Donate your computers to cfc, it s a good thing to do #blood #donation #pictures

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Computers For Charities

Donating your Laptops, Mac’s, PC’s benefits Charities across the UK and abroad

Supporting Charities the Community 1994 – 2016

Donating working, redundant computers is a good thing to do. It is thanks to Corporates, Universities, Government departments and individuals, who have enabled CfC to aid thousands of Charities projects across the UK and Worldwide 106 countries todate, with varying support and equipment since 1994.

Corporate donations to Charities can provide actual cost savings for companies, whilst providing genuine community benefit. CfC offers a well established track record and first rate Corporate services. For more information please click this LINK to view our Corporate services page

“NHS PCT saves £100,000 by donating to CfC. Paying £100 per item to collect, data wipe and dispose. CfC assisted with recycling of 1000 systems. Aiding charities and schools” Companies can utilise Corporate gift aid, providing companies with tax benefits from donations of goods or cash

Collection information, Please Note:

Corporates, Universities. Local Government, Schools. We offer Nationwide European collection services for viable quantities of equipment.

Homecollection Services are not available at this time.

Financial donations are welcomed to aid developments project support

Urgently Needed: Minimum Core 2, Working, Laptops (PC Mac’s intel ), Netbooks, Tablets. PC’s, Desktops, Towers, Servers, Mac Pro’s iMacs (intel based). Mobile phones. Components: i.e memory, hard drives, motherboards

How donations work

We need your old equipment and can often collect from you

We refurbish the items, securely removing all data

We then work with charities across the UK and abroad to set up and provide ongoing support

Donor Safeguards

Since day one CfC has sought to provide full assurances for our donors. Particulalry “data safety and liability”. This has been achieved by providing the highest standards and controls regarding data wiping, audit and “end of life disposal”

  • Established track record over 250,000 donated systems
  • Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher
  • Utilising Approved Industry standard data wiping of hard drives
  • Secure data disposal services available. Degaussing / Shredding services
  • Assumes Legal liability of donated equipment
  • Audit trail of donated equipment available to donor’s for reports, etc
  • Certification of data removal and asset transfer provided post delivery / collection
  • 95% of equipment donated by Companies, Police authorities, NHS,
  • Services to Educational establishments, Government departments, etc
  • Cost savings for companies, Environmental and Genuine benefits gained from donating to Charity

What to Donate

Considering Donating? Please note.

Legislation requires: Donated equipment be fully working realistically aged five years or less for suitable reuse

Equipment urgently needed includes. Laptops PC / Intel Apple Mac. Towers, Desktops, Pc / Intel Mac. Laptop batteries

  • Servers: Free standing and Rack mounted
  • Network equipment: Gigabyte Switches, hubs, cables, routers, UPS and batteries.
  • Components: Memory DDR, DDR2, DDR3, motherboards, cards, power cables European two pin plugs, laptop power adapters
  • Printers: Monochrome Laser Network Printers Only
  • Foreign currencies: Send us your loose change, Euro’s. etc
  • Mobile Phones: “Phones for Vans” check this LINK
  • Non Computing equipment includes: Digital projectors, AV equipment, Sports equipment, Medical equipment, Microscopes, Video / Digital Cameras, Sound and copying equipment, Outboard Motors, Tractors, Hand Power tools (electric Petrol), etc.
  • Items we cannot accept: Non working and items such as; Scanners, Inkjet printers, Fax machines, Photocopiers, Colour Laser printers, Non intel Apple Mac’s Older computer (CRT) screens

What to dispose of

Equipment not suited for reuse, Older or faulty Computer IT equipment requires to be recycled properly. We advise the following;

  • Domestic / Household electrical recycling – Please try FREECYCLE website or Contact your local council for information / advice
  • Corporate, Local government, Charities. Schools, Hospitals – Contact your local council for advice or speak to “Recycling for Charities ” our sister charity specialising in IT WEEE recycling. Including bulk IT disposal.

Recycling for Charities, is the recycling arm of Computers for Charities, providing National WEEE IT recycling services for older or non working IT equipment. We offer environmental and community benefits with competitive pricing as an established “not for profit” organisation.

Implemented on 1st July 2007, EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive (WEEE). Electrical / IT waste is the fastest growing element in the municipal waste stream. Many hazardous substances are present in everyday IT equipment (including older CRT monitors) and the WEEE directives classify many such items as Hazardous Waste, effectively to safeguard against toxic landfill disposal and promote better recycling processes.

Please Note: The following items “Hazardous Waste” require appropriate disposal: CRT monitors inlcuding older iMac’s, UPS systems, battery waste, etc.

For more information regarding “Recycling for Charities” please click the LINK

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