life because they are praying on young kids like that and getting them to do things which they can die doing,” Jackie added. “It should be taken really seriously.”

“This is all over the world this stuff…this isn’t just a little thing. This is world wide. This is a big problem,” Kyle said. “Kids are going to die if something’s not done about it.”

Kyle and Jackie’s advice to parents was to show their kids what to look out for so that they know to tell them if the come across it online.

“I think we’re better warning them. Because it sounds like a lot of the kids that do see it keep it quiet because they feel they have to,” Jackie said.

“If you google momo challenge you can see a picture of the girl and you can forewarn your kids because I think it’s probably better you do that.”

If this story brings up any issues for you please contact lifeline on 13 11 14.

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