Apr 30 2017

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In Loving Memory of Annette Garcia

If you wish to honor Annette and the legacy she passes on, the family requests donations be made to Son Broadcasting in lieu of flowers.

Keystone 4000 General Fund

Keystone 4000 Members are the prayer and financial support for the ministry of Son Broadcasting. Keystone Member’s pray for the ministry and partner monthly to ensure the ongoing expenses of Son Broadcasting’s General Operating Fund is met, making it possible for every person throughout New Mexico to have an opportunity to hear the Gospel message which leads to life in Jesus!

Satellite Missionary

Donors who give toward the satellite fund help ensure that the satellite uplink continues uninterrupted. This critical component ensures that the cable companies throughout rural New Mexico are able to receive the programming found on KCHF TV. The Satellite uplink also enables us to share programming with other Christian stations throughout North America. This broadcast is reaching into homes that may not have any other access to the life-changing gospel message because of remote location or other difficulties. Just in New Mexico alone the satellite helps reach over 130,000 additional households.


Lights, cameras, sound equipment and more are serviced and maintained. By contributing to the equipment fund, you meet a vital need for Son Broadcasting and allow for repairs or replacements of these key broadcasting components.

Where Needed Most

Every month, a variety of projects are underway at Son Broadcasting. This fund allows management to discern where contributions will serve most effectively.

Studio Fund

Funding for the the new studio at new location

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