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How the Top 5 Online Fundraising Sites Compare

Online fundraising has made it easier for people to raise support for a cause or project. And as the industry expands, more platforms are being introduced. But choosing the best platform for your fundraiser can be tricky. The ideal site will cater to your fundraising needs, offer resources for help, and propel your efforts. The following overview of the top five online fundraising sites can help you find the best site for you.

When picking an online fundraising site, it is important to remember that no two platforms are exactly the same. They differ in price, features, services, resources, and even the types of fundraisers they host.

Looking For GoFundMe Alternatives?

We break down your GoFundMe alternatives an in-depth look at GoFundMe vs. YouCaring Fundraising (p.s. we don t charge fees)


Kickstarter prides itself on being a platform that helps bring your creative projects to life. Projects are creative, ranging from video games to food to fashion. It is important to note that you cannot raise funds for charity on this site. It uses all-or-nothing fundraising, meaning you can’t use the money you raise unless you meet your goal by the deadline. If you do meet the goal, then Kickstarter takes 5 percent as a platform fee on top of a 3 to 5 percent fee for credit cards.


YouCaring is a crowdfunding site for personal and charitable causes and is known as the leader in free online fundraising. It stands out because it is the only free site on the list. Users will pay a credit card fee, but as far as website fees there are none. It offers fundraising in over twenty categories and even provides a fundraising widget for its users, which can be integrated into their personal sites. It’s easy to use interface and quick fundraiser set up makes it easy for anyone to use. And there are no fundraiser deadlines. They even offer live chat for customer support and coaching.


Indiegogo is among one of the unique online fundraising sites designed to raise funds for creative, entrepreneurial, or personal projects. You can pick between all-or-nothing or flexible fundraising. They help you at every stage from pre-launch to fundraising to selling your product. You can even create perks for your supporters. The site charges a 5 percent fee, plus a transaction fee. If you are looking for a more creative fundraising platform, this online fundraising site might work best for you.


This site focuses on online fundraising for nonprofits and social enterprises. They allow users to create both personal and team fundraising pages that are customizable. For volunteer events, Classy offers ticketing and registration features. In order to manage activity between your nonprofit and your supporters, Classy offers campaign reporting. So if you are an organization that has several people fundraising on your behalf, this site can help you organize that data. Your organization has to contact Classy to get a quote for the cost, but it starts at $499.00 a month. They do offer a free starter plan.


Fundly has been around since 2009. Fundly pages are user-friendly when it comes to customization. They partner with EventBrite if you want to have an event for your fundraiser. For mobile users, they provide a free app. However, donors must first have an account in order to browse your campaign. Costs involve a 4.9 percent platform fee as well as the transaction fee.

Pick Your Platform

Now that you know how the top five online fundraising sites compare, you can make the right decision for your cause or project.

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