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Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease Foundation

We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization that provides support, education, and hope for a cure to all families with children battling these life threatening diseases.

We support chILD families worldwide!

We support families through our patient education, annual conferences, liaison program, and through our collaborations with chILD organizations worldwide. Contact us to get support for yourself or a loved one.

Research funding for these rare diseases is scarce!

In 2012, we increased our research funding 150% through successful fundraising initiatives and by expanding our partnerships with the American Thoracic Society, and other chILD groups worldwide.

Help provide hope for the future by donating to research!

For many of our chILDren, the future is uncertain. We simply do not know enough about the causes and treatments of these devastating lung diseases to give them the help they deserve.

Breathe Newsletter

First edition of the new chILD Foundation newsletter is now available! Click here to download.

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