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Fundraising Letters – Donation Request Letters

Expert advice on how to write fundraising letters and donation request letters, plus sample donation letters that you can copy. This section covers everything from appeal letter tips to fundraising thank you letters with advice from well known fundraisers.

If you want to raise more money from your donation request letter, then you have to make donating convenient. You ve put a lot of time, effort, and money into mailing a great fundraising letter to your donor list. Why lose donations by making your donors jump through hoops to give you money?Fundraising consultant Alan Sharpe [ ]

In this sample donation letter for a non-profit organization, the opening sentence is definitely the most important part of your donation request. Why? Because if it doesn t immediately grab the reader s attention and make them want to find out more (and donate), then they won t read another word. Instead, your meticulously crafted donation letter will [ ]

One of the best ways to improve your fundraising letters is to segment your mailing list. These tips show you eight ways to customize your fundraising letter to better address the different segments of your direct mail list.Fundraising copywriter and direct mail consultant Alan Sharpe provides some great tips on the best ways to divide [ ]

One way to improve your fundraising letters is to not include photos in the letter copy. Why? Because the photos make your fundraising appeal letter look like a brochure instead of a personalized request for donations.Your fundraising letter needs to establish a personal connection with the reader. Using a photo within the text of your [ ]

One of the best fundraising letter tips is to segment your donor list. Why? Because you need to write differently to your main donor categories so that you can measure your response rates and improve your results.After all, it makes no sense to say the exact same thing to a brand new donor that you [ ]

One key aspect of donor retention is properly thanking your donors. Here are some donation thank you letter mistakes to avoid when you do say thanks.You want your donors to know that you appreciate their donation and also show how it will help improve things for the people your nonprofit organization is trying to help. Your [ ]

No matter what type of fundraising you are doing, you have to do the ask. The Art Of The Ask varies depending on how you re raising funds in person, online, in an appeal letter, or in an email but it all comes down to getting people to donate money to your cause.So, what s [ ]

Given that 65% of first-time donors won t ever give your nonprofit a second donation, should you do a second ask with your thank you letter? The answer, surprisingly, is yes because statistically it s the right thing to do.Most donors will tell you that they don t want to be asked again right away for a second [ ]

Donor Acquisition Strategies When it comes to acquiring donors through direct mail, there are certain strategies that always work well for most non-profit organizations. The key donor acquisition strategy is, of course, to mail at least one donor acquisition mailing each year.And yet, some groups fail to employ even that basic time-tested strategy. So, [ ]

Your donation letter reply device must follow the 4 C s It must be Clear, Complete, Compelling, and Convenient. Failing to follow the 4 C s of donation letter reply devices means that you have defective instrument, i.e. that your reply device is weak and ineffective at maximizing donations.And why are the 4C s so important? Because [ ]

Fundraising postcards are an effective, inexpensive way to stay in touch with your supporters. These 12 fundraising postcard ideas show different ways that your non-profit can use postcards to get your message out, demonstrate a need, ask for help, and show how their donations have changed the world.There s a reason why businesses use postcard mailers [ ]

The vast majority of non-profit organizations do not follow donor retention best practices. The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy reported in 2013 on the dismal donor retention statistics evidenced in a study of 1.8 million donors. The donor retention rate for first-time donors (i.e. getting a second gift) was an abysmal 27%. Repeat donors [ ]

Not all fundraising letters should be about raising money. Every non-profit fundraising campaign should also mail donor acquisition letters to attract new donors. Why? Because you always need to focus on growing your donor base and replacing those who have stopped donating to your cause.Are donor acquisition mailings profitable? No they are not, but you [ ]

When writing a fundraising letter, there are five things you should do to get more donations. These 5 tips for writing fundraising letters are all about communicating directly with your reader in an engaging manner that captures their interest.A donation appeal letter should personalize your cause by telling a story about a real person, not [ ]

A great donation letter is one that can be read quickly, one that s easily skimmed for highlights and packs a powerful call to action. Let s face facts here. Hardly anyone is going to read every word of your fundraising letter. In fact, you re doing great just getting them to open it.So, don t waste the opportunity [ ]

The secret to getting donations for your non-profit is to give donors what they want. People give to causes to make a difference in others lives. And what donors really want to know is how their donation will help people.Fundraising letter expert Alan Sharpe describes how to effectively communicate with your donors by telling stories [ ]

The best fundraising letters tell stories that pull the reader in and describe how lives have been changed for the better. Storytelling will help you raise more funds, but there is a format you should follow. Your donation letter should describe what someone s life was like before something bad happened to them, what their life [ ]

To write fundraising letters that work, the writer needs to tell a story that connects with the target audience. The best way to do that is by telling the story in the first-person, so that prospective donors can experience the need that your non-profit addresses with its support and services.By using a real voice, your [ ]

When you are mailing fundraising letters, the response rates can be misleading at times because of several variables. Has the list been culled of lapsed donors? Or, are you doing a lapsed donor appeal letter mailing? How often are you mailing to your list?As you can see, fundraising direct mail response rates are going to [ ]

If you want to boost the response rate of your fundraising letters, here are 3 ways to make it happen. The first thing you need to do is offer more than just the standard donation appeal letter reply device.Fundraising consultant and expert copywriter Alan Sharpe explains exactly what you need to do to double or [ ]

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