Apr 30 2017

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Rockford Computers For Schools (RCFS) is dedicated to providing a low cost alternative for achieving technology in the classroom.

Founded in 1997, RCFS is committed to a two-fold posture of bridging the digital divide and supporting environmental responsibility through the refreshment of prematurely retired computer systems.To date our program has placed over 5,200 computers in schools, non-profit organizations and need-based homes proving that limited funding does not preclude access to technology.

The Detwiler Foundation of California began the Computers for Schools Program in 1991 and serves as the model for Rockford’s program.

Our cost-recovery model is based on generous donations from corporations, businesses, and other large institutions. Rockford Computers For Schools (RCFS) refurbishes and upgrades this donated equipment with Microsoft software keeping current with educational technology standards. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR), RCFS offers complete refurbished computer systems as a cost effective alternative to new equipment. With this model we are able to customize systems to support school district technology requirements and individual non-profit office needs while maximizing limited budget resources.

RCFS is a 501(c)3 organization in partnership with Illinois Growth Enterprises. Funding is totally through private donations, grants, and community foundations.

Rockford Computers For Schools offers certified refurbished computers to schools and non-profits for less than 1/10 the cost of new equipment. Click on About RCFS to learn more.

The Mission

Rockford Computers for Schools Program (RCFS) is to improve the opportunities for all children to use technology to expand, increase, and enrich their learning experiences.

The Program

Provides donated pre-owned and referbished computers from local individuals or businesses to schools in the Rock River Region and surrounding area. The use of donated computers and equipment greatly expands student access to technology.

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