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Donate for Bone Marrow Transplant

Come, let us together save a child from the rare disease….

Please come forward to help our friend’s daughter, who is suffering from the rare disease, “Thalassemia Major “. She needs your help meet for her Bone Marrow transplantation. Donate however small may be the amount…everything counts.

Message from Manasvi:

Dear Aunties and Uncles,

I am Manasvi (10 years old) suffering from Thalassemia Major. Thalassemia Major is a blood disease in which a patient is given blood transfusion frequently till he/she survives.

I started to have transfusion when I was a five month infant. I have been on blood transfusion every 20 days for the past 10 years.Till date more than 100 transfusions have been performed. And now my parents cannot afford that kind of money anymore, hence this request.

I was diagnosed with this condition during infancy and alive only because of blood transfusion. But this process increased my iron levels in the body and is not good. These side effects can be reduced through expensive drugs. The overall blood transfusion is a costly exercise and my loving parents supported me until now in spite of our average standard of living.

As advised by my doctor Dr. Revathi Raj (of Apollo Hospitals, Chennai, INDIA), I need a bone marrow transplant immediately and by God’s grace they found one Donor match which is one in a million (and whom I am indebted all my life). I can be operated anytime in next 2 months provided we can pay for the operation and post medical care (which is as of now one year). I humbly request if you can donate any amount even if it’s a $1.00 will be of a great help.

To perform the bone marrow transplant the doctors have given the estimated cost of approximately S100, 000.00 (Hundred thousand dollars).

If you want to transfer money in Indian Account,
please transfer to following account.
Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Name: Karamchedu Manasvi
Account #1811749553
IFSC Code. KKBK0000563

Please feel free to reach my Dad, Kiran, India # (+91-9640003430 ) or my Uncle Upender Sheri (+1 630 697-7538 – US), for any further information.

“AshaJyothi USA – a 501c(3) organization has partnered with us to facilitate and provide oversight to the execution of this project for Manasvi to receive the necessary care for the Bone Marrow Transfer.

In this regard, GoFundMe will be releasing the funds to AshaJyothi USA ( ) and any questions can be directed to Harnath Kanukolanu ( CFO of AshaJyothi USA ).

AshaJyothi USA will be releasing the total funds raised with GoFundMe for Manasvi as a grant to Thallasemia Sickle Cell Society. a registered NGO based out Hyderabad. India who along with a partnership with Apollo Hospitals, Chennai will facilitate the surgery and post operative care for Manasvi.

Love you all and I thank you,

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