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Egg Donor Program

Egg donation is a fertility treatment option for women, who for various reasons are unable to become pregnant using their own eggs. For many infertile women and couples, egg donation represents a real chance for parenthood and the ability to experience the entire pregnancy process from conception to delivery. At Advanced Fertility Care we acknowledge that the process of egg donation is complex and our entire dedicated staff is ready to guide donors and recipients through each step of the process. Our program is designed to ensure that the anonymity of both our recipient couples and donors far supersede the basic guidelines set by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. Our ultimate goal is to help you bring your baby home.

The demand for donor egg program services in Arizona and throughout the United States continues to grow as the female population ages. Many women delay childbearing until later in life and couples are marrying at “older ages”. As women age, so do their eggs, ultimately climaxing in menopause and ovarian failure. Sometimes a woman s egg quality declines at a younger age, which is known as premature ovarian failure. Donor eggs are often the only hope for these women.

What Is Egg Donation?

Through egg donation. a fertile woman s mature eggs (donor eggs) are removed, fertilized with sperm (usually from the male intended father), and implanted into the infertile woman (you, the intended mother). Egg donation offers women who suffer from having poor quality eggs or diminished numbers of eggs, an excellent chance of becoming pregnant. In many cases, candidates for egg donation have not responded well to fertility medications or have produced poor quality eggs during earlier IVF (in vitro fertilization).

In order to be an egg donation recipient, you must be healthy and have a normal uterus, and be able to complete your treatment cycle and embryo transfer prior to turning age 50. If your partner s semen is not sufficient to undergo conventional insemination of the egg, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may also be used during the course of the donor egg IVF cycle. Donor sperm can be used for women who are single or whose husbands have no sperm. To find out if you would be a good candidate, contact us about egg donation at 480-874-2229 or visit our schedule and appointment page.

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