Sep 30 2016

donate cars for cash

#Donate Your Car

Donate Your Car

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Donate Your Car to St. Vincent de Paul 

It may be a clunker to you. But your car provides hope to families and kids in need. If you are no longer using an old or junk car, St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle|King County will turn your car into cash, then into service to help the poor with food, shelter, clothing, and utility assistance. We accept most cars, boats and RV s. Your car donation helps families keep the heat and lights on. We turn your donated car into cash. About 90 cents of every dollar donated goes to programs to help families keep heat, lights, and stoves on. It is tax deductible and we tow the car away. We do the DMV and IRS paperwork. Free pick up service 7 days a week. Our 50+ neighborhood volunteer chapters do in-home visits to help the poor. Your donation will enable us to serve more people!

Donating Your Vehicle is Quick and Easy

Just three simple steps can help someone in need. 1. Visit St. Vincent de Paul s national vehicle donation program  to fill out the online donation form or call toll free (800) 322-8284. 2. We ll have the vehicle picked up in 24 hours. 3. We ll fill out all the tax forms and send them to you. Think about this: when we can, we sell your car for cash. If we can’t sell your car, we use it for parts. And we always recycle as much of the car as we can at the end of the line. So know that every car creates cash and that enables us to turn the case into service for the poor! So thank you!

Estimating the Value of Your Car

We know that it is hard to get an idea of what your car is worth. The best way to at least get some idea of the value is to go to a trusted source and work on getting an idea of the value of your vehicle. We recommend you click on the link below, which will take you to where you can Value Your Car at .

Car Donation FAQ s

Q. What should I have before I call or go online to donate? A. Please be ready to provide your vehicle’s year, make, model or vehicle identification number (VIN) and current mileage. The vehicle does not have to be running, but you will need to describe the condition of the vehicle and disclose any structural damage.

Q. Can I donate a vehicle that does not run? A. Yes, non-running vehicles can also assist those in need.

Q. What happens after I submit my donation? A. After completing the form a confirmation email will be sent to you once you select Submit Now. You will print, send, and sign a copy of the confirmation email/odometer statement and send it with the signed vehicle title and any other pertinent documentation as required by your state to the Processing Center and once we receive your paperwork we will start the vehicle donation pick up process. Your vehicle automatically qualifies for the Rush program and we will immediately coordinate the pickup/drop off of your vehicle. Our average pick up time is 1-2 business days from the date of assignment. After your vehicle is sold you will receive a receipt by mail for tax purposes. Please contact us at 800-322-8284 if you have any questions or special needs during the donation process.

Q. Where will my vehicle go? A. employs an exclusive process called Best Venue to ensure that each donated vehicle generates the maximum donation for the charity. Most vehicles are sold at live auctions to licensed dealers, recyclers and exporters from around the world. This competitive marketplace of buyers generates the greatest return for the charity while ensuring that your vehicle is sold in an efficient, environmentally friendly and legally compliant manner.

Q. Some charitable rating agencies say you shouldn’t use a third party, so why is SVdP NVDP subcontracting or program to a third party? A. The guidance of the rating agencies concerns programs where the charity receives a flat fee for the use of their name by a third party, versus program management by a third party. There are some questionable companies who contract to use a nonprofit’s agencies name and logo to raise funds and then just give them a flat fee unrelated to income or performance. This is frowned upon by rating agencies and the government. However, a percentage return program is viewed positively if the nonprofit receives more than 50% of the generated income. The SVdP NVDP vendor’s performance in this area is exemplary, with 70-80% on average being returned to the nonprofit; and is one of the nation’s most trusted and respected vehicle donation firms.

Q. When will I receive my tax receipt? A. You will receive a tax receipt within 45 days after your vehicle gets picked up.

Q. What can I claim as a deduction? A. You can deduct the value of your vehicle only if you itemize deductions when filing your taxes. Under the current IRS law, you may only deduct the ACTUAL sale price of your vehicle or $499 which ever is greater. A receipt indicating the sale price and date will be sent to you within 30 days from the date of pick up. For more information, please visit the following link and refer to the documents listed below: a.IRS Form 8283 and 1098-C b.Publication 4303, A Donor’s Guide to Car Donations c.Publication 1220, 526, and 561

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