May 25 2019

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House quick sell

Instant Valuation

Sell House Fast Scotland | Quick House Sale in 7 days

Sold Quickly is a leading fast house buying company. We have direct and investor funds available to make an instant cash offer on your home. Rather than be delayed by the traditional methods of selling you home – you could have an offer immediately, allowing you to move on.

Our process

Our valuers can give you both a valuation and same day offer. If you call us we can usually give you a guide price immediately and once we have assessed your home we can make a binding offer on it.

As well as making a fast offer we also take care of all the costs – so you will not have to pay for a survey nor will you have any legal (conveyancing) costs in connections with the sale of your property. You also avoid having to pay estate agent fees. This is all money that you can use to move home or for any other purpose.

Sold Quickly provide a perfect solution for those looking to achieve a fast house sale in Scotland.

Our in house team can provide you with an instant valuation giving you some idea as to what price your property might achieve in the open market and also give you solid comparison against other properties in your area so you can see what price others are achieving in your locality.

If you are looking for a quick house sale we can help. We complete transactions for individuals and families who have contacted us through our UK quick sale and sell house fast Scotland online seminars, invariably everyone who contacts us needs the same thing – the best possible price in the shortest possible time frame.

Quick house sale Scotland

Sold quickly is one of the UK’s specialist quick house sale companies buying throughout the UK with a particular focus on the Scottish region

Our agents are based in the following areas, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Ayrshire, Dumfries, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, Lothians, Fife, Grampian, The Borders and The Highlands. We specialise in providing a quick and easy sale process which means that you get a quick house sale and you can move on. We have multiple ways of securing your property – sometimes by way of a straight cash purchase and on some occasions via investors who may be looking to buy a property in your area to let – in any instance you can be sure of a fast sale and the fact that you will enjoy a fast sales completion.

Quick sale – the benefits

There are many reasons that people are increasingly attracted to the quick house sale process rather than relying on the traditional model of using estate agents. The speed of the sale and the fact that sellers often achieve near market value without the usual costs of solicitors and estate agents means that more sellers are making their properties available through a quick sale rather than taking the slower and often more costly option of using a traditional estate agent, indeed with reports of a stagnant housing market our service is increasingly in demand.
Using a traditional estate agency rarely results in a quick and speedy salemore likely than not your property will sit on the market for months and as well as the costs that you incur you have the inconvenience of viewers coming to your home over that period. Indeed even when an offer is made – sometimes things go wrong on the buyers side and you can find yourself back at square one.

Using Sold Quickly service means that you will get an immediate cash offer and a way of achieving a fast house sale without the needless hassles. You will of course want to know about our process and the way in which we operate – from a cost perspective you will pay nothing – zero! We take care of surveys, home reports, legals and all costs – we deliver on our promises – you pay no fees or costs to third party professionals.
We can get involved in almost any situation whether there are some personal or work changes that mean you are looking to achieve a quick sale, or if there is a marital split which means that a fast sale would allow both parties to move on fairly and with the minimum of fuss – we have an understanding approach in all these cases. It may be that an elderly relative has had to move into a care home environment or perhaps you have inherited a property which you would like to sell as quickly as possible. Again, we have the knowledge and experience to speed this process up.

Fast House Sale Scotland

We are Scotland’s fast house sale experts with agents throughout Scotland we can make an instant decision and give you the peace of mind of a secure home salethis allows you to buy a new property and move home with the surety that your property is safely purchased and that you have the security of this process. Selling your home anywhere in the UK can be a difficult businesses present – accredit is less accessible meaning first time buyers are struggling to get on to the marketthis has a knock on effect with people selling their homes as the lack of new buyers coming in means that the usual property cycle is stymied to some extent.

Our sell house fast process

So how do we do it? We use several channels but our most productive is and always has been our roster of investors and developers. These professional property buyers can make a quick decision and have the funds in place to conclude missives quickly.
More than anything we want to provide you with a transparent and easy to use service. One that gives you the best opportunity to sell your house for the maximum price possible.
You can contact us at any time to discuss your requirement. If nothing else you will have a valuation and guide to go in terms of price before deciding whether the quick sale route is right for you.
We can provide you with a fast cash offer for your property.

Types of quick sale property we buy.

We buy any property detached, semi-detached, terraced homes and flats. We can also buy commercial properties and have even helped in the sale of garages and lock ups. There really is no property that we cannot look at – and most importantly we can make a fair offer quickly – regardless of circumstance of condition of the property. News of the property market still indicates that the hey day of fast property sales is still some way off with buyers finding it difficult to get funding.

Sold Quickly will give you a free consultation and we are usually able to quote same day – provided you are happy we can move forward with your instruction and put the sale process into action ensuring that your sale is completed quickly and funds released to you.

Wherever you are in the UK we can help, whether you need a fast completion in England or Wales or if North of the Border we are known as the we buy any home Scotland specialists have the knowledge and experience to ensure a smooth transaction.

Stop Repossession

We are often asked if we can stop repossession cases. We have experience of the process and how to approach the courts with alternatives. Ultimately your lender simply wants their money back – if they and the courts can be persuaded that you have a pending sale that will allow all parties to move on amicably – this is the preferred option – whether you need to stop repossession in Scotland – where there is a unique set of legal requirements or if you live anywhere else in the UK, we can offer some advice as to how you can move on.

We operate throughout the UK and have representatives who are local to you, meaning we understand your market and can offer direct advice.

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