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Has Helped Goodwill ® Get

Thrift Store Chic: Adorable and Attainable Secondhand Style

We all know those people who just have incredible luck thrifting. Today we’ll share some tips and tricks from the experts so you, too, can steal that thrift-chic style.

Goodwill® and Roadie Team Up to Pick Up and Deliver Donations Nationwide

New Partnership Allows Consumers To Donate With The Tap Of An App ROCKVILLE, MD — A new partnership between Goodwill® and Roadie, Inc. aims to make it easier for people to donate items they no longer use or need, from clothes to couches to dressers and bicycles. Roadie — the national on-the-way delivery network — will pick up any unwanted items and take them to the nearest Goodwill donat.

Textile Tricks

Through its entrepreneurial business model of collecting and selling donated goods, Goodwill helps communities extend the life of usable items—like clothing, bedding, and handbags—in environmentally sound ways and prevents items from piling up in local landfills. It’s wonderful to use second-hand goods for their original purpose, but with a little imagination there are countless ways they can be repurposed, too!

Three Ways to Create Succulent Planters

Every year at about this time I start to really miss greenery. Although I can see plenty of trees from my windows (the cold generally keeps me inside), their dreary, skeletal branches do nothing to refresh me. So, in an effort to enjoy some greenery, the winter months tend to introduce new plants into my home. With a busy schedule and my black thumb, I need to choose plants that don’t require a lot of care. Enter the super popular succulent!

Starting New Holiday Traditions

Perhaps one of the most wonderful things about the holiday season, no matter which occasion you celebrate, is that every family has its own unique practices, each adding to the enjoyment of the year. This year, consider starting a new tradition to amplify the spirit of the season!

Out with the Old, In with the New

With the coming of the new year many of us like to reflect upon the previous year and resolve to do better in the next: lose some weight, quit smoking, save more, and do more for those less fortunate. How about considering Goodwill® in your New Year’s resolutions? Goodwill generates opportunities for people to achieve economic stability and build strong families and vibrant communities by offering job training, employment placement services and other community-based programs for people who have disabilities, those who lack education or job experience, and others who face challenges to finding employmen

College ‘Undie Classic’ Results in 1,400 lb. Clothing Donation to FL Goodwill

Goodwill® agencies are committed to helping college students and other youth succeed by providing access to financial education, mentoring and job readiness skills. While usually on the giving end of youth engagement, Goodwill of Central Florida found itself on the receiving end of a university initiative this month, when University of Central Florida students donated more than 1,400 pounds of clothing during the Sigma Nu fraternity’s annual “Undie Classic.”

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