Sep 30 2016

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#Donate Your Car

Donate your old or unwanted vehicle and help us prevent youth homelessness.

Have you bought a new car? Or do you want to get rid of an unwanted car? The Donate Your Car program is a free and fast alternative to selling or trading your vehicle.

Things you should know

  • We accept cars, boats on trailers, caravans, motorbikes, trucks etc.
  • We accept all types of vehicles, running, not running, classics, lightly used and even the end of life vehicles.
  • We only need three business days to organise the towing truck after we get your donation form.
  • We receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle – all auction services are kindly donated by Manheim.
  • All vehicle donations are eligible for a tax deduction based on the amount the vehicle is sold for at auction. All vehicles valued by the ATO at more than $5000 are eligible for a tax deduction based on the current market value.

Do you want to know more about the vehicle collection, the auctions or the tax deductibility? Visit our FAQs page!

How your donation helps

Kids Under Cover is a registered Not For Profit organisation that works to prevent youth homelessness. Kids Under Cover is the only organisation in Australia offering a unique combination of building homes and providing scholarships and mentors for homeless and at-risk young people.

Since we started in 1989, Kids Under Cover has supported more than 2,900 young people at risk of homelessness with a secure home through our Studio Program . For the young person the studio, which is built in the backyard of the family or carer’s home, provides an opportunity to develop independent living skills and to stay connected with their family. More importantly, it prevents young people from becoming homeless.

Our Scholarship Program helps young people to stay engaged with education. By covering education expenses, young people are empowered to continue their study or job training. This can lead to more positive employment opportunities, ensuring the young person has a productive, functioning place in their community.

Our Mentoring Program offers positive role models who connect with young people and offer guidance, support and encouragement. As confidence, self-esteem and social skills improve, young people are in a better position to make life-changing decisions.

Through our programs young people are empowered to build a brighter future for themselves.

Got a couple of questions? Visit our FAQs page!

How the Donate Your Car program changes lives

Watch the story of Kayla and her family to see the impact a Kids Under Cover Studio can have.

Update on the program

Since the launch of the Donate Your Car program in 2006, more than 6000 people have generously donated their vehicle to Kids Under Cover. One hundred percent of the money raised from the Donate Your Car program has gone towards our work in preventing youth homelessness; however on any given night there are still more than 44,000 homeless young people . By donating your old or unwanted car, you will make a difference in the fight against youth homelessness. Please donate today!

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