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Hospice Maui cares for Maui’s seriously ill residents in their homes and provides, without charge to those without insurance or who cannot afford it, whatever is needed for that care. In addition, we do our job in a way that exceeds the highest standards of hospice care. Because of these two factors, our care costs more than the insurance coverage we receive. Thus it is through the generosity of our contributors that we are able to maintain our exceptional hospice care program, year in and year out. Throughout our history we have enjoyed tremendous community support and that is what helps us continue to meet the need for our services. We are a 501c(3) charitable organization, and your gifts are fully tax deductible as permitted by law.

“It is through the generosity of our community that we are able to maintain our exceptional hospice care program, year in and year out. Mahalo.”

A memorial gift is a touching tribute to friends and relatives who have died. These gifts are an important part of our ongoing support. As with regular contributions, we thank the donor, and we also send an acknowledgment of the gift to the family or friends of the person in whose name the gift is made. Some people also honor living persons with gifts to Hospice Maui in the person’s name. Hospice Maui is also a Maui United Way Agency, and a recipient of funds from the Pacific Area Combined Federal Campaign. Donations can be made and designated to Hospice Maui through both of these entities.

Circle of Loving Care Giving Levels:

• Philanthropy Circle: $250,000 – and up
• Humanitarian Circle: $100,000 – 249,999
• Visionary Circle: $25,000 – 99,999
• Leadership Circle: $10,000 – 24,999
• Investors Circle: $2,500 – 9,999
• Partners Circle: $1,000 – 2,499
• Supporters Circle: $250 – 999
• Community Circle: gifts up to $249
• Decade Club Consecutive giving for 10 years or more
• Legacy Society Donors who have included Hospice Maui in their estate plan

Hospice Maui’s Tribute Wall will recognize your generous gifts: Our Tribute Wall will be located in the new Hospice Maui Office Building and will recognize those who have made a lasting impression through monetary contributions and assist us in furthering our mission. The Tribute Wall will be updated annually to reflect new:

• Circle of Loving Care members Gifts of $2,500 or greater will be recognized on the wall. Others will appear on the website and in annual giving reports.
• Decade Club members – Donors whose cumulative giving exceeds $2,500 will be recognized on the Tribute Wall.
• Legacy Society members Donors who have left a bequest valued at $10,000 or greater to Hospice Maui in their estate plan will be recognized on the Tribute Wall.

Hospice Maui Establishes a Legacy Circle

Hospice Maui has recently established a Legacy Circle to honor those who have included our organization in their estate plan. Our Legacy Circle members consider a plan to leave a gift or bequest to Hospice Maui. Naming Hospice Maui in your will can be a wonderful way to leave a legacy and will help to ensure access to compassionate hospice care for all residents in need. Including Hospice Maui in your will or estate plan can make a difference and does not require great wealth.
Legacy gifts include:
• Designation of a fixed amount through your Will or Trust
• Gift of Real Estate or a percentage of a property
• Beneficiary of a Savings Bond
• Beneficiary in an IRA, retirement plan

When you name Hospice Maui as a beneficiary of a gift in your trust or will, you can simply include the following language:

“A gift of (specified gift) will be made to Hospice Maui, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, tax ID 99-0215149.”

If you would like to ensure that your gift to Hospice Maui is used for a specific purpose, we are available to work with you on a Memorandum of Charitable Giving that will outline in writing your intent, and offers instructions as to how to apply your gift when it arrives. To learn more about leaving a legacy gift to Hospice Maui, please contact our Executive Director, Greg LaGoy or Advancement Director, Astrid Grupenhoff.

*If you have already included Hospice Maui in your will or estate plan, please contact us and let us know if we may include you in our Legacy Circle listings and recognition events.

Hospice Maui will accept vehicles that are clean, running and legal with a current Safety Inspection Sticker and Registration. Due to an Internal Revenue Service change in the laws governing vehicles, the donor can no longer take the Blue Book value as a donation. Once the vehicle is sold, Hospice Maui will send the donor a letter stating the amount for which it was sold. This is the amount that can be claimed as a donation. We will accept miscellaneous equipment and supplies such as wheelchairs, egg crates, shower chairs and benches, commodes, canes and walkers, etc. We also accept unused items such as bed-liners, adult diapers and briefs, lotions and ointments, gauze, no-rinse shampoo, and other medical supplies for patient use. Donated equipment and supplies will help those in our community who are in need. Please call Hospice Maui at 244-5555 if you have questions about donating items or you are in need of donated items.

Hospice Maui’s vision is to fill an unmet need in our community, thereby increasing access to hospice care with a facilities expansion that includes the design and construction of both a 5-bed hospice residence and a hospice care coordination center to replace the one we have operated from for nearly 20 years, and which we have outgrown. The 5-bed hospice residence, which will be available to all residents of Maui County, will be known as “Hale Ho`olu`olu” (“a place for comfort, compassion, and care”). The State of Hawaii has already awarded this project a Certificate of Need. It will be a place where patients in their last days or weeks of life will receive our specialized care to meet their medical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Click here to learn more about the Hospice Hale Vision

Here you will find program support and items that we would love to have but just don’t have the means to purchase.

Please take a look and see if there is something you would like to contribute. If you would like more information about any of the items, please contact the office.

All donations are fully tax deductible.

Hospice Maui needs some small lockers for our staff to keep personal belonging in while they are working in our Hospice Maui Hale. Ideally, this would be two banks of three or four lockers. Please call us at 244-5555 if you can help us acquire these without us having them shipped from the mainland.

Funeral Support Fund $5,000 (up to $500 per family ) Thank you!

Cell phones and phone cards for patients and their families $500

Art Supplies $100 Thank you!

Meditation Garden a gift toward $200,000

Toys and Games $75

Therapy Harp program $1,250

Landscaping around our new Hospice Hale $150,000

Professional Development $8,500 Thank you!

Hospice Maui Kokua Fund for those needing extra caregiving assistance without the ability to pay $25,000

Gifts for Patients $250

2 Food Service Establishment Dishwashers $6,000 each

2 Commercial Front Loading Washing Machines $1,500 each Thank you!

1 Kitchen Aid Refrigerator $5,000 Thank you!

1 Commercial Dryer $1,000 Thank you!

Hospice Maui is fundraising for endowment and capital expenditures:

Endowment to assist with the new Hospice Hale Ho’olu’olu room and board cost for those without the ability to pay. A gift toward $5,000,000

Endowment for maintaining facilities. A gift toward $2,000,000

New Care Coordination Center (Office). A gift toward $1,000,000

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