Jul 14 2018

FAQs about Donating Books for a Cause – Books4Cause – NYC – Chicago, donating books.#Donating

Donating books

These are the most common questions asked about donating books, cds and dvds through Books4Cause, Inc. s city book donations and campus book drives. If you have a different question, call 800-570-3698 or send an email to: info[at]

We run book drives on campuses across the U.S. and accept books, CDs, and DVD donations in Chicago. We are a for-profit social venture and help fund and support various initiatives locally, nationally and around the world. Books4Cause doesn t raise funds or rely on government grants. All funding comes from selling a portion of books donated.

We accept any CD, DVD and book in good condition. We don t discriminate on age or condition. With that being said, if you know a book needs to be recycled we would prefer for you to do this.

Yes, we accept old books. If the information is no longer relevant then it will most likely be recycled.

If you are in the Chicago area you can drop off books at our warehouse in Skokie. We do pickups on campuses across the US. Contact us to find out our schedule. You may Schedule a campus pick-up by filling out our form, contacting us via email or by calling 800-570-3698

We are based in Chicago. We run campus book drives at schools from the Midwest to the East Coast. Discover how book drives change lives. Find out where to donate books.

We currently set up libraries with the help of the African Library Project, our own Book Match program, and Human Service Resources, Inc. (HSRI). We send HSRI money, books, and store all of their other educational supplies that are sent to Ghana.

Books4Cause finds the best possible use for each CD, DVD and book collected in support of our mission to help worthy causes. k-12 books are donated to African Library Project or Bernie s Book Bank. Some College level books are donated through African Universities depending on demand. Some books are sold to raise money for operations and the shipment of books to Africa. If we can t find a home for a book it is recycled. CDs, DVDs, and electronics are sold to pay for operations./p>

Around 25% of the books are sold to for operations and shipping costs. Around 50% are sent to one of our non-profit partners for use in their programs and around 25% are recycled if unsuitable for sale or partner use.

We work directly with universities in need of higher level learning books.

Do you throw any book donations away? [top]

We never throw books away. We genuinely have a love for books and reading and often marvel at the diverse and interesting books that come our way. We also pride ourselves on our ability to derive the maximum value from every book collected. Any book that cannot be sold or used directly by our literacy programs is pulped and recycled. We have recycled thereby diverting hundreds of thousands of books from landfills.

Do you provide a tax receipt? [top]

In 2015 we have decided not to offer tax receipts. The reason is because we want to make it clear that we are a for-profit social venture. If you donate money to The African Library Project we will help furnish a receipt.

Your Donations

All k-12 books are sent to Africa or distributed to kids in Chicago.

College level books are either given to an African University Library or resold. This is dependant on the needs of African Universities

The rest of the books are either sold, given away or recycled.

The sold books pay for operations and shipping expenses to Africa.

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