Charity Fundraising Ideas – Charity Events & Charity Challenges #donating #your #car

#charity fundraising ideas


Raise Money for Your Charity

If you�ve decided to fundraise for your favourite charity, have come up with your own event or you want to join an organised charity event, you are in the right place. Now all you need to do is create an online fundraising page to start receiving donations today!

Setting up an online fundraising page with Charity Choice is quick and easy – simply tell us which charity you�re fundraising for and what you�re doing to raise the money and you�re ready to go!

You can personalise your fundraising page with photos and news, then link it to Facebook so you can keep all your family and friends up to date on your progress!

If your chosen charity is not set up to receive donations, let them know you�d like to help them receive donations by fundraising. Simply log in and click on the �Donate Now� button – your charity will then be notified and we�ll email you as soon as they are set up. In the meantime why not become a friend of your chosen charity?

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