Jun 10 2018

Donate Water – Help Save Lives in Africa and Asia, Lifewater, donate water.#Donate #water

Give the gift of clean water.

When you donate water, you are changing lives.

Select Gift Amount

Donate water

gives clean water, hygiene and sanitation training for one person

Donate water

gives clean water, hygiene and sanitation training for an entire family

Donate water

donates a well that provides an entire village with safe water.


$12,000 funds an entire water project for a community of 300 people, including a water point and hygiene and sanitation training.

When you donate water through Lifewater, you can trust that your gift is being used responsibly. We’re transparent about what we do and how we do it. We offer these things because we want to earn your trust, but more importantly, we want to serve more people, more effectively, every day.

Donate water

Lifewater belongs to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, which sets the standards for how we handle our money.

Donate water

Guidestar gives Lifewater Platinum Participant Status for transparency in our finances and impact.

Donate water

Intelligent Philanthropy recognizes Lifewater for sharing above and beyond what is required about strategy and governance.

Donate water

Charity Navigator awards Lifewater three stars overall, including the highest possible rating for accountability and transparency.

Get More Out of Your Assets

By donating your stocks, bonds, business interests, or even your excess grain, you can reduce taxes and provide more water to vulnerable children and families than you ever thought possible.

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