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Accepting donations is easier than ever.

Whether you’re a charity or not-for-profit, a PTA or sports club, if you’re raising money for a good cause, PayPal has a solution for you.

A solution for any not-for-profit need.

Easy to set-up, our solutions allow anyone to accept one-off and regular donations online, on mobile or in-person.

Online donations

Don’t worry if you’re not technical. Just copy and paste a line of code to add the PayPal donate button to your site. You can take one-off and repeat donations in minutes.

Charity to donate to

Charity to donate to

In-person donations

Take Chip and PIN or contactless donations or payments at events with the PayPal Here card reader.

Registered charities – join the PayPal Giving Fund

Registered charities can enrol in PayPal Giving Fund – for free. You’ll reach new donors through eBay, Humble Bundle and the PayPal app. PayPal Giving Fund charges no fees to charities for its own services.*

4 reasons to choose PayPal.

Charity to donate to

Easy online setup – no programming required

It can be as simples as cutting and pasting a few lines of code to your website. That’s it. You’re ready to take donations.

Charity to donate to

Accept donations anywhere in the UK, anytime

Get the PayPal Here card reader and accept chip and pin or contactless donations or payments in person.

Charity to donate to

Access over 23 million UK PayPal users

With one account, you’ll instantly have access to millions of PayPal users through donations on and also in the PayPal app.

Charity to donate to

Keep donor data safe and secure

A combination of uncomplicated PCI compliance, advanced fraud screening and a best-in-class 24/7 support team are here to protect your organisation.

What you see is what you pay.

We understand that fundraising can have its peaks and troughs, especially for small charities. So we don’t charge any sign-up or monthly fees, and there are no extra fees for setup, statements, withdrawals or cancellation.

I want to take payments:

Thousands of UK charities are using PayPal.

Cancer Research UK

Charity to donate to

BBC Children in Need

Charity to donate to


Charity to donate to

Blue Cross

Charity to donate to

How to get started.

Charity to donate to

Create a PayPal business account. Find out what you’ll need here.

Charity to donate to

Register as a charity or non-profit. Charities can confirm their status here.

Charity to donate to

Choose the PayPal solutions right for you. Start taking donations.

***Don’t worry, we know you’re not a business. We just need to do the usual background checks to protect you and your donors.

Start taking donations now.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an account set up as a charity?

First, you’ll need to set up a business account. We ask you do to this so that we can do the usual background checks to protect you and your donors.

Watch how to get set up as a charity here

To find out what you’ll need to get set up, click here

How can my non-profit organisation begin accepting PayPal donations?

First, sign up for a PayPal business account. Select non-profit Organisation as the business type and non-profit as the category. You’ll need to provide your organisation’s bank account information in order to link to your PayPal account and transfer funds to your bank account. Once you’ve created a PayPal account, it’s easy to add a Donate button to your organisation’s website. You can begin accepting donations right away.

How do I apply for the discounted non-profit rate?

PayPal offers non-profits a discounted rate of 1.4% +20p. If you are a registered charity, you’ll need to confirm your charity status at before you will be given the non-profit rate. For all other non-profits, you will need to phone in to request your rate. Be prepared to send PayPal a copy of your constitution to prove you are a non-profit. Note that discounted non-profit pricing will not apply to your account until you have received an email from PayPal confirming your charity status.

Can donors make recurring donations?

By simply adding the PayPal donate button, your donors will be able to sign up for monthly giving at the tick of a box. No lengthy forms required!

Can my organisation accept donations from donors who don’t have PayPal accounts?

Yes, donors without PayPal accounts can still pay or donate by debit or credit card on the PayPal site and through PayPal Here on a smartphone.

What is the PayPal Giving Fund?

PayPal Giving Fund offers registered charities of all sizes access to customer giving programs across PayPal, eBay, and more. It’s a network that can help boost your fundraising by putting your organisation in front of millions of potential donors. Enrolment is free and charities receive 100% of every donation. Learn more at

Is PayPal Here PCI Compliant?

Yes. PayPal Here is certified by Visa® and MasterCard® and complies with the highest security standards: PCI PTS S-RED 3.0, UKCC, EMV Level 1 and 2. End-to-end encryption and Chip and PIN technology is backed by our world-class risk and fraud management systems, so you and your customers can get on with doing business, knowing that all financial information is handled securely.

* See our terms for details on PayPal Giving Fund. **Additional costs will apply for the PayPal Here card reader. Flat 1.5% flat fees apply to domestic card payments received through contactless or chip and pin. Blended rate of 3.40% + 20p, applies for card payments made by swiping the magnetic strip or manually entering the card details. Amex card payments with Chip Pin, Chip Signature, and Contactless functionality are always processed with a rate of 2.75%. Amex card payments made by swiping the magnetic stripe or manually entering the card details are always processed with rate of 3.4% + 20p. Additional fees such as cross-border fees may apply. See our terms for details.

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