Jul 8 2018

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Every month thousands of people are donating used cars, boats, motorcycles and other items to charity. The owners of these items do this for three reasons: One is to support their favorite charity and the other is for a tax deduction. The charities then sell these cars, trucks, boats, and other items to raise funds for their charity. The third and final reason could be because of an insurance claim or salvage vehicle after a wreck. Donated carsSometimes these auto insurance companies write off these vehicles with very minor damage, ready for someone else to take on.

Most of these auto insurance companies and charities do not have the resources to sell these items on their own, so they hire professional auction companies to auction off these items. We work with some of the largest auction houses to bring you a list of many of these donated items. You may also use filters on the items page to look for donated cars, auto insurance salvage and finance repo cars. You may also adjust the filter to look for donated cars for sale in your location and by other criteria.

Take a look at the link above and you will see thousands of donated items all over the US that are up for sale. Many of these items are at no reserve which means no matter what the high bid was, the car will be sold for that price. There are also cars for sale with a Buy It Now price that is well below retail. So you can find some real deals on these items. Some of these vehicles are marked down by over 70% which means a Benz selling for 50K is now for sale for 15K. And the only thing wrong with some of these cars are they need a really great detail. Of course some need more work but if you are a mechanic or know one that can fix up these vehicles you could essential save thousands of dollars on practically brand new low mileage cars, trucks and SUV s.

Do keep in mind they might need work and most auction houses charge fees; so when you bid, do so with that in mind. You can go by during normal business hours and take a look at most of the items.

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