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Clover Donations

Accept Donations Online

Clover Donations allows you to receive donations from any device with an internet connection.
We’ve made it so you have the ability to accept donations anytime, anywhere.

Receive donations anytime, anywhere

Accept donations from any device, anywhere with an internet connection. There are no boundaries for your donors to give online to your organization.

Recurring Giving: Take in more donations

One of the biggest reasons for dips in online giving for any non-profit is plain and simple forgetfulness. Allowing your donors to easily set up recurring donations will not only help boost year-round giving, but it will help your donors give the way they want to give.

Minimize fees, and maximize accessibility

Allow Donations from Bank Accounts:

For those donors who hate it that your organization foots the bill from the credit card industry, Clover Donations gives any organization the ability to receive bank account transactions from donors. This is easy for them, and a lot cheaper for you!

  • Allow Donations from Credit Cards:

    Giving by credit card has never been smoother. We allow you to accept any major credit card simply and easily.

    Responsive Design = Accept donations from any device beautifully

    Not only does any device with a browser work for your donors to give to you, but every device works perfectly. Responsive design means that your organization’s donation form will move and wrap to the screen it is displayed in- which leads to happy donors and a better overall giving experience.

    Personalized Experience for Your Donors

    Donors will see your organzation from start to finish. From the donation form, to “Success” messages, to receipt emails, you will have a completely white-label experience, ensuring that your donors feel taken care of.

    Create Customize Your Donors’ Experience

    You have the power and control to make your donors’ experience exactly what you want it to be.
    Our Form Editor lets you make your organization’s look and messaging the focus of the giving experience.

    Anybody in your organization can create a donation form (no programmers required)

    Simple Mode:

    For those who want some hand-holding designing their donation forms, we’ve created an easy design mode that will allow you to choose from color templates and font themes.

  • Advanced Mode:

    If you find that you need more control when designing your form, simply switching the toggle to Advanced Mode opens a whole world of options.

  • Visual Editing

    Simply click into the items you want to edit and start editing. No more editing text or photos somewhere else and hoping that they look right when all is said and done. Our editor allows you to see it exactly as it is- no more guessing.

  • Control which donations you will accept

    You not only have control over the look and feel of your donation forms, but you’re also given the freedom to control what kind of contributions you’ll receive.

    You determine one-time or recurring (or both):

    Depending on the type of donation you’re receiving, you may want to restrict donations to one-time or recurring.

    You decide what types of payments to accept:

    You control your payment methods. Receive credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, or all three!

  • Preview your form on different devices

    Curious what your donation form will look like on an iPad? Droid? iPhone? Use our form Preview to see how they’ll look and feel to your donors. You can even walk through the actual process to get the full experience!

    CSS for those that need a custom experience

    If you know your way around HTML/CSS, you have the ability to completely customize your donation forms. Our CSS editor gives you the freedom you need to edit the CSS of every form you create.

    Easily spread the word

    We’ve made sure there are no barriers for your organization to accept donations.
    After you’ve designed your form, share it with the world! We help you:

    We have even more sharing options for those who need it. Tell the world that you are ready to accept online donations with QR codes, embeddable buttons and links, and more.

    Account Management for Your Donors

    What happens when your donors want to change their info, or even just view previous transactions? Well, we’ve got you covered. Every donor has access to become a registered donor and manage their own account.

    Faster, easier giving for your donors

    It’s really simple for people to create a registered account with your organization. Once they do, their donation experience is even better. Whenever they’re logged in, the necessary account information will instantly and securely appear in the donation form. This lets them give immediately, no hassle or wasted time.

  • Better records for you

    Because your donors can easily update all of their giving and contact information, you can rely on your records to be as current as possible. This helps you build better communications, and form stronger connections with your donors.

    Donors manage their recurring transactions

    Whether donors want to add another recurring transaction, cancel or update another… They have total control to manage any recurring transaction they have with your organization. This saves you time and energy so you can focus on the important stuff!

    View transaction history whenever, wherever

    With unrestricted access to their account, each donor will be able to see every transaction they’ve made with your organization. This helps them feel empowered, appreciated, and in control. And you avoid the busy work of trying to keep your donors informed month-to-month.

    Mobile is your best friend

    As with our entire online giving experience, donors can access and manage their account easily and beautifully from any device. It’s a remarkable solution your donors will love, no matter what device they use. It’s more than mobile-friendly, it’s mobile-awesome.

    Total Control: Introducing The Donation Center

    Having the ability to accept donations is great, but how do you track and manage your transactions?
    Our Donation Center will equip you to have total and complete control of every transaction.

    Donation Reporting

    View your financial reports, fund reports, and even donor reports in one place, displayed simply and elegantly. Even customize the date range of any of the reporting tools.

  • Donor Management

    On-the-fly Searching:

    Pull up donor information instantly in our Donor Search to view or edit any person who has donated to your organization.

    Archive/Unarchive Donors:

    You control which donors you see. A donor moves away from your organization? Simple – Archive them. They move back? Unarchive them.

    Transaction Control

    Track and manage every online transaction that occurs through your donation forms. You’re given the power to manage every contribution and even export your data (as a CSV file) into most accounting software.

    Donation Center Access: You control users and permissions

    We understand that you might want to have control of who’s viewing what information inside the Donation Center. As the account owner, you set the permissions of each user, guaranteeing that users have access to only the areas that they need.

    We’ve got you covered

    There’s so much more available to you in the Donation Center. Most of which you won’t realize until the day comes when you need that feature! Things like having the ability to create multiple funds, or the ability to design and customize your outgoing emails to your donors from the Donation Center. We’ve tried to cover all the bases so you don’t have to worry.

    Questions about Clover?

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