Jun 12 2018

Haiti – Save the Children, donate to haiti.#Donate #to #haiti


Donate to haiti

HURRICANE IRMA: The most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic. After tearing its way across a string of Caribbean islands and up through Florida, Hurricane Irma has left behind a trail of devastation. Save the Children s Emergency Health Unit – a surge team of nurses and doctors deployed to the heart of disasters in their critical first stages – is on standby in the Caribbean to help survivors of the hurricane. Please support our efforts to keep vulnerable children safe. Donate Now

Hurricane Irma Children’s Relief Fund

About Haiti

Of all the countries in the Western Hemisphere, none has faced greater challenges to improve the lives of its children than Haiti. Save the Children has been helping support community development in in the impoverished nation since 1978, providing child protection, education and health care to vulnerable children and families. When disasters strike, we are there on the ground using our extensive knowledge of the country and our emergency expertise to help meet the unique needs of children. We were among the first responders in the devastating earthquake that shook the island in 2010, the cholera outbreak and Hurricane Matthew, just one year ago. We are focused on delivering food, hygiene kits and other urgently needed supplies, protecting vulnerable children, restore education and more.

Hurricane Matthew

Last year, Category 4 Hurricane Matthew ravaged Haiti, causing 546 deaths, displacing 175,500 people and leaving 1.4 million Haitians in need of humanitarian assistance. Save the Children was there, offering health care, shelter, food and water, and education support after the storm. Nearly a year later, Save the Children has shifted from disaster relief to longer-term goals, like improving the local health system and giving children psychosocial support.

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