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Why Contribute, Types of Contributions, and Ways to Contribute

By making a financial contribution and understanding that Life is in your hands. you help to ensure that life-saving blood and tissue are available. Your financial contribution helps fund community outreach and capital projects that are essential to ensure that needed blood and tissue are available.

Why Contribute?

Financial contributions are just one more way to donate to The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas. As the primary supplier of blood and tissue product in Central Texas, The Blood and Tissue Center does receive compensation from medical facility customers for its day-to-day operations. Those operations include the collection, processing, testing, storage and delivery services that are required to maintain a safe blood and tissue supply. However, the cost of blood and tissue goes far beyond the day-to-day operations of The Blood and Tissue Center. With your financial assistance, we can fund community outreach efforts to recruit and retain new blood donors; increase awareness about the need for blood and tissue products; enhance the all-important testing and processing of blood products; and purchase needed equipment such as bloodmobiles and laboratory equipment. Austin and the surrounding area saw the fastest population growth in the U.S. in 2013, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Austin gained more people (nearly 21,000) than any other city with fewer than 1 million residents! Financial contributions help us keep up with our community s growing need for blood and tissue donations. Invest in your community. Donate to The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas.

Types of Contributions

There are many ways you can help ensure that The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas continues to meet the blood and tissue needs of our community. All gifts are tax deductible. You may choose to donate specifically to The Blood Center, The Tissue Center, or to make a non-specified donation which will be used where the need is greatest.

Contribute Online

Click here to enter a secure site to make a financial contribution online.

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