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Start fundraising today with your

from H elp M e D Create your site in minutes, email a link to your contacts and friends, and you can start accepting donations immediately.

Setting up your FREE Fundraising website is so simple and takes just a few moments. First, click CREATE YOUR OWN FUNDRAISING WEBSITE at left, Register by completing the form, and then setup your site. You can add text, pictures, banners, logo’s. virtually any content. Once your site is ready, you can use our pre-set templates to email your friends a link to your site. You can simply tell people that they can visit H elp M e D and select ‘Find A Participant’ to search for a specific fundraiser. Then. let the donations begin!


NO Registration Fees

NO Activation Fees

NO Statement Fees

NO Fees to receive your donations

You, or the organization you choose, will receive 100% of the donation amount, less our processing fee of 10% of the total donation. This fee covers our operation, hosting, payment processing, accounting, and other expenses required to keep our doors open.

You will pay NO Monthly Fees, NO Annual Fees, NO Setup Fees, NO Statement Fees, No Activation Fees. EVER! Donation disbursements are paid directly to the charity or the person who registers, within 3 weeks of collection.

H elp M e D has applied for 501c-3 status with the Internal Revenue Service, pending approval.

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