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All vehicles donated to Goodwill are resold through Goodwill’s Auto Auction. Revenue generated by the donation and sale of these vehicles helps Ohio Valley Goodwill provide rehabilitation, training and employment services to individuals with either disabilities or social and economic barriers to employment.

Ohio Valley Goodwill operates the entire car donation and auction process. One hundred percent of the revenue generated by the auction remains with Goodwill to help provide funding for our services.

By donating a vehicle to Ohio Valley Goodwill you become eligible for a TAX ADVANTAGE while helping to support Goodwill’s mission. Before you donate, however, there are some things you need to know.

  • Donors may claim the Goodwill sale price of the vehicle. IRS guidelines for charitable contributions can be found at the IRS website or by calling 1-800-829-1040. If you have any questions about your deduction, contact your tax professional.
  • Donors receive a receipt from Goodwill for tax purposes. You should take several photographs of the vehicle before donating. This gives you documented evidence of the car’s condition. Keep the photographs and your vehicle’s maintenance records for several years following the donation. Goodwill will ask you to sign an Odometer Disclosure Statement. Your signed copy can help you verify the vehicle’s condition.

Giving your car, boat, motorcycle or RV to Ohio Valley Goodwill is a donor-friendly process. Give us your information below and one of our friendly Auto Auction staff members will contact you for details on our donation process.

Ohio Valley Goodwill and the Superior Automotive Group, Mike Albert Direct are working together to provide automotive-only designated Drop Sites to benefit the residents of Greater Cincinnati. Learn more

For additional information regarding the Goodwill Auto Auction, contact us by phone at (513) 612-5980 or email here.

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