Jul 14 2018

Corrections Department NZ – Donating books, donating books.#Donating #books

Donating books

We are always grateful for the support of the community in the form of donations of books for our prison libraries.

Books we need

There are certain kinds of books we always need, and others that usually aren t particularly useful to us. For example, we always need dictionaries, thesauruses and atlases. But resources like out-of-date law books, university texts and computer manuals are generally not useful.

What we need most are paperback books which are new or in very good condition (no falling out pages or extensive underlining) in the following categories:

  • Dictionaires
    • English
    • Maori
    • Pacific


  • Illustrated
  • Thesauri
  • Atlases
  • Te Reo Resources – subject and language
  • Pasifika Resources – subject and language
  • Textbooks – NCEA – Levels 1,2,3, all subjects
  • Easy Readers
    • Science
    • General Health
    • Manuals and ‘How To’ books
      • trades – woodwork
      • automotive, building and renovation
      • plumbing
      • gardening
      • car mechanics
      • carpentry, electrics
      • business; small business and accounting, marketing, law – personal-finance, law


  • Creative Arts – visual arts music
    • learning To Do – Drawing, painting, sculpting, photography
    • learn to play – piano, guitar, drums, ukelele
  • Social Sciences
    • Psychology, philosphy, sociology, political science, economics, history
    • Maori history
    • New Zealand history
    • spirituality religion
  • Self-Help
    • Addiction And Recovery
    • Interpersonal Relationships
    • Family Dynamics – dealing with teens/young children
  • True adventure biographies
  • Travel
    • Adult Fiction
    • Young adult fiction
    • Children’s fiction
    • Mystery/thriller/suspense
    • Westerns
    • Romance
    • Science fiction
    • Fantasy/paranormal
    • Short stories
    • Poetry
    • Graphic novels/manga

    Before donating books, please make sure any personal information is removed (for example names and addresses). Also check for photos, letters or other personal items.

    Books which are not appropriate

    • Out-of-date text or reference books
    • Ex-library books
    • Any books that are very old or in poor condition
    • Books about weapons, fighting, making alcohol etc.

    How to get books to us

    Books can be dropped off by arrangement. Please contact one of our librarians or library assistants for details (see below).

    If you have books you wish to donate, but getting them to us is difficult, we might be able to help.

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