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Kidney Foundation Car Donation

The Kidney Cars Program

Kidney Foundation car donations are a great way to help out those less fortunate than you and I. Donations have already helped thousands, but they desperately need more help.

The National Kidney Foundation s Kidney Cars Program is a charity that permits you to donate your used vehicle (or even boat) in exchange for two benefits you won t get from a dealer trade-in:

You may get a nice tax deduction and you get the satisfaction that you are helping out a truly worthwhile cause.

A Kidney Foundation car donation is better than other charities because over 81 cents of every dollar from your donation goes to helping individuals who need it most. Important programs and services your donation helps include:

  • Support for patients and families whose lives have been dramatically affected, as well as screenings for early detection of kidney disease.
  • Continuing education for health care professionals that ensures kidney patients have the latest care available.
  • Kidney disease research.
  • Public education aimed at raising awareness of the need for kidney donors.
  • Patient advocacy programs that look out for patient rights and needs thru legislation.

What are the requirements for donating your vehicle to the National Kidney Foundation s Kidney Cars Program?

1. The vehicle must be in one piece.
2. Damage to the frame must be reported.
3. The general condition and mileage should be known.
4. Write down the year, make, model, as well as the VIN#.
5. Have the title to the vehicle (with no money owed on the vehicle).

How would I go about making the actual Kidney car donation?

a. Call in your donation to a National Kidney Foundation representative that can handle car donations (call and see).

b. Complete the online form to get started.

After calling in your donation or completing the online form, you will receive a packet in the mail that has the details about completing your donation. Before the actual pickup of your vehicle can be made, however, the National Kidney Foundation representative must receive your completed car donation packet.

Then you ll get a letter confirming your intent to make a charity vehicle donaton. Included with this letter will be details for filing your car donation tax deduction.

It IS a great cause, so go ahead and make a kidney car donation this year. Your goodwill car donation is sorely needed. A major health problem today, kidney disease affects thousands as we speak

Over 350 thousand Americans are on dialysis machines just to stay alive. Over 77,000 kidney disease patients are waiting for a miracle a donated kidney that will mean life for them.

But the following number is staggering: Over 25 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD) and that number is on the rise. Early detection is the best way to treat this disease, but unfortunately, symptoms often don t appear until your kidneys are failing.

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