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Can You Imagine.

28% of San Diego County families have no computer based on a study by the San Diego Regional Technology Alliance.

Additionally, the US EPA estimates that approximately:

  • 65.7 million desktop computers,
  • 42.4 million computer monitors and
  • 2.1 million laptop computers

are in storage and NOT being used.

Computer donations

When the going gets tough.

. the solution may just be around us.

C2SDK wants all children and their families in San Diego, regardless of their economic status, to be computer literate and have equal access to technology and the crucial educational, occupational, and financial resources that technology can provide.

Economic barriers to technology hinder the growth and development of low-income families and perpetuate poverty.

The problems are clear but each problem are in fact a solution to the other. Harnessing this golden opportunity requires support and a can-do attitude.

Computer donations

Making Their Future a Reality

A viable solution starts today.

C2SDK, with its staff and volunteers and supporters, has created a comprehensive Technology Assistance Program that recycles and refurbishes used computers and delivers them to families in need. C2SDK also provides each recipient with education, training and technical support necessary to achieve success.

Effective management of technology and human resources favorably impacts corporations, families and their children, and society now and well into the future.

Computer donations

Interested in donating your electronics? Email [email protected] today!

Used computers are recycled by C2SDK providing individuals and corporations with a socially responsible and green alternative to disposing of electronic waste.

Used hard drives are wiped clean (by data security standards) and reloaded with essential software that allows recipients to have access to key resources.

C2SDK responds to the digital disparity and real-world demand for computer literacy through a comprehensive technical assistance program.

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