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Inside Syria, an estimated 7.5 million children are growing up knowing nothing but war. Across the Middle East, Eurasia and Europe, nearly 2.4 million Syrian girls and boys are experiencing the stresses, adversity and uncertainty of life as a refugee.

Syria has been a living nightmare for children and families tormented by six years of war and unimaginable hardship. It underscores how critical the situation is – and how desperately help is needed.

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After five long years, Amer still dreams about the brother his family had to leave behind in Syria. Journey with Amer into his life in a refugee camp and see the world through the eyes of this child yearning to return home.

*Child s name changed for protection.


How 6 years of war is impacting the mental health of Syrian children

Save the Children has just released the largest and most comprehensive study into children s mental health and well being ever undertaken inside Syria. Interviews of more than 450 children and adults reveal that Syria is now at a tipping point. Millions of children have been so consistently exposed to constant stress that their chances of recovering fully are shrinking by the day.

The extreme trauma of war is leading not only to psychological scars, but also developmental issues, and significant increases in heart disease, diabetes, substance abuse and depression.

It s not too late to help these vulnerable children. As our work in the field has shown, children are often able to recover quickly, if given the right support. Learn how you can help end the nightmares.


Children make up more than half of the world s 21.3 million refugees. Many have known nothing but war, deprivation and fear. They aren t in school and often struggle to find the basic essentials their lives and futures at risk.

You can help. By sponsoring a refugee child in Egypt, like Malak*, you can be a hero in her life and in the lives of other children in her community. With your steady support, they ll finally have the chance to grow up healthy, learning and safe.

Because every child, everywhere, deserves a future.

*Name changed for protection

Saving Amena

Each and every day, Syria s children are seeing horrors no child should see and suffering emotional wounds that may never heal. One of these children is 5-year-old Amena.* To escape the nightmares of life in Syria, Amena and her family fled their home and attempted to cross the Mediterranean Sea. A terrible risk, but Amena s desperate father had no other choice to save his children.

Watch Amena s dramatic rescue at sea and recovery from near certain death. With the help of supporters like you, we can save more children like Amena.

*Child s name changed for protection.

Children s Living Nightmares

Ongoing bombing and shelling the number 1 cause of children s daily psychological stress

2 in 3 children suffer war-related loss lost a loved one, had their house bombed or suffered injuries

50% of children no longer in school missing out on critical learning, stability and social development

1 in 4 children at risk of severe mental health disorders with potentially lifelong consequences

Our Response in Syria

Save the Children has worked in the Middle East for decades. Since 2012, we ve led a large, complex response to the war in Syria, reaching children and families in besieged areas, refugee camps and host communities. Despite extreme challenges, we ve helped more than 3.3 million people inside Syria, including more than 2.1 million children.

Thanks to supporters like you, we re doing whatever it takes to ensure children inside Syria are safe, cared for and learning. In addition to lifesaving services and supplies, we provide child-focused mental health care, such as Healing and Education through the Arts (HEART), our innovative, art-based psychosocial program. And we set up safe places for children in crisis to learn, play and socialize, critical for child development.

From the start, we ve also worked to draw the world s attention to this crisis, ensuring refugee children s voices are heard. And we continue to call for immediate humanitarian access to those in need and for all parties to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Learn more about our response.

How You Can Help


Syria s children need help now to heal from the physical and emotional wounds of war. If compassionate people like you support our relief efforts, then we can protect and care for more girls and boys. Here s what your gift can provide:*

COMFORT $50 warm, cozy blankets for 10 children

CARE $100 care for orphans and vulnerable children, including counselling

LEARNING $150 teacher tools to keep kids learning

PLAYING $200 art supplies, games and activities, so kids can be kids

SHELTER $250 household kit to keep a family safe and warm

* Your support can help fund initiatives like these, and so much more.

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